Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar thanks Gopi for saving him on time. She reminisces Jigar informing what all Mansi did and says Jigar good he told her about Mans beforehand until he is with family, nothing will happen to him. He says Mansi does not know that he gave her Jaggi’s finger prints and says he does not know what Mansi will do next. Gopi asks to be confident and not lose hope.

Vidya and Meera give bridal red lehenga choli to Naiya to wear on her engagment ceremony. Naiya says even she has surprise for them, which she will give later.

Jaggi does pushups with Jai and Veeru sitting on his back. Urmila brings milk for them. Jai and Veeru shout dangal dangal. Jaggi says dangal means wrestling and he is taking them to watch wrestling. Urmila says already children are spoilt

and he is spoiling them more. Gopi comes and informs that his mother is trying to reach him over phone. He picks call and his mom asks if he sold his phone that he is not picking call. He asks not to taunt him and leaves. Urmila says Jaggi loves his mother and even his mother him a lot.

Naiya’s engagement arrangements continue at Dharam’s house. Naiya gives money to a lady and says she has to create so much difference between Dharam and Meera that Dharam should kick Meera out of this house. She thinks she will rule over this house soon after kicking out Meera, Vidya, and Shravan.

Jigar meets Mansi and says he does not know how Jaggi and Ahem’s fingerprints match. Mansi scolds him and says she will play her next call. She calls Savita Devi Charitable trust.

Savitaben Charitable trust people throng Modi bhavan with reporters and thank Kokila for her support. Kokila gives speech that girls should be educated. Reporter then says he will question Ahem Modi who started this trust. Mansi enters with police and says this man is imposter and not Ahem Modi, she will prove it now. She says he has to garland a photo on whose name he opened trust. Modi family gets tensed. Jigar thinks he did not about Mansi’s new plan. Gopi silently scribles a note and hands it over to Jigar. Note falls down. Jigar signals Jaggi, but he does not notice it. Mansi steps on note. Jaggi goes and garlands wrong grandma’s photo. Everyone are shocked and Urmila says he ruined everything. People discuss how can Ahem garland wrong photo, that means he is not Ahem.

Precap: Gopi tells Kokila that to win the war, they are trying to make a stranger as Ahem.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow very fast update!!!!?????

  2. Shakaib

    Wow! Nice episode? but jaggi cant garland on the right photo. Alas! ?
    Guys ,I’ve read in article that Visual Singh[jigar] is quitting ,you can read this at;

    What’s your reaction, akshay,boss, nisha, rianaa, jasmine,adi, and all here. He is good. But in positive. Right guys

    1. I think this serial is going to off air by the end of year bcoz sns team drag story too much.

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Yes Akshay I also heard that SNS is going to end on December. I hope atleat in continues for next 2 years.

      2. Has that been confirmed sid bhai? It’s been 6 years so maybe that could be why as well

      3. Boss(Siddarth)

        I am not sure Aisha whether SNS Wl end on December I read in one website. I hope it continues for few more years and entertain us .

    2. Riana

      I think he should leave the show bcoz its 7 years or him which is a pretty long time…in my opinion they should end saathiya with a happy note!!!…

  3. Amazing serial. Thank god I am not part of any group.

    1. It means u read all comments.

      1. Mr. Lonely

      2. Nobody asked you to join a group anyway.

        Akshay i couldn’t agree more. Mr Lonely here clearly can’t stand our group.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Akshay Aisha many people are jealous of our group.

  4. Shakaib

    Your favourite bahu

    1. No one

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    Jigar’s character was good hope he returns soon

    1. Ab ye serial bestum best pakau ho gya h unnecessary kisi ek track to drag karte rahte h

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi sunshine friends Akshay,Nisha,Adithya,Aisha,Raven .

    1. Hello sid bhai. I wonder where our other sunshine friends are. I miss them a lot.

  7. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, Naiya has still not change and she wants to take revenge from Vidya as well as Meera.

    So she decides to ruin their life, she makes master plan to create rift amid Dharam and Meera.

    Naiya try to create misunderstanding amid Dharam and Meera, she has started executing her evil plan.

    Dharam-Meera unaware of Naiya’s evil intentions

    Meera is unaware of the fact that Naiya wants to take revenge from her, Dharam and Meera get trapped in Naiya’s plan.

    Naiya determines not to let Meera and Vidya in peace and she will make their life hell.

    Naiya will create troubles in Dharam-Meera and Vidya-Shravan’s life, everyone is unaware of her evil intentions.

    1. Not interesting ??????

    2. Thank you sid bhai. To be honest, i am not surprised that she hasn’t changed. I mean i knew this was going to happen.

      Anyway, have you registered yet on Telly Updates?

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Not yet Aisha wl register soon k?.

