Saath Nibhana Saathiya – After 8 years – Part 7


Me era says Maa. Gopi says yes I’m your mother some thing was happened by which we are separate. But now we are together. Meera says it means I have a father too. Gopi say yes you are right and you have , grandma, grandpa, etc, too. Me era says really maa. Gopi says yes.
Rashi comes and says meeru. Me era says who are you. Gopi says she is your maasi and kaki too. Me era hugs rashi.
Rashi says come gopi , let’s go home. Gopi says first we have to do something else. Rashi says what? Gopi calls police.
Gopi , rashi, me era go to a ashram. Police was there. Go pi says to police arrest this woman. The woman who has slapped me era , says but what I do? Gopi calls meera. Me era appears. Gopi tells police all, how she behave with children there. Meera says yes inspector uncle, they behave rude with children. The woman is shocked. Rashi slaps that woman. Police says you are arrested for behaving rudely and oppress on/ with children. Police arrest that woman.
They then go to home and sees lights are off. Gopi says anyone here please turn on light. Lights turns on. All meets me era. Kokila says tomorrow all will go to mandir for thanking god. All enjoys party.
Next morning…….
All are going to mandir. They reach mandir. Radha says I’m with children you go to mandir. Rashi say sim coming with you.
Radha sees tripti. She sees her waiting for some one. A car stops near her.
A woman comes out from car. She is none other than pari. Radha is surprised.

Precap: radha says to tripti your game is finished. Now I’ll willnot spare you.

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