Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years (Part 3)

Episode started with Rashi with engagement dress come downstairs, tarun look at her and says in heart beautiful.
Rashi says to tarun family (his mom’s is dead earlier). “I am not interested in tarun, so i cant want to get engaged”
Tarun dad’s say ahem modi you insulted of us by calling us here. And shouts and says bad for there families and say we are leaving.
Gopi give a tied slap to rashi. And says what all this
Rashi Rashi
And rashi dream break, the above was rashi dream.
Rashi again get downstairs. And silently got engaged with tarun. And dances started
All the new couple of modi family dance on “mai rang sharbato ka”.

At night
Rashi get a call from tarun. Rashi behave rudely and cut his call. She call Rahul and got romantic with him. Rahul doing fake drama of romance.
They planned to run away in next night.

Morning at survanshi house.

Vidya sing arti of ” radhe radhe rate jao”
Vidya take blessings of dharam durga.
After then vidya get a call from unknown number. A lady speak and says “very soon rashi life will get spoiled”
Vidya get shocked.
She immediately call gopi but her phone was switch off. She then call paridi and tell the same.
Pari inform all the member except rashi.
At night
Rashi take all the jewelry of gopi and some cash and go down through balcony
And says rahul to run away and get married.

Rahul and rashi got married. And reach modi mansion in morning. Everyone shocked to see them.

Kokila give slap to rashi but Premlata stop her. And slap kokila. Kokila get surprise to see Premlata.kokila goes backward and fall down.
Gopi tries to slap rashi but a lady stop her. The episode end freeze the face of that lady. She was radha. Gopi shout radha.

Premlata says radha was saved by me before 18 year. Now she is my daughter in law and gopi your samdhan. Both Premlata and Radha laugh. Gopi and kokila get shocked.

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    rashi eloped with rahul n got married.foolish girl.radha is back as premlatha’s daughter in law.she was saved by premlatha.shocking.IS Radha rahul’s step mom..
    i asked u some questions on pt2.plz reply

  2. What question

    1. Chetan I will also bring back Radha in my fan fiction

  3. If Rahul is radha’s son how can he marry rashi as rashi was radhas daughter

    1. Stepmom I think.

  4. Its a game planned to destroyed modi

    And rahul is stepson of radha

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