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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem shows Meera’s photo to Gopi and asks her who does Meera look like. Meera says she looks like me. Ahem comes closer to her, tries to be romatanic and asks her to check her hair and eyes. Vidya comes there running and they both separate. Ahem asks how does she look like. Vidya says like papa. He asks about Meera. She again says like papa.

Hetal is tensed about Kokila going out house without informing and asks Ahem to call her and check. Ahem calls, but Kokila’s phone is out of reach. Kinjal with Prateek and Madhuben come there. Kinjal asks about Meera. Rashi comes with Meera and urmila. Kinjal asks where had they gone. Rashi says we went for shopping. Urmila asks where is Kokila. Kokila comes there and says she is here. Hetal asks where was she. She says

she went to temple to pray god to keep her family united and to pray for Meera. Tolu/Molu ask Rashi to give them CD which she bought. Rashi gets tensed and says they are just blubbering and asks them to go and get ready while Meera gets ready. Urmila says Urmila she somehow escaped. Kokila thinks Rashi is hiding something. Hetala asks Kinjal about Dhaval who says he is in office and will come soon.

Ahem comes and asks if Meera is ready. He sees Meera and says his daughter is looking like an angel. He hugs Meera and Gopi. Vidya comes and asks them to hug her also. Dhaval also reaches there. Meera and her parents come down. Kokila says she is looking beautiful. Vidya asks Meera to cut cake soon. Dhaval lits candle and asks Meera to cut cake, but Kokila stops her and says she has to perform an important task now. She says both my bahus Gopi and Rashi are precious for me and have always served me, it is time for me to gift them now. She asks Gopi to give locker keys and says Rashi served this house well and she is responsible for happiness of this house, so she is giving back locker keys to her. Urmila gets happy hearing that, but Rashi is surprised. Kokila asks Gopi if her decision is right. Gopi says she is right. Urmila says Rashi that she is lucky to get back the keys. Rashi thinks Urmila thinks of her benefit, but she wants to get away from keys and responsibility.

Kokila then asks Meera to cut cake. Everyone claps and wish Meera happy birthday. Kokila thinks if Rashi really wants to get away from her responsibility, she has to inform her directly. Meera serves cake for everyone. Hetal gives Kokila cake and asks her to eat. Kokila accepts cake and thanks her. Gopi serves juice to everyone and asks Baa if she should serve her food. Baa says she will have it later. Hetal says she is happy seeing her family happy together. Baa says even she feels same and hope this moment freezes. She sees Kokila thinking something and asks if she is alright. Kokila says she is fine.

Jigar asks Dhaval if he is settled in his job now. Dhaval says yes. Urmila comes and congratulates Jigar as Rashi got back keys. Jigar says Rashi will give it back to Gopi as she can handle keys’ reponsibility well. Kinjal taunts her. Urmimal angrily goes from there, she goes to Rashi and says she is happy that she got back her keys. Rashi says she does not want these keyes.

Gopi gives chocolate to Meera. Molu says he also needs choc. Gopi says he ate his share and will not give him. Molu complains about it to Rashi. Rashi says she cannot help him. Urmila gets angry seeing Gopi denying choc to her grandson and thinks she will kick Rashi and her children soon.

Gopi sees Madhuben tensed and asks if she is thinking about Radha. Madhuben says how can Radha do this to her own niece and says there must be something wrong in her upbringing. Gopi says radha believed others than dear ones and says god will resolve their problems soon.

Precap: Kokila sees Rashi saying keys that she hates them and thinks Rashi should accept it in front of everyone.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hmmm……….not bad,not good…..average episode ……..if rashi needs something kokila won’t let her get it……if rashi don’t need something she’ll give it for her…….it is kokila who is making rashi bad even she is good……..kokila must be thankful to rashi instead for handling the situations…….the story is looking same as the story that happened in beginning the change is there is kids……..boring………..but nice(only few scenes)

  2. same old kalakari by rashi and urmila. rashi wants to enjoy life without responsiblity. Rashi wants importance but without work. Urmila wants money, she hate gopi now also. so she will find fault with gopi and will keep troubling her. The story is going round and round in circles, no change only the kids have been added. the boys are sometime like there nani for their own selfish need they also can harm anyone, they also have not changed much . let us see how much kokila understands gopi now. or is it according to her convienence

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