Saath Nibhana Saathiya – After 8 years – Part 8 (last part)


Its the last part of my ff. I might start another ff. Guys does you like my ff, so please tell me, it will encourage let’s start.

Radha thinks that pari is rash I bhen’s cousin. But why she is here to meet tripti?
Radha goes near them. She starts hearing their conversation.
Pari and tripti hug each other. Tripti says pari we’ve done it. We destroy modis heir. Pari says yes. We done it.Pari says tripti when you’re in locker I done my best to hurt modis.

FB starts ……..
When modis reach picnic.gopi was coming back from danger place gopi’s foot slip and me era fell in water , pari’s men were there in a boat , they take her and go to pari.
Pari gives them their money and thinks now she will take revenge. She gives meets to a ashram . she thinks now modis heir is alive but for them she is dead. Meets will live without parents but her parents are alive. She smiles.
FB ends.

Pari says but gopi is still in modi mansion.tripti says but meera is in a ashram. Both smiles. Pari says ahem leave me for his mom’s respect. I love him in college too. But he didn’t respect my feelings.

Radha records all this. Modi family was coming, rash I comes and says we are going,come. Radha says no, first we have to give reward criminals for their sins. Rash I says what are you saying? Radha starts video. Rashi says that means. Rash I says we have to see it to our family.

Rashi says stop jigar Ji. All members stop. Kokila says what happened? Rash I starts video. Gopi says where are they? Radha says they are there. Ahem calls police. All go to tripti and pari. Kokila slaps tripti and pari tightly. Kokila says you both are lower class. Police comes. They arrest both. They both says please forgive us rash I slaps pari and gopi slaps tripti. And the story ends with happy ending.

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  1. Wow, you clarify radha positive. Awesome. And pari is negative. Like kokila slapping both. And rashi , gopi slapping both. Will you write any otherff?

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    Oops, sorry Bro for not commenting on the previous episodes, happy ending is nice


  4. Different ending…good one….you can continue ur ff bro….

  5. Jasmine rahul

    Was could nt comment .today read all parts.loved gopi realizing that the grl is meera.loved the cruel woman getting arrested. Surprise is that radha is positive. Its ahems ex gf paridi who put meera in orphanage.radha exposed pari n tripti n they got arrested. Nice ending

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