Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years (Part 5)


Episode start with gopi throwing radha and Premlata outside modi mansion.
Radha shout and says samdhanji, ab aap toh kya aapka pura parivaar bi ish modi bhavan ko baccha ni payega.
Gopi closed the door..

Kokila and hetal get scared.

Kokila says now this radha will ruined the life of rashi….. I can’t take this.

Rashi comes with bag and start going towards door.

Gopi goes and stop rashi. And ask where are you leaving

Rashi says maasi, i going to my in-laws house.
Gopi says you can’t go there
Rashi says i m 18 year and able to get my decision. And rahul loves me..
Gopi says they are trapping you… Noone love you there.
Kokila stand up and drag rashi and throw her to her room… And says you will go nowhere…..
Rashi shout baa you are doing wrong….. I love rahul…..

Kokila says your marriage will be done witb tarun only.

Meera and vidya comes to mansion. Gopi tell them everything. Meera and vidya get shocked.

Meera says rahul! I think i heard this name….
Got it he is my husband’s cousin younger brother who lived in USA… My husband’s uncle’s son…

Everyone get shocked. But i never met with them. My husband’s grandmother too live with them.

Gopi explained everything to meera and meera says radha masi is backed. Meera say i will take revenge from that’s woman who separate me to my mother and family from my childhood.

Door bell.

Gopi open the door the police say who is gopi modi.
Gopi says yes.
Police say you have with us to policestation. Premlata had complained that you have concealed her grand daughter in laws.
Gopi says yes! As she going to explain rashi came out and says i am here please leave maasi..
I will go with my in laws
Premlata get happy see far away.

Episode end freezing Premlata smiling face.

Meera does gharphavash of rashi…. In meantime radha throw kalash and says she is a servant and a servant is not get respect.
Rahul support rashi by fake drama of shouting on radha.

Meera says masi. Are you gone mad…. Rashi will do all rituals and noone dare to break it….. Understand!.. You better understand….

Credit to: Chetan

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  1. Why does meera will do grava pravesh of rashi…..

  2. Because radha is meera chachi saas and meera is now rashi jetani…..
    Tripti and radha both are daughter in law of Premlata.
    Got it

  3. jasmine Rahul

    Rashi is so foolish.Still she thinks that she shud live with her inlaws as rahul luvs her n she went with them.Gopi wants Tarun 2 marry rashi.So i’m confused.Who is Rashi’s soulmate?Tarun or Rahul?Twist is that rahul is meera’s hus’ cousin.Meera decides 2 avenge Rahul is still faking luv 2 Rashi

  4. After a time……. Rahul will fall in love with Rashi….. And Tarun story is ended.

    Rahul will throw radha out soon….. After falling in love……

    Premlata and radha go on tortured rashi…… Meera fail all radha plan…..

    In upcoming episode radha will make gopi and koki to wash her feet……..
    Radha will harm rashi and blackmail koki…. But meera will support rashi alway and backfire on radha……
    Tripti will too revenge from radha…. For killing of umang….
    And make space in koki heart……

    1. Hey but radha didnt kill umang it was tripthi herself

  5. Sarayu(honey)


  6. I actually wish radha was alive in the actual serial so that we could see Meera vs Radha. Meera has had so much enemies ever since she was born- Radha, Tripti, Gaura, Premlata and Naiya.

    1. Your fanfiction rocks- mine is dragging now with so many storylines.

  7. jasmine Rahul

    So rahul is the hero.Which actor plays Rahul?plz tell

  8. Namish taneja is rahul

  9. Thanks isaaq but i love your story too….

    1. Thanks! My story is going to be so long- Gopi has too many enemies to handle- I won’t be finished till July lol.
      Then the next track- Krishna Modi and Lakshmi Love story- two lovers who will always separate and find it hard to unite together.

      1. It will be similar to Saraswatichandra where Guman always separates Kumud and Saras.

        In here, Kaushika/Radha and her daughter, Mohini, will always try to separate Krishna and Lakshmi. In the end, the two lovers will unite and evil will lose.

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