Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th January 2013 Written Update

Ahem stops the car. The old lady asks her driver to turn the car and take to airport. Ahem asks the old lady to give away their baby and its her baby. The old lady doesnt agree for it. Koki, hetal and rashi reach their. Everyone tries to explain that its not ira and its meera. The old lady checks the name tag and says its ira. Koki asks to put on the spects and check. The old lady does. The old lady shocks. Gopi takes her baby and cries. The old lady asks the ward boy to take her to her grandchild. Ahem promises meera that he will never leave her alone in future.

In jigar’s room, meera does susu on rashi’s sari. she tries to make her sari dry but couldnt. So finally rashi thinks of taking bath and change her sari. Rashi does bath and will be drying her hair with dryer. Koki passes from there and finds rashi has switched on fan, AC and even lights in her room & bathroom. Koki scolds rashi and gives an order to switch off all the wastely switched on lights/fans in the complete house.

Dhawal and falguni in the corriader, Dhawal asks whether her house owner is disturbing her or not. Falguni says thanks to dhawal for paying her rent. Falguni asks dhawal to help her in taking off some heavy thing from the cupboard top. Dhawal says he would do that next day. Kinjal comes their and asks what help falguni is asking. Dhawal says she was just saying thanks to her. Kinjal gets angry with this answer and dhawal leaves.

Rashi will be switching off the lights and finds a switch on but couldnt know that switch is related to which light. Koki calls rashi from kitchen so she rushes their. Koki scolds rashi for not switching off the grinder’s switch. So while doing this rashi throws the aata filled plate and all the aata falls on koki’s face. Gopi hears this and rushes to kitchen with meera. Koki asks gopi to leave with meera as aata in the air can make meera uncomfortable. Meera looks at koki and smiles. Hetal finds meera smiling lot. Koki also feels happy that meera has smiled looking at her.

Urmi and kinjal in corrider thinking to go into falguni’s house to check whether there is a heavy bag on the cupboard or not. Urmi asks kinjal to knock falguni’s door and ask for sugar. Kinjal knocks the door and falguni opens. Kinjal and urmi asks for sugar. Falguni goes inside to bring it. Kinjal and urmi finds there is no bag on the cupboard. Kinjal says I know there is no bag on the cupboard today nor that day when we came inside.

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