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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera reminisces Ahem’s words that she is not his daughter anymore and he is dead for her. She angrily shouts how can dad get away from her so easily, that means he does not love her at all. She reminisces Gopi gifting her short dress and saysing Ahem loves her, so she brought this. She looks at dress and weeps.

Durga brings food for Meera. Meera arrogantly shouts to go away. Durga keeps food on table and says she knows what she is going through, but she should not disrespect food. Meera gets more arrogant and throws hot dal on Durga’s face, throws food on floor and tries to slap Durga. Shravan comes on time and asks how dare she is to throw dal on his mom, she is not even worth of her mom’s attention and asks Durga why does she give attention to

this woman. Meera shouts how dare he is. Shravan says when she cannot be her parents’, then how will she understand value of his mother, she is fit for nothing and novoice in this house. He takes Durga from there. Vidya tries to speak, but Meera shouts at her to get out. Vidya sadly leaves. Meera then thinks Shravan thinks she is a dustbin here, but she will show her worth and will rule this house. Urmila silently hears her conversation standing near door and thinks she should speak to her tomorrow when she calms down.

Ahem locks himself in room. Gopi pleads to open door. He breaks things. She asks if he is fine. He stands silently. Kokila with Hetal comes there and asks Ahem to open door. Gopi says Ahem that their relationship is not so weak that a small misunderstanding will break it, she will not go from here until he opens door. She asks Kokila and Hetal to go. Kokila says why are they both acting childish. Madhuben thinks her plan of breaking Ahem and Gopi’s relationship is working and with one final blow, Ahem will be out of this house.

Meera lying on bed reminisces Ahem’s words and fumes. Ahem in his room gets angry looking at his and Gopi’s pic. Gopi pleads again to open door and says he told her that husband and wife should exchange their happiness and sorrows, then how can he suffer alone. Kokila asks gopi to get up and having something. Gopi says she will not until Ahem opens door. Urmila calls Kokila and asks if Ahem opened door. Kokila says no. Urmila asks to tell Jigar to speak to Ahem. Kokila says Jigar tried. Urmila says Ahem is a like a child and once he calms down, he will come out. Kokila asks to take care of herself and disconnects call. Urmila thinks she will take care of herself and even moti samdhan Gaura.

Kokila tries to speak to Ahem and calm him. Madhuben thinks her plan of getting everyone away from Gopi will fail if Kokila reunites Ahem and Gopi, so she has to take out Gopi from here. She starts showing fake concern and asks Gopi to come and have something.

Urmila sees Gaura guiding servant in decorating house for Dharam’s birthday party and throws stone on her. Gaura writhes in pain. Urmila asks moti samdhan will you play childhood game with me and demonstrates it. Gaura picks stone and throws on Urmila, but urmila bends down.

Precap: Madhuben informs Kokila that Ahem is not in his room and has left.

Update Credit to: MA

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    1. adeline joseph

      Now the episodes r becoming booting

  2. i think kokila will kill gaura after the end of the story

  3. How awesome will this serial get. I mean how awesome. Thank u for coming up with this creative ideas.

  4. john how long will u continue to praise this serial. the serial is gud but they should stop all this emotional drama and add happy moments. the serial wasn’t like this before.

  5. Nice story

  6. I think meera is planning something awful for dharam birthday n ahem is just angry seeing meera video

  7. Also sona will catch madhuben n

  8. Somebody please kill that idiot meera or i will kill her myself??????????????

  9. Gopi’s mom was like innocent and good lady now how come she became so intelligent that she knows all technology and trying to spoil her daughter married life
    Stopped watching this serial, now looks like need to stop reading written updates too

  10. kabhi sagi behen villian thi aur sagi beti villian hi aur ab sagi maa villian ban gayi..OMG…kabhi koyi bhi revenge lene aa jaate hi..watever be the reason… dis serial is the best example for heights of cruelty….

  11. Ithonn nirtheett poykkoodey???
    Kitnaa boringg hey yeh…
    Without even a proper storyline…

  12. The story is unrealistic, how can meera and vdya still be in the house with gaura after she tried to kill their grandmother? I don’t get this story.

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