Saath Nibhana Saathiya – After 8 years – Part 3


Gopi says woman that kids are the other form of god, etc. The woman says please forgave me, I’ll will never do it again. Gopi says her the raliazing of your sin is better tha n forgiveness.
Gopi sits with the girl and says her to stop weeping. Gopi asks her what’s your name? Girl says diya. Gopi gives diya toys and clothes. Diya says is it for me?

Gopi says yes its for you. Gopi thinks why I’m thinking so close to her? Gopi leaves. Diya is seeing toys and clothes.
The woman come and slaps diya. Diya weeps. Woman says due to you, I am insulted so much. still,No-one has insulted me too much but due to you….. She again slaps diya. She leaves.

Diya run out from aashram. She start running on road. She collided with with a car. A woman came out from car. She is none other than gopi. She sees diya collided with car and head out sykun? She takes diya to hospital. She says docter to treat diya. Docter says which relationship you have with girl? Docter says first, you have to complete the formalities, then we can treat her. Gopi completes the formalities.

Docter says to gopi most of your and her blood is almost same. Gopinthinks its only possible when some one has relationship with some one.

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  1. M.Shakaib

    The last para is precap.

  2. jasmine Rahul

    that lady is so cunning.tho she apologized 2 gopi again she slapped diya ran away.luckily she reached gopi only.blood grp is same,so gopi doubts d relationship she has with meera.hope she knows that diya is meera

  3. Sarayumane

    wonderful part, the story is moving very fast

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