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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Before resting for the day, Ahem pampers Gopi and says soon everything will be alright and Radha will be out of our house. They just sleep on bed when they hear toy sounds from the hall and go out to check. Whole Modi family comes down and sees Radha dancing and playing with toying and saying that her child is liking it. Gopi asks her to stop dancing as it will harm her baby. Radha says her child wants her to dance and she cannot sleep until it sleeps. Kokila asks Radha to stop making sound. Meethi comes running and informs that Tolu/molu, Vidya, Meera have woken up now. Pari says let us disperse and let Radha continue her mad drama.

Jigar angrily asks what she wants. Radha says his child wants him to recite KG poem. Jigar hesitantly recites Baa Baa Black sheep (such

dumb Modi’s, agreeing to every demand of Radha). Radha then asks Jigar to do sits ups and Dumb Jigar agrees and does sit ups and even gets water for her. She then asks him to take her out for an ice cream. Gopi says she will not get any ice cream wala at this time. Kokila asks her to go and sleep silently. Radha then asks Gopi to dance. Ahem gets angry and asks Radha to be in her limit. Stupid Gopi agrees and starts dancing while Radha plays Baby Doll Mai Sone Di… song. (I am sure no sensefull human would do that and serial’s writers thinks even all the viewers are dumb, who can watch anything they show). Radha thinks she will make Modi family dance to her tunes like this hereon.

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Gopi complains Kokila and others that her legs are paining and have swollen because of dancing continuously. Pari says today Radha asked only Gopi to dance, what if she asks everyone to dance. She says Kokila that she always says that Gopi is her favorite bahu and cannot see her in pain, then how can she allow Radha to torture her. Kokila says she is telling right and walks towards Radha’s room. Pari smirks after that.

Kokila goes to Radha’s room and sees her stuffing jalebis and other foods. Radha says her child wanted to have all this tasty food. Kokila says outside food is harmful for the child, drags her to Gopi’s room and asks her to apologize Gopi. Radha says Gopi is child’s aunt. Kokila asks her again to apologize, else pack her bags and get out of her house. Dumb Gopi says it is ok, but Kokila is adamant. Radha apologizes and then says she will come up with another drama and walks out. Gopi gets tensed and says don’t know what drama will Radha create next. Pari asks why is she tolerating Radha. Gopi says for her family’s sake, she can tolerate Radha. Kokila says she will not tolerate but and goes to bring turmeric milk.

Radha sees Meera walking around her room and asks her to massage her feet. She then slaps Meera and asks her not be oversmart and tell about this to anyone, else she will slap daily. Meera agrees and leaves.

Gopi says Ahem that she is fine and asks him to go and attend his office meeting. She then scolds Pari for provoking Kokila and says Radha’s child is Modi family’s child and she cannot harm it. Pari says she is thinking wrong and says in 2 days, she will teach Radha a lesson. Gopi warns her not to do anything as she cannot let child harmed. Pari says she will and walks out.

Precap: Radha asks Kokila to work on chakki and get her rotis prepared from that flour.

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  1. Lol radha everyone’s under u and u cans say anything to them

  2. Where is john has he read the update or bot bcoz whenever he reads the episode he comments I thinks he didnt read the episode

  3. Gopiiiiii…….what’s wrong with you!!!!!!!!

  4. I wanna know where this modi bhavan home is situated???… Is it real or just built for the serial purpose!???

  5. hey guyz let us all together take john to a mental asylum. Why not to the same place where his laadli radha had treatment from ?

    1. Can u pls stop judging ppl.Dumb***

      1. sandy mind ur own bussiness not others got it….u dont thimk of others tthink of urself

  6. This show is messing with starplus Chanel name nd rank after rashi left this shw

  7. Radha u r great. This serial is getting better since Rashi left.

    1. john baba ki jai ho

  8. BC kya bakwas hai

  9. What a bull shitt story. I am wondering the f**k wrong with the director. where did this story come from. Radha make this drama more stupit as every1 in the family is crapp too. Especially Dump Guppy. Iam nit this drama any more. get a life f**king producer

  10. i miss Rashi x

  11. this is too much , so stupid drama is going ,totally wrong

  12. here comes our hero Mr. john

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