Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years (Part 2)

Episode start with kokila crying seeing baa photo. Gopi enter and says “maaji”.
Its 8 year pass on. Our rashi engagement day is come.
“Please come downstairs” says gopi
“Haan gopi bahu 8 saal beeth gaya. My kinjal and dhaval as gone far away from me”
Gopi says maaji, kinjalben has not gone but come in form of papu’s daughter.
Kokila and hetal comes downstairs.
Whole family reach temple.
A girl in western dress shown she was rashi(rucha).
She sings hey gopal song. Everyone remember old rashi.
All reach dining table and have breakfast.

Gopi says today is lucky day for rashi.

Rashi says masi you started again. You are so old minded masi.
Kokila shout at rashi in same style. And her lectures speech started.
Rashi says baa please i am going outside for college.

At evening.
Vidya and meera along with their families reach modi mansion
And hug gopi and pari.
Tripti hug her daughters sona and manisha. And wish kokila.
Kokila hate tripti. So she ignored her.
Vidya ask ma what the occasions.
Gopi says rashi is engaged with tarun.
Vidya and meera where is our little sister.

Rashi is shown hugging a guy named rahul and saying i can’t live without you. You are love of my life. Rahul says i love you too.

A lady watching all these from far and says in heart now this family will destroy.
She was Premlata (kokila college friend and big enemies of kokila)
Because kokila married parag modi. Whose marriage alliance was first gone to Premlata.
And the relationship broke due to some financial reasons and Premlata thinks that kokila was the reason.

Kokila call rashi.
Rashi goes inside.
Rahul goes to Premlata and says”dadi, i have trap her in my love”
They both laugh and Premlata says now kokila you will be destroyed.
Episode end freezing kokila and Premlata in between rashi.

Rashi says to tarun family that i can’t want to get engaged with tarun.

Tarun’s parents shout at modi and leave the modi mansion.

Gopi give tied slap to rashi.

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  1. Lol another Gaura. This is really good- It seems a lot of fan fictions like mine have decided to do leaps. I really like this but please do not make it like the Gaura track. Bring new and fresh twists.

  2. wow…………….plz continue

  3. Sarayu(honey)

    Overall the story is good, but I don’t like two things, 1) gia manek as gopi and 2)I don’t like rashi (rucha) to be a spoiled girl and slapped by gopi. This is just my opinion please don’t feel bad.

  4. I will bring back radha as tarun stepmom
    May you like the radha track. Reply fast

    1. Sarayu(honey)

      Sure, you can

  5. jasmine Rahul

    Premlatha’s marr proposal with Parag didnt work out n parag married premlatha is jealous n her grand son trapped Rashi in his luv.Oh!Will Rahul turn positive n luv rashi sincerely or will Tarun be Rashi’s soul mate?I thought this premlatha is the Premlatha who disguised as Kokila n stayed in Modi house.But she is Koki’s old coll friend.There is nothing wrong in Rashi being shown as spoilt,bcz the late rashi was also spoilt in d beginning n later she turned positive.hope this Rashi will also turn positive.

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