Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years (Part 4)


Episode started with Gopi goes to slap rashi, but a lady hold gopi hand, she was radha. Gopi says Radha. Everyone get shocked.

Premlata says yes gopi she is radha your little sister but now samdhan.

Both radha and Premlata laugh. Everyone shocked. Premlata says i saved her 18 year ago. Radha says gopiben nahi nahi samdhanji. Mai aapko batai hu.
Flashback started:-
After killing radha, modies left for rajkot, then a lady seen from away was Premlata she take radha to hospital and get her treatment.
Premlata also shoot the killing scene in her phone send it to rajkot policestation. And you went jail for 10year.
Premlata continue and says gopi that. Doctor say that radha has gone in coma
After 4year she came out from coma and says gopi.
Then i told her about my story and tell her that gopi went jail, ahem left home and kokila live like a poor as urmila slave.
Then i made radha marriage to my son. And she became my daughter in law.
We were happy. But you again made your family united. Then we came to know about gaura. But she too got failed so we planned for your little daughter rashi.

And Rashi got trap. Its Amazing
Flashback end
Radha laughs.
Pari goes and tries to slap radha but radha hold her hand says you not gone change.
Gopi says to rashi to go away.
And turn and says to radha “she is your daughter how can you do this with her. ”
Radha says to Gopi she cant be my daughter because she has your family blood.
Rashi hear and cries
Episode end freezing rashi face.

Police came to modi mansion to arrest gopi. Ahem ask why?
Police says Premlata filled complained that you have concealed her grand daughter in law.
Everyone shocked

Credit to: Chetan

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    oh no….premlatha saved Radha n made her marry her son.Radha has no feelings 4 her own daughter bcz of her modi blood.Rashi knows d truth now.Now what will she do?stay with Rahul or leave Rahul?One doubt…Is Radha married 2 Rahul’s father or radha married Rahul’s father’s brother?

  2. This is awesome

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