saath nibhana saathiya after 8 year season 2 episode 17


episode started with shaurya lifting the veil and get shocked……seeing Priya…… And stand up and says I am sorry priya I enter wrong room….. Dev riya raj enter and says you are in right room shaurya….

Dev comes and says i would explain you…. And says flashback started….
Priya call riya and dev to their room…. And told everything which was happened….. Priya also ask them to forgive… Riya forgive her Gopi and raj also heard all this and says now when all the misunderstanding is clear now we should surprise shaurya says raj….. Flashback end…..

Shaurya get very happy…… And ask dev and Riya to forgive us…..

Next morning in urmila chwal… A young boy enter simar and prem room and says hey dad mom….. He was Aditya….. Lookalike ahem…. But having franch cut ….. And says i am going for college…..

Aditya college….. Lots of boys and girls are shown walking….. Aditya was going to his class and hit with a girl who name was durga lookalike gia manek she fall in his arm and eye contact made….. And durga friend call her… She says sorry to Aditya and move ahead…. And turning again and again to see Aditya….

Agrawal house…..
A woman enter and ask where is my daughter….. Tripti ask who daughter… She show her a pic she was durga photo…. Tripti says this is my granddaughter.. not your daughter…. The lady was Roli bharawaj and says my husband has changed my daughter with your son Piyush….. I came to know about this….. Please call my daughter….. Tripti the guard and ask to throw this woman out…. Meanwhile siddhant enter and says my wife is saying true… This is your son Piyush and please call our daughter…… Meera comes down and says what happened mummy…. Tripti told everything and says he is saying this is your son…..

Meera says I can’t trust we have to do DNA first………

Modi bhavan…..
Rashi was not feeling well and says to Sona that today she can’t work at all…. Gopi hear all this and says you have raised one hand on me now time has come for the payment of that…….

Gopi goes to her room and says to ahem that rashi is again doing drama of not feeling well…. We are also woman work all day…. Kokila hear this and goes to Rashi and says now you will do all work today and no one will help you…. Gopi give vamp expression and smiles…

Urmila heard about Rashi unwell and working….goes to modi bhavan and shout gopi gopi come out….. Kokila Gopi Sona all came out…. Gopi says in drama what happens mamiji…. Urmila slap Gopi and says you are hurting my daughter daily….and asking me what happens…. Gopi says mamiji agar aapki beti har kaam se bhaage gi toh mai kya karo… Kab tak ghar ka sara kaam mai aur sona vahu karenge… Kokila also started her large dialogue… And ask urmila to leave…. Episode end freeze Rashi…

Manisha see ahem photo in prem and simar room and ask about it…. They says he is our dad….and ask about mom…. He says my mom was Ankita Agrawal now died…. I am najayez son of ahem… Manisha get shocked…

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  1. Jasminerahul

    wow…Priya had told d truth to dev riya n thats how priya sharya wedding happened.such a nice twist.Prem simar’s son is ahem’s look durga meeting was cute n romantic.thanku 4 writing on Nazim Gia.I luv them n only u r writing on GiNa now.Gopi is Devoleena.Right?So Durga is’nt Gopi’s look alike.Gopi is troubling rashi a lot.poor rashi.even urmila is thrown out as she tried 2 expose gopi.Rosid say claim that Durga is their daughter n meera’s son is Piyush.what a twist!Sid had exchanged Durga with Piyush n they want Durga back?Why did Sid exchange d babies n now y he wants Durga back?So like this way Durga Aditya r not cousins.thanku 4 this twist.Waiting 4 Aditya Durga luv track.
    precap is exciting.Prem is Ahem’s illegal son.How did Ahem have an extra marital affair with another lady when he was with Gopi?Who is this Ankita who was Ahem’s gf?Which actress plays Ankita?Which actor is playing Piyush?
    Plz show Dev Riya n Shaurya Priya romance.

    1. Chetan

      This season will ended when Gopi become positive and prem enter in modi bhavan

      1. Jasminerahul

        that’s nice.waiting 4 gopi to turn positive.can u plz show y Sid exchange d babies…

    2. Chetan

      It’s a big twist

  2. Shakaib

    Nice, update next part soon , well chetan, when it I’ll end, what would be episode no.

  3. Riana

    Excellent episode…

  4. Awsome chetan….its superb!!!…precap is shocking..

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