Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years season 2 part 1


Episode started in modi bhavan, a lady coming down shouting sona, Manisha and rashi make the breakfast soon….. she wear kokila jewelry and saree and she was premlata…..

Rashi goes to hetal room and talk to her photo in which mala was lifted…….. saying look mummyji what had happened to our family…… kokila and you died 6year ago and after 15 days ending rituals kakaji marriage to that premlata as if he was waiting for kakiji death
Kakiji I know that the gopi is innocent but jigarji and tolu molu can’t believe that…. may kanhaji gave them truth knowledge……
Sona and Manisha console rashi, rashi says if gopi will here she will never make kakaji marriage to premlata….
Urmila was in coma, kakiji our family is breaked….. now gopi can make it unite…..

In Agrawal house,

Meera shout rashi rashi are you dumbed or have problem in hears….. rashi goes and ask kya hua meera di….
Meera says how many times I must say you don’t call me Di…. I am not your Di….. I am your jethani call me bhabhi…….
And torture her for doing big mistake of life…..

Tripti ask meera why are you shouting on rashi…. she is your younger sister behave properly……..

Meera says oh please mom I am not your radha(devrani) whom you can give lecture….

Tripti says don’t take her name….. that witch gone from this family is best thing but she has made dispute among you both….

Meera says radha Masi hasn’t made dispute…. the fault was of this rashi who break my dream my future and everything……

Sharavan ask vidya where our beta Krishna, a boy is shown pub dancing with girls……
And our daughter mistri……. a girl was showing in a temple praying to God to save Krishna bhai from papa……

Vidya look sad and ask sharavan….. I lost my father mom and dadi…… where are

In US a girl going to a lady and lady ask where is you papa…..
The girl says mamidadi here is my papa he was papu and ask about dadu she pointed there a man look front he was ahem….
Gopi says neha(papu wife) make the breakfast your mama has arrived Screen freezes to neha

Premlata ask sona and Manisha where are Riya and Priya(sona daughters) and vishnu(Manisha son)
And says to rashi to clean the home today as mithi is for leave of a week
Rashi says to urmila that if you not tell everyone about the goli put in mithi eight years ago then gopi will not leave home
Urmila moves her hand hearing the word gopi

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    sad that kokila died n parag married premlatha who is cruel.sad that viya’s son is spoilt/hope rashi meera will bond well

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