saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 13 (2)

Episode started with riya looking at the pics and says so this is the important work………and started crying… shaurya hold her hand and consoling her……she hug shaurya……and someone click photo of them and send to dev…. Dev got shocked…… And says how mean is Riya….

Next morning……

Gopi comes down and ask Rashi for breakfast….. Rashi shout and says I am not slave of you…. Go and get by own…… Gopi says look Rashi don’t you dare to talk to me like this otherwise Jo Teri bahu ke saath kiya woh tere saath bhi kar sakti ho… I hope you got my point…..

Kokila come Gopi see kokila and started her acting…. Koi baat ni Rashi I will make the breakfast you go and take rest as you head is paining….. Kokila shout at Rashi and says how could you get away from your responsibility Rashi. I know it’s all your drama …… You will cook whole day now….

Gopi with her drama says but maaji Rashi has headache…..
Kokila says to Gopi….”you are very innocent you can’t know Rashi cunning nature..”
Rashi says to kokila” kakiji I am not cunning. this Gopi is cunning….. And want to break our family”

Kokila slapped Rashi and started her large dialogue….. Sona also come down with Priya and Riya…..

Priya says oh please baa don’t start again .. I am fade up of this drama….. Turn to sona and says mom I am leaving for office…

Priya and Riya both reached…..

Riya goes to shaurya and priya goes to dev cabin…..

In the meantime dev enter shaurya cabin and ask riya about Last night…..
Riya shout I am not your PA to give you each details ….. Dev goes near riya…
Riya shout dont you dare to come near me you characterless boy

Dev shout look who saying this I saw you last night…..
Dev left…. Priya and shaurya watch through windows and says our plan is working…..
Now we Should impressed our love….

Priya wear sales suit from home… Dev enter priya says to dev good morning sir…..
Dev remember priya kissing…….. Dev ask Priya about her breathing problems…. She says it’s Ok now….

Priya ask dev for coffee….. Dev says Ok…..

Dev goes to cafe shop and look Riya and get shocked and says so she liked another boy and saying me characterless…..

Dev ask Priya to hold my hand…… Dev hold priya hand and take to next table….. Riya get shocked….

Riya enter a hotel room to talk with dev and see dev sleeping with another girl…..
Next day shaurya family goes to modi bhavan for asking riya hand for shaurya……
Riya agreed…..

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Guess its priya took shaurya riya’s pic n sent to Dev.Riya shouted at Dev.sad.Now seeing Riya with Shaurya Dev is misunderstanding 2 make her jealous he made Priya hold his hand n sat near Shaurya Riya.precap is shocking.hopefully Shaurya riya wedding never takes place

    1. Chetan

      You like my ff or not

  2. Chetan

    It’s won’t take and big twist is yet to reveal that…….

    Shaurya and priya will fall in love . But they won’t proposed each other as they will misunderstand that priya loves dev and priya will think that shaurya love riya

    And finally shaurya will everything to Mr. Goenka and Mr. Goenka will slapped him and shout at him for separating two lover and now as him to get punishment…..

    And will forced her to marry riya and at wedding night he will get for whom guess

    1. Jasminerahul

      wow…cant wait to read it.plz update soon.everyday i wait 4 ur ff update as i love ur ff a lot

      1. Chetan

        I am little busy so can’t update daily but try to update fast

  3. Jasminerahul

    ok….but plz try 2 update fast

    1. Chetan

      Would you like some special events like jigar rashi scene meera sansar

    1. Jasminerahul

      I am not interested in Meera Sanskar as I am a Dharam Meera fan.I don’t like the actor who plays sanskar.If u put a nice actor as Sanskar I will enjoy Meera Sanskar scenes.But I want Jigar Rashi n Rahul Rashi scenes

  4. Jasminerahul

    i’ve started a ss called laal ishq.plz read n comment

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