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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi’s goon pulls out gun looking at Gopi, but stops seeing people around. Sona comes back to her room and does not find her new born babies. Pari and Mona enter Urmila’s room disguised as garbage pickers. They fix apply gum to their saris and fix money to it and then wear saris and walk out. Sona finds her babies in balcony. Gopi comes with some more money and asks Pari and Mona who are they. They say they are garbage pickers and walk out. Gopi tells Sona that she will pick money from Urmila’s room and count whole money, till then she can go back to Urmila and Kokila. Sona leaves. Kokila and Urmila sell all saris. Urmila sees Pari and Mona walking suspiciously and ask who are they. They say garbage pickers. Kokila asks them to have food with them.

They say they are in a hurry. Urmila says they will not get late if they have food with them.

Gopi comes out shouting and asks Sona where did she keep money. Sona says in box. Gopi says money is missing and asks who must have stolen it. Sona these 2 garbage pickers had entered home. Urmila checks their bags and finds only garbage. Pari and Mona yell them unnecessarily. Gopi aplogizes them. Krishna says they should check again at home.

Naiya wears Meera’s jewelry and plays song loudly. Meera who is tensed thinking who took Priyal hears something breaking in Naiya’soom and opens door. Naiya stands in a shock.

Pari and Mona silently walk away. Jai and Veeru see money peeping out from their sari and shows it to Kokila and Urmila. Urmila says it is money and catches them both. She removes their saris and finds money fixed to saris. Some money falls down and Mansi’s goon picks it. Krishna asks to return it and goon resists. Krishna beats goon and goon pulls gun. Gopi stands in front of Krishna to protect him. Goon shoots and bullet hits Krishna’s shoulder.

Prakash hides. Meera enters room and asks what broke. She sees Naiya wearing her jewelry and shouts how dare she is to wear her jewelry, she gave locker key to pick money for grocery and not wear her jewelry. She insults her and warns to give back her jewelry. Naiya with teary eyes returns jewelry. Meera shouts she will not get anything from hereon and walks out with her usual dialogues. Prakash consoles Naiya and says he will cut Meera’s feathers that she will not dare to even walk, forget flyting.

Gopi and everyone get worried for Krishna and say they should tak e him to hospital. Krishna says bullet just touched his shoulder and escaped. He goes home and comes out wearing bandage and sling and says he is fine now.

Precap: Premila sees Gopi sleeping on home temple stairs and fumes that because of Gopi, her son was shot. She turns fan’s direction and Gopi’s dupatta falls on temple lamp and catches fire.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. One of the best serials in Indian television history.

  2. I miss the good Paridhi. Now evil Paridhi just reminds me of Radha.

  3. woww, pari and mona had time to stick money in their sarees…awesome awesomw….
    by the way grandma gopi is looking young still…

  4. dump auratein

  5. Mansi’s goon shoot her brother what kind of sister is she. Premila is so annoying. I think there might another reason why Naiya killed Meera’s baby because Naiya always dose Meera’s work along with Vidya and the servents

  6. While that Meets is such a wealth person. Naiya always dose everyone’s work. Nsiya should be a strongest woman she can instead of being evil.

  7. Hey guys can you please tell me where is dharam…? I missed those episodes…

  8. where the hell is that small Rashi went?

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