Saath nibhana saathiya after 8 years (Part 1)


Old drama of gaura is ended gaura went jail for lifetime

Dharam remarried durga with meera support and start loving durga.

Naiya is suicide for not getting child from vidya.

Vidya give birth to a boy named krishna who look like sharvan. And give birth to a daughter who look like meera child face.

Meera married sanskaar Agarwal
And one son

Kinjal and dhawal died in plain crash

Tolu molu and papu reside in modi mansion along with urmila
Baa got heartattack and expired
Rashi look like same as old rashi modi.

Tolu got married earlier with sona having two daughter priya and riya twins

Molu married to manisha(real sister of sona) having one son(vishnu)

Sona parent are find out they ard richer than modies
So pari also accepted sona.

Sona parents are none other than tripti agrawal (same of radha and tripti) and varun Agrawal
They are sanskaar parents too.
Tripti is changed she is no revenge from modies

Papu marries his lover neha
A girl with no parents

Papu and neha have one daughter look like kinjal named her kinjal

Kolika in her room thinking of baa… And crying
Gopi reached there and says maaji

Gopi face freeze she was “gia mannek”
Episode end

Gopi says sona vahu were are you?

Sona says badi ma i was preparing the party which is tonights

At night vidya and meera reach and says what the occasions ma

Gopi says rashi engagement with tarun malik

Rashi is shown meeting some guys…

Credit to: Chetan

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    My God!Is Nayya that silly to commit suicide 4 not getting Vidya’s child?Sad that Meera married that loser Sanskar.It was better to marry Dharam than marrying Sanskar.But glad that Tripti has changed n Sanskar Sona r siblings.So Paridhi accepted Sona as her bahu.Sad that Kinjal Dhawal died in plane crash.molu married sona’s sis.surprise.all r married n have kids.pappu named his daughter kinjal.good.Junior Rashi is grown up n looks like Rashi?how can Jigar Radha’s daughter look like Rashi?But i’m happy that Jr Rashi looks like Rucha.the biggest happiness is that post leap Gopi is!Rashi going 2 get engaged with Tarun.plz cont soon

  2. wow.. this seeems very nice story..
    want to read more..
    plz continue soon..

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