Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th May 2013 Written Update

Episode Kick Starts With Gopi Accusing the A C P, with a pointed finger { at ACP }, of torture, harm and attempt to murder Preeti, A C P’s Daughter In Law, case of dowry and second marriage to his son.

A C P starts to question their – Modis identity, pointing the fact that they are Punjabis and Tamilians / South Indians. Whereupon one by one reveal themselves by removing their disguise and telling their names.

With bit of argument they ask the Officer in charge to accept and file the First Information Report, F I R in Short. Upon signal from the A C P, the Officer asks Gopi to come aside to have a talk, but Ahem tells him that whatever the talk should take place in the open, in front of them. Officer is trying to dissuade them from filing the report. A C P too

threatens the Modi family, but Modis are firm in their resolve and decision to file the F I R against the A C P and get justice done to Preeti who went through untold sufferings during her lifetime.

When they come out after filing the F I R, Shukla is grateful and asks the Modi family the reason for the change of heart.

Ahem tells him that it is the feelings of Gopi that they saw the correct way to deal the present situation ; that is to return and support Gopi. Further, Ahem tells Shukla that Gopi, had explained and told them of how the A C P had tortured and was about to burn Preeti alive in front of Gopi. Preeti also had told Gopi of her – Preeti’s – sufferings and attempt to get a second marriage done to A C P’s son for dowry. In addition Preeti died when Gopi was with Gopi. This made all the family members to support Gopi in her resolve to get justice done and punish the A C P. in turn this might make Preeti’s soul rest in peace.

Modi Home Hall : all the members gather and relook at the things, events gone by and as to how to safeguard themselves against the A C P, who is a coward, and would not harm them face to face, but harm them behind their back. Finally they decide to stay together, Ahem, Chirag, and Jigar work from home, and as much as possible they will not venture out as much s possible, stay put indoors.

Suddenly the power fails, Kinjal notice that except their Home everywhere else there is power. Ahem and Jigar check fuse, and every fuse is intact.

Electric Personnel comes over and finds nothing wrong, and says he has no idea as to when the problem would be rectified. He hints that on higher officer’s orders their power connection had been cut. Ahem is angry and tries to manhandle the guy, Jigar pulls them apart.

Morning Everyone is dozing in the hall. Urmilaa gets up and walks away. Later Raashi wakes up and goes to the window and sees her mother sleeping on a bench in the garden. Raashi goes over to Urmilaa, wakes up, when a car arrives. The supposed Canadian couple get out off the car and walks towards the gate.

In between Urmilaa tells Raashi of Dhawal second marriage story.

And Episode Ends On Raashi’s Shocked Face ! ! !

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