Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Uvrashi oil massages Jaggi’s head. Jaggi says he forgets this world when she massages his head. She says he forgets a lot and even her. He says in this house, he feels dearness like all these people are his relatives, though they are not. Urvashi thinks how to tell they are in deed his family.

Urmila calls Vidya and informs her about Kriishna and Premila’s heinous act temple and how Jaggi saved Gopi. Vidya says what Gopi must be feeling with all these, she has forgotten to live her life. She tells Shravan she will go and inform Meera about this.

Kokila asks Gopi to go and speak to Jaggi and clear differences. Gopi says she will not. Urmila asks why she will not, she has to as she is born to care for others. Gopi leaves. Urmila tells Kokila that

Gopi was in Jaggi’s room yesterday closing windows and drawing curtains, she walked out smiling, what does that mean.

Vidya searches Meera everywere and finds store room open. She enters store room and Meera touches her shoulder from behind. She asks Meera what is she doing. Meera tells the incident happened and how she slapped Dharam. Vidya is shocked and says she should not have told this. Meera asks her to not tell Dharam that she is here, else he may hit her. Dharam comes calling her. Vidya silently goes out and says even she is searching didi.

Jaggi gets a dream about Gopi scolding him that she is worried about him like other family members, smiling at him and then dancing. He wakes up hurriedly and sits confused.

Priyal gets ready for school. Vidya tells Shravan that Meera has gone out wth Ritesh, so if he can drop Priyal to school. Shravan goes to drop her school. Naiya comes and smirks. Vidya says Ritesh is at home and shows him walking with Prakash. She signs a funny song and taunts Naiya. Naiya fumes in anger.

Parag comes to India and hires taxi. Taxi driver pulls his hair silently and keeps it in a plastic pouch and reveals that he is Dr. Krishna. Parag reaches home and asks Kokila if she is fine as he got a call that she is breathing her last. Urvashi drops aarti thali seeing him. Parag is shocked seeing him. Jaggi comes. Parag is shocked more and says Ahem. Kokila says he is Urvashi’s son Jaggi. Urvashi tells Jaggi that Parag is Urvashi maasi’s husband and asks him to touch his feet. Jaggi say his back is aching and greets Parag from a distance. Urmila thinks why Kokila, Urvashi and Parag’s faces look shock, there is something between them.

Precap: Premila tells Modi family that the one who is staying here as Ahem, if his DNA matches with Parag’s DNA, then he is real Ahem, else not. Lab tech comes to take Jaggi’s sample.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. idiot premila!??????? now she will that jaggi is ahem!???????

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Raina,Priyanka. Hw r u friends
    Finally Parag came back from America . So then Urvashi wl rule Modi Bhavan.

    1. Nandhini

      Hii Sid! So urvashi will rule modi bhavan and kokila will clean the floor of modi bhavan.

      1. really i wish to see urvashi torturing kokila after all kokila also tortured gopi in the beginning of sns

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Jaggi has got really angry to know that Parag is his father.

    Jaggi hates him and refuses to accept him as his father, Urvashi gets worried seeing all this and Gopi consoles her.

    Gopi makes her understand that she should give some time to Jaggi as he will take time to accept this truth that Parag is his father.

    Jaggi is angry from Parag as he never fulfilled the duties of being a father

    Gopi and Kokila will try to make Jaggi understand and accept the truth that Parag is his father.

    They will try their best to unite Jaggi and Parag as they are meeting after so many years.

    Jaggi is upset with his fathers because he never fulfilled the duties of being a father.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

    1. good evening sid bhai thank u for ur spoiler
      gopi should now unite parag and jaggi

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Masi get really angry as she is not able to take revenge from Gopi.

    So she decides to kill Jaggi for playing with her feelings by becoming fake Ahem.

    Mansi puts Jaggi at gun point and Gopi gets shocked, she shoots Jaggi but Gopi comes in between and gets shot.

    Jaggi rushes Gopi to hospital

    Jaggi gets shocked and try to wake her up as she falls on floor unconsious then he rushes her to the hospital.

    Jaggi will fall in love with Gopi after this and he will soon confess his love for Gopi.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Nandhini

      Thank you Sid! Gopi can get shot by 100 bullets but then she will be alive because she is Gopi Devi??

