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At the police custody, Premlata criticises the tea which they prepared for her. The lady police tells her that she is behaving as if she had tea in a 5-Star Hotel.Gaura disguises herself as a tea woman and shouts tea. The policewoman asks her where she is going. Gaura asks her is there a strike in Kanpur? She has brought the best tea from Rajkot. If she drinks that tea, she will be drinking it forever. The lady asks her whether she is new to this place as she had not seen her before. Gaura tells her that if she had seen her then the culprits would not be moving out freely. The policewoman tells her to give it. She gives the tea to all and goes to Premlata to give her tea. Premlata tells her to go. Gaura tells her to drink her tea just once. Maybe, she will get another chance to become Kokila

Modi. Premlata then recognizes her as Gaura and comes forward and asks her why did she come here? Gaura tells her that she missed her a lot so she came to meet her. The police is answering the call from the person whose cattle was stolen who says that what can he do? and puts down the phone. Gaura tells her that if the police ask her about who has been behind all these, her name should not be revealed even by mistake. Premlata says when all three of us were involved in this crime, why should I suffer alone? Gaura tells her that it is her responsibility to take her out of the jail. The lady shouts ae champa chameli, how much time is she taking to pour the tea to which she says that the kettle is little crooked and she has to do it slowly otherwise, it will spill. She then pours the tea in the glass and tells Premlata that if she doesn’t tell her name, she will reward her so royally that she will never fall short of money but if she does that even by mistake, she will make her life miserable. Forget about being Kokila Modi, she will not even be fit for being a vegetable vendor.

Ahem comes to the police station to meet Premlata. The police tells him that he has got just 10 minutes. Ahem thanks him.

At Omkareshwar, Madhu is making preparations to stab Kokila. Sona records her movements in her mobile. When Madhu was about to leave, Sona slaps her. The knife falls off to the ground. Madhu falls down and is shocked to see Sona standing around. Sona tells her that if she thinks that she can kill me and do whatever she wants, that is not going to happen as she is not going to die so easily. Madhu gets up and stares at her to which Sona tells her that she is so wicked that after dashing her by car, she didn’t even bother to look at her even once. But she saw her that day & from that time onwards, she began to keep an eye on her & found out that she wants to kill her grandmother-in-law. Madhu tells her to stay away from it as it is her matter & will deal with it in her way. She tells Sona not to interfere between them otherwise, she will also be killed. She pushes her & tells her to get lost. Madhu then picks up the knife & was about to leave. Sona plays the recorded video. Madhu turns back & tries to slap her. Sona holds Madhu’s hand & warns her that if she raises her hand one more time, she will break her hand & give it to her. So it will be better if she comes with her & tell the truth to her younger grandmother in-law. Madhu laughs & tells Sona that she is a fool to think that she will come with her & tell the truth. Sona threatens Madhu to which she tells her not to interfere in her battle. Madhu further tells her that if she can plabnt someone as Kokila Modi, she can also blow her our such that she won’t be able to point out fingers on anybody. sona asks Madhu, “What is wrong with her? why is she doing this?” Madhu tells Sona to shut up & tells her that she is only a small thief whereas her game is so big that she will not be able to understand that. Madhu then goes to pick her knife. Sona plats the video which she hears. Madhu comes forward to snatch her phone but Sona twists her hand and tells Madhu that her game is over & this is not the age for her to play games & is about to drag her to Kokila. Madhu pleads her to leave her hand & tells her that it is paining. she further tells Sona that she has brought her up as her daughter. Sona replies that in the name of a mother, she is a black mark & a great sinner. When she does not have any attachment towards her own daughter, she cannot have that feeling towards her in any way. Sona tells Madhu that she got love for the first time in her life but she snatched her family from her & separated her from Sahir which she has to clear it. Madhu pleads Sona to leave her hand & tells her that it is paining. Sona tells her that it is too late now & she will hand her to the cops. Once she goes to jail, they will make her work so much that she will lose the weight that she gained by eating free food in Modi Bhavan. Madhu pleads to Sona to leave her hair & apologizes to her. Sona leaves her but warns her against escaping. Madhu pushes Sona who bangs her head to the tree. Sona falls unconscious, Madhu stamps on her phone & is about to push her from the cliff. Suddenly she hears Kokila’s voice who calls Gopi. Madhu sees them coming near & gets frightened. She then kicks Sona from the cliff & she goes roling down the ground near the place where the water flows after doing abhishek to shivling. Madhu then tells Sona that she picked her up from the dust & now she should die in that same dust. Madhu picks up the knife & hides it in her pallu.

At the police station, Ahem goes forward to Premlata who asks him whether he has come to see whether the cops had beaten her up. Ahem tells PL that he knows that whatever incident took place, she did that on somebody’s instructions as she has got nothing to do with his family. If she tells the person’s name he will tell the inspector to set her free immediately & she will be free forever. PL looks at Gaura’s gesture. Ahem tells PL to think about it because once if the matter goes to the court, he won’t be able to do anything.

Kokila & Gopi are waiting & searching for Madhu. Kokila tells Gopi that her mom is not to be seen. It has been long & they have to do puja. Gopi calls up Madhu & finds out that her mom is somewhere nearby. Kokila sees Madhu coming. Madhu asks Gopi & Kokila where they were to which Gopi says even they are searching for her. Kokila then asks her why it took so much time for her to which Madhu says that she was talking to panditji about the puja & he told there is still time for the mahurat to get over. Kokila tells Gopi that by the time they reach the place, mahurat will start. Gopi agrees. Kokila then sees the shivlinga nearby & tells Gopi that it is beautiful & start doing abhishek to that ling first.

Kokila & Gopi go near the ling & pour milk on it. Madhu inwardly tells Kokila that her time starts now. She can be with Gopi as much as she wants because the saas-bahu pair will come to an end very soon. She thinks of a plan to make Gopi away from her MIL. As Kokila & Gopi pour the milk, it flows & falls on Sona’s head. Kokila then prays to Shiva to protect the ones who follow the path of truth. Sona gains her consciousness. Gopi, Koki & Madhu goes ahead.

PL tells Ahem that she won’t tell him anything & will tell in the court. Gaura smirks. PL tells him that the trap which he has set for her to use her as a pawn will move on its own. Ahem says fine & tells her to be in jail forever & threatens her that he will tell his advocate to get her punished so severely that no power in the world will be able to free her & is about to move out. PL stops Ahem & tells him that whoever has made her to do this is a part of his family and the one he trusts. Ahem asks PL to tell that person’s name.

At Omkareshwar, Gopi, Kokila and Madhu are on the way to the temple. Madhu acts as if she is feeling giddy. Gopi sees that and is concerned about her. Madhu tells her that she is feeling giddy. Gopi then makes her sit on a seat while she will get water for her. Madhu tells Gopi to call the doctor. A lady asks them what happened. Gopi tells that her mom got exhausted and is feeling giddy. She asks for the nearby doctor. The lady tells her where the doctor is. Kokila thanks the lady. Gopi is concerned about Kokila but she tells Gopi to get the doctor while she will be with her mom. Madhu smirks.

Precap: Sona dashes to Gopi who holds her. Gopi asks her how did she get hurt and how she is here. Sona tells Gopi that her younger GMIL’s life is in danger. Gopi asks from whom. Sona tells it is her mom. Gopi is shocked. At MB the men do the puja. Ahem rings up Gopi and tells her the one who was behind this incident is none other than her mom. Gopi is taken aback.

Update Credit to: katrinasalman

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