Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2014 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th February 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Jigar telling ahem that he should have been the first one to wish koki but he didn’t. ahem is shocked. He tells him that he made a big mistake. Jigar consoles him saying that he can understand what he is going through but he also knows ahem would never hurt koki. Jigar tells that she went to temple and he can meet her there. Ahem wonders why she went to temple as she stopped going from past 8 years. Jigar says she went to distribute blankets or something. Ahem leaves for temple.

Koki in temple distributing them to the kids. Even meera is there and radha is worried if they see each other. Koki gives to all and when she is about to give to meera ahem comes there. She stops and goes to ahem. Radha is relieved. Meera and the rest kids wonder

why she didn’t give and start running towards them. Meera trips and is about to fall down but she falls on ahem. Ahem holds her. The security guard scolds her if she cant see and ahem warns him to speak properly to kids. Meera is afraid and goes away. Ahem wishes koki and apologises for not being first. Koki says she needs a gift and asks ahem to remarry. Ahem is shocked and remembers his marriage with Gopi and says no for the marriage, koki says she knew his answer and is disappointed. Ahem says ok,and tells her to perform his marriage with whomever she wants. Koki is happy. Radha asks koki if they should go to the temle and koki says they didn’t come here to go to the temple.

Rashi is in the kitchen doing some work. Hetal asks rashi to give her food but she sees her working so she does it herself. Baa comes and asks rashi for water and she asks her to wait for sometime as she is very busy. Hetal says she will give and they leave. Rashi calls her friends and invites them for the party and she is irritated that meethi isn’t there.

In the school, meethi comes all dressed up as tolu-molu mother and their principal tells about the nuisance they create. They promise that they wouldn’t repeat and the principal accepts. Pappu sees this and realizes that she is meethi but tolu molu threated him and shuts him up. Meethi comes home back in her avatar and puts the bag and the wig in kitches. Rashi gives her work of cleaning and sees the wig. She questions meethi about it and she gives an excuse of wearing it in the birthday party of koki. Radha calls rashi saying koki called her and she leaves.

In Bhopal, gopi making a cake and wishing koki a very happu birthday and vidya comes there and asks what is she preparing? She sees the cake and asks for whom it is. Gopi says for her. Vidya says if its for her, why did she write happy birthday on it. gopi is speechless. She calls her jasoos. Vidya thinks to herself that no matter what she calls her she knows gopi is hiding things from her and she will find it out for sure.

At MM, koki tells rashi that ahem has agreed for marriage and rashi is very happy. Koki tells that she isn’t in touch with anyone so its rashi’s responsibility to search a girl for ahem. Rashi is happy and tells that she would search the best girl. Tolu molu come home and they find a cat, first they try to feed him but later decide to take him home as he is very cute. Pappu comes home and kinjal feeds him and asks him if he is fine. He thinks not to tell kinjal anything as if he does then kinjal would inform rashi and she will beat tolu molu and they will trouble him. He says nothing.

Urmi and rashi talking on phone and urmi tells rashi that she found a gawar girl for ahem and she will bring her. Then this girl would work and rashi can become queen of MM. they are happy.
Kinjal is worried that pappu has closed the door from inside and isn’t opening it. dhawal comes and talks sweetly to him and asks him to come out. He comes and tells that he doesn’t want to come to MM as tolu molu will irritate him. Kinjal is sad and crying while dhawal is sad and both give accusing looks to urmi. Tolu molu come home all messed him and rashi asks them to get ready for the party. Meethi takes the bags but they are hesitant saying they are grown ups and they will do their work themselves. Rashi wonders what happened to them .

Vidya is determined whom does Gopi love so much to make a cake for them. Gopi is staring at Koki’s photograph and remembers the day when she blames gopi. Vidya comes inside and gopi is shocked. Episode ends on her shocked face.

Precap for TOMORROW: vidya seeing the photos of koki and thinks who she is. Gopi comes there and takes the photos and vidya asks who she is. Gopi looks on.

Update Credit to: MADHU

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    I don’t like it when Gopi is suffering when is Rhada going to pay for all Gopi suffering

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