Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila dorns red sari on Gopi and moves. Jigar asks where is she taking Gopi. Kokila says to Gopi’s new sasural and Gopi will marry Dr. Krishna Raheja tomorrow. Jigar and whole family is shocked and ask how can she think of marrying Gopi to anyone else, Ahem is Gopi’s identity and how will she get her identity out. Kokila asks Vidya to take Gopi and kids to room. Vidya drops them and come back.

Kokila shouts Gopi has her own identity and she is the one who got Ahem out of depression when he was deeply mourning Rashi’s death. Pari says how can she think of getting a grandmother Gopi married who has grandchildren. Kokila yells at her next and shouts that she is here because of Gopi bahu, else she is not worth becoming Modi family bahu.

Pari says if she knows who Dr. Krishna is, how can anyone think of marry Gopi in this condition. Kokila continues that Gopi is left as a furniture in this house and nobody is worried about her, but Dr. Krishna took care of her and kept her alive, nobody is perfect than Krishna for Gopi. She is getting Gopi and Krishna married tomorrow. Jigar says he has gone mad to think like this. Urmila interferes and asks him to shut up. He asks if he had met with an accident, would she have got Rashi married. She says yes. Vidya also takes her side by followed Sona. Jigar shouts at Sona to stay away and he does not want an illiterate orphan’s opinion. Sona retaliates. Pari shouts followed by Monica. Sona retaliates them both.

Precap: Meera says Kokila she wants to get rid of Gopi, so she is getting her married. She will take Gopi to her home now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial is left wid no story now.Better shut it dowm

  2. last me to kuch likha hi nhi . pura to likha kro khani shuru hote hi khtm krdi tumne to :/

  3. After long time koki is shouting for good enjoyed the episode.


  5. if Kokila allows Meera to take Gopi away from that house that will be the end of her Meera has nothing to do with her life she is only troubling others and i just love the way Kokiji put all of them to their place and Urmila give Jigar a befitting reply he should shut his damn mouth or guys do u think he wants gopi that is why he dont want her to remarry cause pari was not really a wife to him only now she is pretending to be his wife dont get me wrong readers no disrespect to gopiji its just my opinion and as the saying goes opinion is one of the most cheapest commodities on earth so i only state mine let me know what you guys think and if i offended anyone then i humbly apologise

    1. No I think Jigar is afraid of Meera. Do you remember that she paid money to him to help with his business.
      Or other wise he don’t care about Gopi. I have it strange at first, but now I understand why kokila is doing this.

  6. Today’s ep. was awsome

  7. What happened to their child rashi? Did she die too?

  8. actually does this serial have any end ?????? i am imagining the future episodes of chandhanamazha and daivam thanda veedu { remake of sas in malayalam and tamil} i think if this serial dosenot have any end now my grand children will see this serial ………(in malayalam and tamil)

    1. If they r gonna show these things… social media will troll definitely… ??? in Kerala…
      Ammu.. u r from which state?

  9. Shut this stupid serial down!

  10. I hate when Pari calls Jigar by his name…
    Even Rashi used to call him JigarJi …

  11. Koki dhadi u r a mad???????????????

    Shadhi (wedding )is not a joke u know?????i
    I agree with meera and jigar
    Stupid concept chi chi..

  12. Wat hapnd to small rashi?? And bha??

  13. Nadia you remember something everyone has forgotten , where is radha and jigar daughter rashi????they have so conviently forgotten her and i did not know meera had given jigar money to help with his business thanks for letting me know x

    1. Hey radha is dead long long ago killed by gopi to save small rashi
      And wer is daval wer is kinjal’s son…

  14. bhagya(die hard fan of ishveer)

    where is little rashi?

  15. I think they should let gopi marry dr krishna he can take care of her n not them n don’t let meera take she will use her

  16. I cant wait for tomorrows episode I want gopi to get married apparently jigar starts liking gopi is that true

  17. It looks that the writer has posted the summary of the episode… the writer has written a short update for the episode, not the complete update

  18. Its just that they cant accept the fact of gopi being a grandmother remarrying someone else….nothing else….and jigar doesnt like gopi…after the leap he shouted at pari dat gopi bhabhi and kaki ji became very old…till now he has respect for gopi as his sister-in-law only…but who knows…the writers may change the behaviour of characters suddenly like they did after leap…if meera takes gopi to her home wat will she do…she just makes vidya to take care of gopi like a maid…and she just dresses up wit her grand costumes,, jewellery and heavy make up and roam around like an idiot…senseless girl just shouting dialogs like a big woman but all her inner thoughts are sooo cheap!!!….

  19. tidays episode was good
    After a long time saw old kokila nd liked her attitude…..
    Where are rest of family members of modhi famly??(baah.parag modi ,jigar’s parents , rashi , kinjal daval and their son pappu)
    Wt hpnd between meera , vidya and dharam ??
    Where is that first child of vidya ??(8 years ago when she was pregnant)
    U passed 8 years after death of ahem but where is story of that 8 years ??

    1. Its 4 years leap….

  20. jigar became very selfish after ahem’sdeath

  21. 8 years passed? When ?

    Vidyas daughter seem to be very young

    1. Its not 8 years its 4 years

  22. Admin plz post my episode Summary

  23. Sns became very meaningless after the leap…the story is just off point…meera treating vidya like a maid…molu now a puppet..paridi acting like a fool…jigs n all…disgusting storyline

  24. Sns became very meaningless after the leap…the story is just off point…meera treating vidya like a maid…molu now a puppet..paridi acting like a fool…jigs n all…disgusting storyline and its just four yrs leap right?kokila looks just too old nuh like its 10yrs leap…

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