Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi tells Gaura that they should let Meera rethink about alliance. Ahem also backs her and asks Gaura to take her grandson’s opinion also. Gaura says her son is not just Shravan kumar by name, but also by deeds and he will not dare go against her. Vidya hears their conversation and thinks she should inform Meera first.

Dhaval bandages Kinjal’s injured leg and asks why did she try to suicide just for a small thing. She says everyone don’t get chance to work in London and he is rejecting coming laxmi/money. Urmila says chorni is right. Dhaval says his decision is final and leaves.

Gaura in her room thinks she is working hard to trap Kokila and family into her trap.

Vidya comes to Meera’s room and asks if she really wants to marry. Meera says

they have to marry if not now, then later, so she accepted daadi’s friend’s offer. Vidya asks then what about bike drama. She says she was testing if gaura would accept the way she is.

Kokila tells Gopi that Gaura did not let them time at all to arrange for proper engagement arrangements. She says she is happy Gaura accept Meera with extended hands. Gopi says she feels something is wrong as Meera has not seen Shravan yet. Gaura enters and asks if she wants her to write on paper that her Shravan will not back off. Kokila says she did not mean that. Gaura says she is going on shopping now and will meet them in the evening with Shravan.

Ahem tells Gopi that this is not right. Gopi says I understand you, but this relation might prove good in future. She says we didn’t force Meera and she agreed to meet Shravan herself. She asks him not to worry. Kokila comes to Meera’s room and tells Shravan might come. She is stunned to see Meera in saree. Meera smiles. Kokila tells she is surprised and says you have worn saree. Meera says she thought to wear saree to make good impression infront of the boy. Kokila says she couldn’t believe, kisses on her forehead and blesses her for happiness. She hears band’s voice and goes to see. Meera tells this is just a beginning, just wait and watch.

Kokila asks did you tell anything? Meera says no. Kokila comes down and sees Gaura dancing on band tune. Kokila asks who called band people. Gaura says she didn’t call. Kokila asks everyone. Gaura says she called band and asks them not to be serious. She says today is very important as her aim will be fulfilled today. She thinks my aim will be known to you soon Kokila.

Gopi comes to Meera and asks her to come downstairs. She praises her beauty. Meera asks her to stop her melodrama. Gopi takes her. Gaura tells Meera that she will make her wear chunari and will complete the ritual after Shravan comes. Kokila says we will do this ritual after Shravan comes and have conversation with Meera. Gaura says she will make her wear it. Gopi says once Meera and Shravan have a conversation, we shall not proceed with this ritual. Gaura agrees. She tells Meera that her saree is not having red color of shagun in it, so she will make her wear the chunari. Meera stops her hand.

Meera burns the chunari and take off the saree infront of everyone. She throws saree on her face, shocking Gaura and everyone.

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