saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 14


episode started in modi bhavan….. Riya ask Priya to be away from dev…… He is characterless boy …… I hate him….. Priya says “I don’t think so…. I must say you one thing go and clear all misunderstanding with dev.”… By doing drama.. riya says Ok…. He called in home and ask for dev…. Shaurya attend and says dev bhai gone for a meeting in hotel at room no. 39….

Riya goes to meet dev and open the door and get shocked to see a girl sleeping with dev after doing s*x….. Riya shocked and says how can dev do this…. I have chosen a wrong man…. Thanks kanhaji for opening my eyes….

Both shaurya and priya watch this and give hi Fi and hug each other and priya got some feel

Then both ask the girl to come out and discuss their plan…..

Flashback started…..
Riya hold priya hand and goes to modi bhavan…. Riya goes for shower and priya goes to balcony and ask shaurya to mix neend tablet to dev coffee and take to hotel no 39 I am sending a girl….
Flashback end…

Shaurya call riya and ask for coffee…she says yes…both go for coffee ….. Shaurya says have you upset……. Riya told everything to him……. shaurya says I know dev he is from London and think like that only….

Some goons trust to mischief with riya at coffee shop…. The goons was sent by priya….. Shaurya beat them and ask to say sorry…….

Shaurya says riya bye and goes to his mansion and shaurya mom Sakshi(naagin ki yamini singh ask shaurya for where he is coming he told her that he like a girl and want to marry her she is Riya sahir modi……

Next morning….

Modi bhavan…….
Rashi cleaning the house and sona was putting the breakfast on dining table and Sakshi goenka enter and says jai Shree Krishna and ask Rashi saying servant to her…. About Kokila modi…. Gopi walk through and listen servant and smiles and says tu iske kayak hai rashi…..

Gopi comes and says I am Gopi ahem modi and says she look like servant but actually she is my Brother in law’s wife…..

Sakshi says I am Sakshi goenka from goenka family and this is my husband rajnath goenka…… And we are here to talk to you about our son shaurya goenka marriage alliance with your granddaughter riya…. Priya hear and get shocked……. And Riya too come and take blessings from raj and Sakshi….and kokila too enter….

Gopi told everything to kokila…. And kokila get glad and says we must ask Riya….
Gopi take riya and look at rashi and give vamp smile….

Gopi ask riya…. Riya remember how dev give pain to him and remember shaurya saving her …she says yes…..

Gopi tell to. Sakshi and Sakshi get glad and says we will engage them soon…..

Sakshi return and shaurya ask Sakshi …… whether priya says yes or no…..

Sakshi get shocked and says priya ……. episode ended with shaurya face…..


Dev heard the new of shaurya and Riya engagement and says to him that I will marry priya as she only understand me…… Dev and priya and shaurya and Riya engagement take place…. All four look sad…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shaurya n priya created more mu with a girl n separated dev riya.Shaurya saved Riya from fake goons n entered her good books too.Sakshi n modis fixed shaurya riya engagement.riya said yes as she thinks dev cheated her.but after Shaurya riya engagement got fixed why Shaurya priya r shocked?did they fall 4 each other?But till now they were happy abt Dev riya why so sad?

    1. Chetan

      Because they eventually fall in love

      You look on last scene…… Shaurya says the word priya rather riya

    2. Chetan

      Now shaurya will tell after engagement and before the of marriage to his father raj….. Everything and raj will force him to marry with riya as a punishment……

      And at last when all marriage rituals will over shaurya will get glad that he was married to Priya not to riya

      1. Jasminerahul

        wow..cant wait..

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