Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years (Part 11)

A lady recording radha and gaura seen was meera…..

Gaura fall unconscious and dharam shout baa….

Radha goes down…. And says what happened!…

Dharam says call ambulance….

Vidya sharavan durga and dharam leave for hospital with gaura….

Radha says Rashi and Meera “chaloge ab ghar..”

Modi bhavan…..

Jigar goes to rashi and fall on knees and cry alot….

Pari see all these…. And says rashiben!

Hetal and tolu molu breaks…. And says mom and hetal says rashi…

Rashi hugs jigar and saathiya song start…

Jigar remember pari marriage scene and loose hugs…

Rashi get shocked….

Pari goes to jigar and says ” jigs, you just married me but never start married life with me”

Jigar get shocked…

Pari continues and says “jigs rashiben ke liye pyaar aapki aankhon m safa dekhta hai”

Pari continue, “just made for each other”

Pari give jigar hand to rashi and says “ab yeh haath aise thamna ki saath kabhi na chutte”

Urmila says thanks to gopi and hug rashi and gopi….

Rashi turn and goes to pari and says thank you paridhi tumne itne saal mere baccho ko bada kiya… Thanks a lot….

Pari says only one condition i accept your thank you

Everyone shocked…

Pari says you and jigs should remarry….

Kokila hetal gopi all smiles…

Gopi introduce rashi to sona and manisha telling their daughter in law and tell that are also become grandmother….

Rashi hugs sona and manisha and hugs her grandchildren too…

A phone rang… Kokila goes to take phone and says hello….
After few second phone get fall from her hand and everyone get shocked…

Episode end freezing gopi and rashi face….


Jigar takes phere with rashi and get chaakar so jigar take her in hand start phere again…
Song played “taare hai baraati chandini hai barrat.. “

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gaura is just unconscious.but what made kokila shocked?sth related 2 Gaura?loved RaJi emotional hug.Surprise is that Pari n jigs never had a married life n she united RaJi.She wants RaJi 2 get married too.What will happen 2 Pari now?

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