Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeta packs food for Ricky and before leaving realized she forgot to clean poha kadai. She leaves in a hurry. Kokila sees her going out with tiffin box and sees poha kadai, thinks they did not have poha in breakfast. She then checks Urmila’s chawl’s key and does not find it, thinks why Seeta went to chawl with food, she needs to find out.

Vidya sees Imli/Divya in bus stand with her bags and asks where is she going. Divya says she cannot help her as Bhavani is behind her life and describes all incidents where Bhavani tries to kill her. She says she cannot help and leaves in bus. Vidya thinks di/Meera has to come back to save her house and children from Bhavani.

Gopi enters kitchen and sees Jaggi trying to prepare tea sitting on wheelchair. She asks him to go out, she

will bring tea. He shouts he does not need her help and drops tea on himself trying to fill cup. Gopi scolds what is he doing and cleans him and fills tea for him.

Seeta goes to chawl with food and does not see Ricky. Ricky comes inebriated and asks if she brought fish fry for him. She asks what is all this. He starts laughing on her and says she is a big fool and he has found bigger fool than her here, Deepali. She believed his cooked up story that goons tortured him and gave him money, he gave her fake ring boasting he bought it for her. Seet reminisces keeping her ring in chawl while washing hands. Deepali enters and hears whole conversation. Seeta slaps Ricky and shouts he plays with people’s feelings and thinks them as fools, but he is the real fool. Ricky turns and sees Deepali standing. He starts is drama and throws things. Chawl people gather hearing sound and think husband and wife/Ricky and Seeta are fighting. They knock door shouting they will not tolerate all this. Seeta sends Deepali via back door and opens main door. Chawl people enter and shout at Ricky that they will not tolerate him beating his wife. Seeta tries to speak, but they don’t let her speak and continue scolding Ricky. Kokila enters and they all complain why did she let these couple stay in her chawl. Seeta tells her how she found Ricky in drain and brought him here and serving food daily. Kokila scolds Ricky with her heavy loud dialogues and he collapses due to inebriation. Kokila throws water on him and makes him stand. Chawl people leave asking Kokila to solve this issue. Kokila scolds Seeta that she did a mistake that she came here without informing anyone and continues scoling Ricky.

Gopi serves tea to Jaggi and then applies ointment to his burn wound from hot tea. Bolna mahi plays in the background. Jaggi feels guilty for scolding Gopi.

Precap: Kokila shouts at Ricky how dare he is to stay in her chawl, Gopi gave him property papers, then why is he still here. He should not expect help from her or her family.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. It”s high time meera should come back and show that bhavani her real place, totally impressed with seeta today like the way how she slap that ramakanth, precap was good hope that kokila should even throw that ramakanth out of the chawl too.

  2. Riana

    Today’s episode was really Superb!!!…Sad that divya left Vidya fearing of Bhavani…???…Sita slapping Ricky was Minblowing…?????…Kokila scolding Ricky was too goood…??…But she shouts in an annoying way…I miss the beginning episodes where kokila was in a different character n more as vamp…Now she is just a Loud Speaker…????…Bte Gogi scene was cute…??…Precap is Nice…Kokila buys the Chawl…?????

  3. What a show. I applaud the directors.

  4. Nandhini

    Really enjoyable episode!! Ricky getting slapping from seeta??

  5. Mansi

    Superbbbbbbb episode?????…..Wow Ricky getting slapped by Sita was amazing?????……Finally Divya decided to go n gone too….Waiting for Vidya maharani’s confrontation with Meera…..Kokila in her usual loud voice???……GoGi scene was sweet+cute?????…..

  6. Riana

    Guyzzzzz i have a gooood news for Dheera Fanss….Meera is backkk…She is back in a New Look…She will be shown confronting with Dharam where he will actually put sindoor in Bhavani’s hairline…???…I saw it on Youtube…Meera starts screaming that he is still her husband…

    1. Mansi

      Yeah that was what I told about 2 days ago…..Meera is back in her new look n she looks superbbbbbbb in it?????…..Meera challenges Bhavani that no one has ever come between them or will come by calling herself “Mein Meera Dharam Suryavanshi”???????

      1. Riana

        Yah i love her new look…???

    2. Nandhini

      Haha..let her scream?? already we got used to her dumb scream and loud -speaker (kokila) so this isnt new for us..let Dhavani start their romance???

      1. Riana

        Dhavani romance will be funny….??…meera will scream n dhavani will romance…??…Meera will get jealous n start throwing things like her bro ?????

      2. Nandhini agrees with you ? %
        It’s not first time to see Meera like that

        I’m talking about this three days ago
        Cv will make Meera do stupid or dumb think
        Like when Durga was alive

        Meera will crying ? like beby girl

        I’m here to support DhaVani jodi both of them look very good together ??????

      3. Mansi

        Yeah Nandhini it isn’t new for us as we used to see kagdi(Kokila)scream on top of her voice????…..Dhavani romance?????…..I saw on YouTube Dharam lifting Bhavani in his arms n taking her to his room while pushing Meera out from his room?????

    3. Isaaq

      Omg I’m so excited???? now I’m going to watch SNS again.

      Meera is the only reason I watch SNS now because she’s the new Rashi?

      1. Riana

        Isaaq u told this more than 100 times…????

      2. Loo????ll Isaaq
        Rashi wasn’t dumb like Meera
        Meera thinks she knows everything and she is the best but she is the most irritating stupid ????
        Meera never listen her family or her mum
        She always takes wrong decision like her grandmother and her dad sometimes


  7. Riana

    Kokila’s voice is getting annoying day by day…kya sab bolti hain yadi…kintu…parantu n all…??….so irritating…??…Guyz have a look on first episode kokila then n now has vry big difference…???

    1. Right cv has changed her character and voice
      It’s not like before when koki was the most dominating woman in SNS
      I really miss her charm character with GoShi koki was somewhere then now koki character is irritating ? me????

  8. I want cv concentrate with GoGi self
    Not mexid with other people drama
    Maybe trp will become high again
    But cv doesn’t want that

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