  8. hey Sid its better if Dharam had planted a tomato tree or an apple tree at least he would have gotten something to eat than to have a daughter like Naiya,she is evil i just hope Meera and Vidya dont fall prey to her trap,and why is Mansi hell bent on trying to prove that Jaggi is not Ahem,i wonder if she is working on commission lol,and Shakaib you hardly ever mention me in your comments did i say something wrong that you did not like?never the less i am going to take part in the survey with the best bahu for me its Gopi,Vidya and Sona, Sona has been with the Modi’s through out this whole ordeal like a dutiful daughter so she deserve some credit and will miss Jigar in a kinda way and john why did you say thank god you are not in any group,did anyone ask?i know you are being sarcastic towards our group,but dont let it bother you too much we are capable of handling anybody who tries to create a rift between us we are too strong to bother with nay sayers we have THE BOSS and what the BOSS commands is our wish

    1. U forgot me raven???

    2. John is Mr. Lonely.

  9. where are you Aisha and Nisha

    1. I’m here Raven. I just hope that we stay united as a group come what may. That way, this forum can be free from any evil commentors (not mentioning any names.)

  10. Adi is absent today. Penalty should be imposed on adi??

    1. He’s ill i think akshay. Once he fully recovers then we can decide lol

  11. Hello everyone here
    I’m aditya’s mother.
    Actually you’ll don’t know one thing about adi that he suffered from blood cancer hence doctors had advised him to watch serial and get some entertainment for reducing stress.
    But since last 2-3 days his condition worsened and we have lost him.
    Aditya expired on 7th September at 8:34 pm leaving all of us in sorrow .
    Saathiya used to be his favourite serial and he would like to comment here regularly. So I’m telling all his friends here who miss him this sad news.
    RIP my son, my child, my love, Aditya
    – Aditya’s Mother

    1. I’m sorry for your loss

    2. May his soul rest in peace.

    3. U r a mother who lost lost her child yesterday night n u had time to comment here?? Strange!!! Look at time 3:31 am. No mother is so strong n brave that her child deadbody lies infront of her n she is busy in comments here. Hah!! Plz stop ur idiot comments here becoz u don’t know wat is pain when we lost someone who is part of our life. Be sensitive.

  12. no names got ya Aisha united we stand divided we fall as long as we are together no one can come between us come what may we will always be united

  13. and i can never forget you Akshay you are one of our sunshine friends impossible is the word if i ever forget one of my friends and you are one of them and dont you ever forget

    1. Thanks my sunshine star miss u too ravan

  14. Shakaib

    So sad , adi is dead. May his soul in peace.

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi sunshiners is this real what adithya’s mother is saying.

    1. Yar pata nahi ye real h ya prank jo bhi h bahut bura h.

    2. It has to be sid bhai. I am lost for words. Adi bhai’s mother was brave enough to inform us of this devestating news.

      Hello sunshiners. I was thinking that we should name our group after the bestum best sunshiner Adi bhai. What do you all think? I will never forget our one and only Adi bhai.

  16. Mujhe yakin nahi ho raha h adi is no more

  17. M feeling very bad how can our sunshiner left us alone?? Adi u always be part of bestum best sunshiner n with us every moment. Love u so much adi.

    1. Bcoz adi u r doing prank. I will nvr evr talk to u from now.

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    I cant beleive it Adithya koi mazak tho nahi kar raha hai na .

    1. Sid believe to mujhe bhi nahi ho raha h agr ye mazak h to aisa behuda mazak kyu?

    2. Sid aisha r u blv about adi

    3. Adi ki mother k comment pr yakin nahi ho raha h. Did adi tell her that he do comments here by name HP?? If adi died yesterday how can family member specially mother is so conscious to do comment here?? I can’t blv

  19. I m sorry guys if i m rude but i can’t blv comment of aditya’s mother. It is painful prank. Sorry again.

    1. The timing is suspicious like you said akshay.

      I’m starting to get the feeling as well

  20. I m dead sure someone plays prank this comment is fake.

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Akshay even I cant beleive that a mother whos child is dead can say this on the same day . Adi aisi mazak mat karo plz comment once and say you are fine plz adithya

  22. Sad Sad Sad
    Adi was a cancer patient not an ordinary person to secretly comment from his phone. In fact he would use my phone and we both would watch and discuss the episodes. This was just for reducing his stress. After such a big loss I remembered of telling all here this news because this was the only series and forum where he would participate. Also his name and e-mail are saved on my phone and appear whenever this site is opened.
    Aditya loved playing cricket and football but couldn’t due to his health.
    Besides I’m a strong lady and we all were informed two months back that we would lose him anytime soon. So though we were prepared
    the loss of adi is my biggest sorrow.
    Didn’t expect this behaviour from his so called Sunshine friends
    Also you’ll next question would be why I’m following this forum but its his cousin sister who was reading your response after i told her , who informed me about this.
    He considered all of you’ll as his brother’s n sisters.
    Disappointed if u still take it as a prank

