Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura asks Dharm if the work is done. Dharm says he has switched off Vidya and Meera’s phones. Gaura calls Kokila and says she wants to do something with their bahus, and says giving poisoning to bahus, burning them or pushing from terrace are old age ideas. She says she has decided to sacrifice her bahus, and give mukti to them. Kokila asks her to shut up and warns her not to harm her grand daughters else she will kill her with the same sword. Gopi says she will call Ahem, but his number is busy. Gopi calls Jigar, but he is also busy. Kokila asks her to keep trying his number and asks him to reach there. Gopi calls Ahem and tells him that Gaura wants to take revenge for yesterday’s insult and asks him to reach there soon. Ahem is shocked. Gopi prays for her daughter’s safety.


board meeting, Ahem introduces Tolu/molu aka Samar and Sahir to board of directors and says with them joining, their company will reach new heights of success.

Gaura asks Meera to get into truck for garba visarjan. Vidya insists Durga to come with them. Durga hesitates. Vidya says she is badi bahu of their house, so she should accompany them first.

Kokila with Gopi and Urmila travels towards Gaura’s home and consoles Gopi not to worry about Vidya and Meera. They reach Gaura’s house and Kokila asks servant where are Gaura and family. Servant says they have gone for garba visarjan.

Gaura insists Meera to dance during garba procession. Meera dances with Dharam. Gaura thinks Kokila has to come here at any cost.

Kokila with Gopi and Urmila reaches garba visarjan venue in a car and insists Gopi and Urmila to find Meera and Vidya soon while she gets Kokila busy. Gopi resists at first but then agrees and starts searching Meera and Vidya. Kokila parks her car and gets happy seeing Meera and Vidya far away. Gaura’s goons hit her head and she falls unconscious. Her earring also falls on ground. Goons then tie her hands and legs and patch her mouth shut. Gaura comes with Dharam and laughs at Kokila that she must be feeling pain. Dharam says Gaura her tigress friend has become wet cat. Gaura orders goons to tie her tightly as she should not resist in box. Goons drop Kokila in box and lock it from outside. Gaura makes holes into box and says Kokila can see her death drama but cannot resist. She says if she troubles her in next life, she will forget any more lives.

Gopi hugs Vidya and Meera and says she was worried about them. Meera asks if she done with her drama, she can leave. Vidya asks why did she come here with naani/Urmila. Gopi tells Gaura calling her and telling she will sacrifice Meera and Vidya, so she came here with Vidya and Meera. She even called their mobiles, but they are not reachable. Vidya says her phone is missing since morning. Meera says even her phone is missing. Vidya says Gaura must be up to something to torture them. Gaura enters and says they cannot escape her torture and says Gopi at last she came. Gopi says whenever her children are in trouble, she will be present there to protect them. Gaura says even mad samdhan has come. Urmila says she cam to watch her drama to teach her a lesson. Gaura laughs and says everyone like her drama.

Precap: finds Gopi does not find Kokila in car and finds her earring on floor. She worriedly tells Urmila that maaji is in trouble.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wow gopi u care for ur daughterd and maaji so much love u and love meera vidya’s acting but dnt like vidya’s clothes

  2. want 2 c madhuben tacts

  3. Change vidhya’s appearence a little. Meera please understand ur family

  4. Hope gaura track to end soon…

  5. very pathetic,the cast look and behave like morons.

    1. Fool of a took

  6. What rubbish ..end this stupid serial ………..kokilla acts like Don ……rubbish

  7. Vidya ke costume dekhe hai log 19 century me bi aise kapde nai phante honge serials me to

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