Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees Meera trying to add worm in thepla dough and stops her. Meera shouts at her that she was removing worm instead and shouts that she does not have any right to confront her. Vidya intervenes and says she does not have right to shout at mom. Meera shouts that they both wait for an opportunity to scold her. Kokila comes and says she knows her nature and knows she was adding worm in dough to make them all ill. Meera says she does not want to prepare theplas. Kokila asks Vidya to prepare theplas and asks Meera to clean whole house.

A sales girl comes to Dhaval’s house to sell washing powder. She starts flirting with him and says she will prepare tea and even wash his clothes. Kinjal fumes seeing that and asks how dare she is to flirt with her husband who is having a

child of her age. Girl asks Dhaval if she really is his wife. He says this is the mistake of his life which he cannot correct. Kinjal shoos girl away.

Jigar comes to call Pari for breakfast and says whole family is waiting for her. She asks why. He taunts that everyone are not egoistic like her. Pari asks if they are so concerned about her, then why did not they trust her. He should go and be with Rashi now instead of her. Jigar feels sad.

Gopi gets breakfast for Rashi. She says she will have it while watching cartoon.

Kinjal tries to thread needle to sew her torn sari. Urmila asks her to come and clean rice. Kinjal yells that she should buy cleaned rice. Dhaval comes and purposefully pushes her and she drops needle in rice bag. He asks her to clean rice to remove needle. She says she will get new one from neighbor. He asks her to have food at neigbor’s house itself. Urmila laughs and taunts that she has to clean whole gunny now to get needle.

Kokila comes searching for Rashi and does not find her. Rashi comes and says she was doing homework in gopi’s room.

While searching needle, Kinjal accidentally gets it pierced into her finger and blood starts oozing. Dhaval sees that but does not react. Kinjal yells that he is not concerned about her at all.

Vidya prepares thepla and chaas for family and goes out to keep theplas on dining table. Someone adds something in chaas. Vidya serves chaas to everyone. Gopi is about to sip it when she sees Jigar coming alone for breakfast and asks where is Pari. He says she is in room and does not want to come. Gopi says she will convince her and takes Tolu/molu and Jigar along. Kokila asks Vidya to serve chaas to Rashi first. Rashi picks glass but drops it on floor. Kokila asks Meera to clean glass pieces. Meera yells that she will not. Kokila says she asked her to just clean glass pieces and nothing else.

Gopi with tolu/molu and Jigar tries to convince pari to come and have breakfast, but she does not and shouts.

Precap: Gopi forcefully with the help of Tolu/molu feeds chaas to Pari and Pari says something is mixed in it. Gopi smells phenyl in chaas glass.

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  1. ?Pradishma?

    I agree with pari…. and that gopi bahu is doing too much….. hate u small rashi….

  2. turple

    what the hell……now this small rashi is playing a role of villain…she wants to kill her gopi maa just because gopi killed rashi’s evil mother radha……..awful ep.

  3. jo

    i dont think rashi wil do this
    i think meera had done this and i hate gopi for scolding pari.if she loves rashi that much then she should take care of rashi instead of yelling at pari

    • dannybell

      Yup agreed. Gopi is drama queen. Pari doesn’t wanna take rashi’s responsibility then why to force her. It was jigar and radha’s fault and for dat why should pari suffer

  4. Lavinya

    Modi family kids-no study, no college , nothing. Just playing and watching drams at-home. Disgusting guys. Director ji pls show something related to education. Like pappu got some state rank. Pappu gives credit to his dad like that. Show some thing sensible.

  5. R e

    Its waste of watching n making yourself worst …non of the girl will harm her own family which loves her horrible script n I don’t understand only gopi s always right …so sad if pari in this Hopi deserves all this n y meets vigya tolu molu s only fit to be in Ome ???? Very boring …pls start ek haseena thi stop this boring serial…. Writer learn from ek haseena thi very interest n not rubbish script like this

  6. Hannah

    Gopi is being very selfish now. How can she forget pari helping her to get back ahem?? Just because of small rashi how much she shouted on pari? I hate small rashi. That is just an unnecessary character..
    If pari don’t want to take rashi’s responsibility, then why to force her?
    And if Gopi loves rashi Gopi should look after her.. not pari. Anyways pari is not her mother. And this me era should be mended.. and kinjal too. I hate kinjal actually.

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