    1. Not interested in ur rubbish bullshit just stop it.

    2. Aji sahab humne bhi apno ko kabhi na kabhi khoya h isliye hume pta h us waqt ghar ka environment kaisa ho jata h. Khana pina to yad nahi rahta h aur mohtarma aapko death k 7 hr bad hi comment karne ka hosh rah jata h aur dusro se kahkar feedback bhi jan na hota h????? n remember one thing apne bache ko khone ka dukh sabse jyada parents ko hi hota h kam se kam aise behuda comments karne pehle unki feeling ka to khayal rakho beta tum abhi bache ho humne duniya dekhi h aise bevkufiya kahi aur jake dikhao

    3. Geetu

      Is it true.. Aditya HP comments seems so strange to believe…

  23. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi sunshiners I am sure that this comment is fake . Adithya plz aisi ghatiya mazak band karo . U r best sunshine commentator and good person so dont do these type of acts .

  24. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi there is 2 commentators from Adithya HP name one is in blue colour and other is in brown colour.

    1. Hey sid its completely bullshit. I dont know why he is doing this stupidity but from now we should stop talk about this non sense matter.

  25. Extremely upset with this behaviour
    Kindly do not take my child’s name if you’ll can’t pray for his soul.
    You’ll don’t have the right nor I’ve given you to spoil my deceased son’s name. I’m not bound to answer ur questions even then I answered them.
    Plz do not spoil my sons name by calling these messages pranks
    Leave him alone n let his soul rest in peace

    1. U haven’t any answer. If u r really upset why r u coming here again n again?

  26. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners there is something Fishy about this Happiness personified Adithya . If u ppl go through the Aug30th,Aug31st and September 1st forum page there are 2to 3 persons commented on Happiness Personfied name . Bcoz his colours were different many times its sure it was not the single person who commenting on Happiness personified name bcoz everytime colours were different. For ex myself,Akshay,Nisha,Raven ,Aisha ours colours is same all the time but this HPs colour changes every time . Plz my sunshine friends check this and comments.

    1. Sid u r right both person r same look somewhere there comments also same of hp n sonali n by mistake hp wrote name of sonali instead of him

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi guys today who commented on Adithya HP name his colour matches with Sonali even she is dissappeared from 4 days . I am damn sure something is there .

  28. Do you really think we will believe you tha Adi is no more? this prank has left a bitter taste in my mouth dont fall for this Sunshine Friends, her son is dead she has so many preparations to do and yet she finds the time to comment wow ma you are great get lost you low lying scum bag,and Adi if you are there and reading our comments then you are no friend cause no real friend would do what you are doing to us right now,are you playing dead to see what kind of funeral you will get? and if it is indeed true that Adi is no more then i humbly apologize to his mom for my outburst and sincerely hope you overcome your loss for i know what it is like to lose someone who is dear to you

  29. you are so right Sid,suddenly Sonali disappear then Adi is dead its the same damn person,lets not worry over them too much as the saying goes [good riddance to bad rubbish] and she is one good blo*dy mother to lose her son and has the damn time to make so many comment,we have to be very careful now in choosing our friends they wants to split us up cause we are so happy in our sunshine group our friends are Nisha,Aisha,Akshay,Sid if i forgot anyone then i humbly apologize

    1. Right raven. Its strange how a mother r taking interest in comments so she is coming here again n again wowww. What kind of mother is she?? Just day after her son’s death. Oopss god knows why a person does joke??

  30. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi sunshine friends I guess some evil commentators are behind this may be this guys Fake Gopi ,Krishna ,Jaggi we stopped this people for commenting bad . I think this HP comments both good and bad he may be comments on different names.

  31. Wowww her mother knows all id of him.

  32. if the so call Adi is behind all this then he was no friend you just dont joke about people’s death and his mother knows so much about him and his friends probably every time that he use to comment she was right there beside him,even when he was going to the washroom she was there with him the poor little Adi i am being sarcastic here no doubt about it he deserve nothing but sarcasam he is playing with our emotions taking us for fools soon he will be commenting with a new name and will be asking to join our group we heave to be careful about deceivers did not expect this from you Adi you have fallen in your own eyes how can you even look in the mirror shame on you

  33. Geetu

    Heyy hello all… This is geetu… I am just written episode reader and I dont like to watch serials.. Can i join in your group if you dont mind…?

    1. Yes welcome to the group Geetu

      1. Geetu

        Thankyou Aisha… Thats so sweet of you

      2. No problem geetu

    2. Riana

      Ofcourse…big welcome

  34. Riana

    Listen…i think akshay is right…and how can a mom be so insensitive…that his son lost one day didnt passed properly and she’s commenting to deliver adi’s death news…i think its prank news…

  35. Geetu welcome to the group,we look out for one another,and we are always happy,we have a motto ‘always stand by each other in times of difficulty’ and always pray for each other so once again a warm welcome

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