Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th March 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Vidya being excited and happy. Gopi comes and asks her is it because all her friends have come. She says yes and also they are participating in annual day. Gopi tells her to tell her if she needs any help. Vidya thinks to herself that gopi has to help. Gopi goes to get dinner and asks vidya to have dinner and sleep. Ahem is looking at wedding photos and remember gopi and their SR and rest memories. He is in tears. Gopi feels ahem is in pain and prays to god to keep him safe and happy and away from all worries. She prays to god not to take her ahem away from her. Though he isn’t there with her his memories are always with her. Ahem remembers meera and how she fell into the river. He yells meera and is crying..gopi on other hand too is crying. Vidya sees

this and thinks to herself that she knows her mom is missing her dad and she will very soon set things right. Before gopi sees her she runs to the bed and sleeps.

Next day morning, urmila is still sleeping and is dreaming on how to stop the marriage. Kinjal wakes her up and jitu bhai asks her whose marriage shouldn’t happen. She says how can ahem’s marriage happen without them. They mock at her. Urmila leaves it and tells them to get ready for marriage. Both are shocked. Hetal calls the school asking for SS teacher and Gopi is coming to take the call. Rashi calls hetal and she gives the phone to koki and asks her to speak. Gopi is going when vidya comes to her and tells her to come to prateek. Gopi says she will attend call and come. But vidya doesn’t listen and take gopi from there. Pappu is near the temple, and gopi comes there. He is all dull. He tells gopi that the girl who plays gandhari isn’t there. They all go to SS, and gopi asks them to ask someone else about it. they say no one is interested. They ask gopi if she can play the role as she is perfect for it. gopi hesitates but they try convince. Vidya signsal pappu to cry and he starts crying, seeing him cry gopi finally agrees and everyone are happy. Urmila and family come to MM. ahem and radha also accompany the whole family. Rashi and urmila murmur about their downfall coz of the marriage. And radha questions them and urmi responds why does she want. They all leave for the wedding. Kids are ready and one person comes there and informs them that jigar is coming to take them in few hours. They are worried if jigar sees gopi or if wedding happens and radha takes the place of gopi. Vidya is determined that no one can take the place of her mom and so are the kids. They decide to stop jigar from coming and make sure gopi is dresses up in brides wear soon.

Rashi,urmi and radha are in the car. Rashi asks the driver to switch on the AC but he says it sint working. She opens the window but radha closes it saying it will spoil her hair. They argue and radha warns to forget that she is her sister and within no time she will be her jethani(elder sister inlaw). Urmi taunts her saying not to forget where she is from and she taunts back she came from the place where rashi came. Urmi and rashi are pissed off. Vidya gives the clothes to Gopi and asks her to get ready. Gopi says they still have time but they insist that they don’t want any troubles. Gopi agrees and leaves.

The Modi family arrives to the temple. SS call Jigar and tell him not to come but send a car as they have a surprise for him. Jigar smiles and agrees. The kids are happy and think that now they have to take Gopi to the Mandir and it’s the biggest surprise for the family. They give the responsibility to pappu.

Precap: Jigar questions the receptionist why didn’t the kids come yet. Gopi in wedding attire comes with vidya. Vidya sees Jigar and is shocked. Jigar is shocked. (guess he saw Gopi but she didn’t see him yet)

Update Credit to: Madhu

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  1. Please update detailed full episode

  2. precap-jigar was standing towards receptionist waitng for TM..while gopi and vidya was coming from the other side…at the same time jihar turns back..and from facial expressions of jigar we can understand he saw gopi…….
    its awfullly thrilling.can’t wait for tomorow’s epi..

  3. Yadhu i have might seen you in the forum of jodha akbar!

    1. Ya ur right!

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