Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July Analysis


The episode starts with Jigar asking Pari and Mona that where they were? Pari and Mona give excuses. Pari ‘s voice becomes different because of the helium gas. Gopi comes and confronts Pari and Mona. She shows the payal.Jigar says this payal… Gopi says u gifted this payal to Pari on Meera ‘s marriage. Jigar asks Pari to show the payals.Pari shows both her payals. Jigar says that don’t blame Pari unnecessarily. He angrily leaves.

Gopi says truth can be hidden but can’t be changed. She warns them not to repeat this again. She leaves. Pari wonders how both my payals are in my foot? Mona says the payal was mine, I liked ur payal that’s why I got the same payals made for me.

Pari ‘s voice becomes better. Mona says that we won’t be able to defeat Gopi. Pari says I can’t let jigar position become weak, I have decided to change my plan.

Meera thanks Naiya for keeping Vidya busy Or else she she wouldn’t have gone to priyal ‘s school. Dharam comes but doesn’t listen anything. Meera gets relieved. In their room, Dharam asks Meera to accompany him to the trip. Meera says don’t think that everything is normal between us,I am just fulfilling the duties of a wife. Dharam says but still I am happy that u accepted priyal and vidya. He leaves. Meera says don’t think I have changed, I am still the same Meera.

Pari and Mona come to the chowl. Pari says that Now I want to rectify my mistake, I want to take Sona back home. All members are shocked. Sona says that I won’t go with sasu ma.


Credit to: Tanvi

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