saath nibhana saathiya after 8 year season 2 episode 18

episode started in goenka house…….

Shaurya says to Priya, “we are going to Paris for our honeymoon”…..
Priya blushand says, ” I love you shaurya” and hug him……

Dev take shower and come to his room in towel and hug riya from back says my love
So bag pack for ours sweet moon……

In Agrawal house…..

Meera says i would test DNA of durga….. Siddhant says I am saying that I have changed the child……meera shout and says why ……

Siddhant says and flashback started……. Nurse test the Roli and says siddhant that she is giving a birth to a daughter…. And I tried enough to kill the child in Roli but durga got saved…. Then when Roli had liver pain I take her to hospital and I saw you also pregnant and came their so I stole your child with my child…… Flashback end..

Tripti goes and slap siddhant and says you are a murder…. Now why are taking your daughter…. Roli says my husband realize of his mistake we are searching our daughter since one year now we got to know that you have grown up our daughter…… We are very thankful to you…..

Durga heard all and says ma what are they saying?….

Meera says we have go for DNA because I really don’t believe in these people…..

They all go for hospital….

Doctor take sample of meera Roli and durga……

In modi bhavan……

Rashi goes and says to kokila that kakiji please give me once chance… I will bring gopi real face against this family….

Kokila says Ok……

Manisha goes to simar room and says if you need anything call me… Turn and saw ahem photo frame and ask simar…. Simar says he is my father in law….. Manisha get shocked and says how it’s possible…. Prem enter and says i am najayez son of ahem modi….. Manisha ask who is your mom…. Prem says Ankita was my mom…. In last month she died and told me about my father and I came here to search about him and want to get her love

Manisha says I am the daughter in law of ahem… She is my big father in law…. Prem and simar shocked……. Episode ended freezing prem and simar

DNA report came and everyone shocked…… Prem simar and Aditya enter with urmila to modi bhavan and everyone get Shocked seeing Aditya and ahem….

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Shaurya priya n Dev Riya scenes were romantic.plz show shaurya priya’s honeymoon too as they r going 4 honeymoon.Cant believe that sid wanted 2 kill durga as she is a girl,but it didnt happen so he exchanged Durga with piyush just 4 a boy.gud that he realized his mistake.guess d DNA reports will b positive.Manisha found d truth of prem n ahem.what will she do now.plz show how ahem linked up with ankita when he luvs gopi so much.plz update soon.this is getting more interesting now.

    who is the lady in saree in the cover pic?Cant see her face

    1. Chetan

      That’s meera

    2. Chetan

      Ahem and Ankita get in when gopi drop meera from cliff and went for 8 years….. Ankita fall in love with ahem…. And get pregnant with ahem in a black night in the office of modies

      1. Jasminerahul

        plz show the flash back scene of ahem ankita in the coming update.and plz tell which actress plays d role of ankita

  2. Shakaib

    Nice chetan, have a doubt where meera’s son of durga is rosid’s daughter.

    1. Chetan

      Meera son is Piyush

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