      1. yes kahna ji ki krupa hamesha gopika devi par rahega

  5. Nandhini

    Hi all sunshiners! I am very sorry i couldnt comment yesterday as my net pack got over and i got time to watch saathiya but i cudnt watch because of bad signal in last 3 days! So parag is back in the show..finally he will speak something…

    1. yipeeee !!!! parag will get some dialogues he is third man of modi mansion to speak after ahem and jigar

  6. Nandhini

    Sowmya whenever jaggi calls gopi as ‘Gopi ka ji’ i cudnt help but laugh??..the way he calls her dat name is very funny…and the way gopi sees jaggi after he calls her gopi ka ji is too funnier…dat is gopi’s pet name given by jaggi❤❤

    1. surprisingly in telugu version of sns gopi’s mame itself is gopika

  7. Nandhini

    If there is third person entering as a vamp in modi bhavan then everyone in the modi family will be great sacrificers and a big helping hand to destroy the vamps…if there is no vamp available then the one or two modi members will turn negative and become vamp and will try to takeover the whole property.

    1. just like pari and mona who were negative first changed to positive with the entry of mpk and now as mpk got lost urvashi who is somehow part of the family is turning into vamp

  8. He don’t have to prove nothing to premila she is a wicked witch

  9. Nandhini

    Good afternoon Sunshiners! Where are you all?? Only 10 comments in friday’s page! Come and comment!
    Waiting for parag-ahem confrontation scene. Parag will show some of his acting skills in dat we are very lucky people to see the miraculous scene!

  10. Nandhini

    There is dump and dumper staying in suryavanshi house already…that is rithesh and meera respectively..actually dump and dumper make a very cute couple!

    1. haha yeah nice couple and their young ones will be the dumbest

  11. mpk don’t know jaggi is also parag’s son so their dna plan will fail

  12. new promo is telecasted by starplus jaggi is leaving in anger gopi tries to stop him mansi tries to shoot jaggi gopi sees that and comes in between jaggi carries gopi in his arms

    i wish atleast this to be end of mansi premila and krishna

    1. Nandhini

      Yes sowmya now mansi will be arrested for attempt to murder…and krishna and pramila wont able to do anything further.

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Gud Noon Sunshiners why less comments our comments dint cross 50 till now .
    After shooting Gopi MPK might get arrest and finally Mansi wl be in jail and MPK track wl end and seeing gopi’s condition jaggi may tell that he is ahem and seeing Jaggi’s condition even Modi family may get doubt that he is ahem. Wt say friends.
    Parag returned but still Chirag,Hetal and baa is not returned.

    1. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! I also thought the same what will happen next…after jaggi revealed as ahem then it is clear that urvashi will take over modi bhavan and she will get back her rights as first wife of parag legally.

  14. Isaaq

    OMG Rashi is coming back to SNS after this track. She’s going to enter SNS in a new look. If Rashi comes back SNS will become number 1 show!!!

    1. Isaaq

      Take a look at @ruchahasabnis’s Tweet:

      Nope she isnt coming back???

    2. Nandhini

      Life is unfair!???

  15. Nandhini

    MPK track will get end by shooting of gopi and the track of urvashi will start in modi bhavan.

  16. Nandhini

    Urvashi can do all the rituals of naiya’s marriage from prakash side? in dis way two vamps can unite for a mission.

  17. Nandhini

    I think inorder to save gopi from dying, jaggi may reveal his identity in hospital.

  18. Nandhini

    I also guess krishna and pramila will apologize to modi family and will request them to sign to get bail for mansi.

  19. Nandhini

    I want hetal and chirag to return and fight back with urvashi as they are the elder couple of modi family.

  20. hello Sunshine Friends sorry for not responding earlier,i read the update where i learnt that Kokiji husband is back,and also where Urvashi is asking for her rights she has no right in Modi House,her son Jaggi,if he is indeed Jaggi has rights she is in no way connected to Modi House,and for her to turn villain is stupid on her part,she should leave from there immediately,the comments are decreasing instead of increasing where are the rest of our family Nisha Aisha ,Sid Akshay Shakaib Saba Sheeba Nandhini etc i know we all are busy but let us make time to comment i mean look who is talking lol will try my utmost to come on later

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Raven even if jaggi has rights in modi house, urvashi has no rights..the makers have no way to bring new vamps..our family is trying the best commenting more dear?

  21. Hi sunshines friends i love this episode,now jaggi dreams to Gopi i tink he soon go to remember everytink.what do u tink sns family?

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