Saath Nibhana Saathiya – After 8 years – Part 2

After 8 years……..
Gopi goes to a room and says wake up childs, you have go to school. Children there wake up and says yes mama, we are awake. Gopi says get ready, I have to wake up your brothers too. She then leaves and goes to another room. She says wake up both of you. Two boys appear in school uniform. Gopi says awesome , you’re ready first time without me. Come to hall and takebreakfast. They says thanks badi maa. Gopi goes to previous room and says are both of you ready? They say yes mama. Gopi says so, come in hall.

In hall, kokila says gopi bahu, where are samar , sahir, rohi and vidya? She says they are ready and coming for breakfast. Kids come and take breakfast and goes to school.

In Afternoon…..
Kids comes back from school. Rashi says you come, change your uniform and take lunch.

In evening…
Rohi says to rashi where is mama? Rashi says she has go to orphanage to give children there toys , cloths , etc., you play, I’m going for making dinner. They play in house.
In orphanage, gopi is giving children toys , clothes. She hears some nise . She says wait children, I’m coming. In a room that a girl is cleaning the floor and a woman is ordering her. Suddenly, water falls on woman from girl. Woman says how dare you and try to slap her but go pi comes in between and slaps her tightly.

Precap: gopi was going to modi mansion. The orphanage girl is collided with gopi’s car. Gopi takes her to hospital.


  1. jasmine Rahul

    Is Rohi Gopi’s daughter n Vidya’s twin?loved Gopi saving d girl from d woman n slapping she meera?How did meera reach there?

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