Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Meera and Durga that they don’t have to tonsure their heads for superstitious old rituals. Meera reminisces insulting Dharam and even pushing him from terrace by mistake.

Pari sadly tells Kinjal, Urmila, and Molu if they saw how Tolu insulted her for Sona. Molu says Tolu did right, how can she call Sona characterless. Pari is shocked that her second son also went against her for Sona.

Gopi says Gaura and her guests that what is wrong is wrong, they are forcing Durga and Meera to follow superstitious rituals. Kokila says same, but Gaura asks guests to take Meera and Durga for head tonsuring. she then gets call and walks upstairs silently. Kokila sees her and thinks something is wrong. She tells Gopi that she will come back soon and walks upstairs.

Pari tells Urmila and Kinjal that her both sons went against her for Sona and she is deeply hurt emotionally. Urmila says they would not have done this, but she should not have alleged Sona’s character. Pari asks even they are saying this. Kinjal says even they both hate Sona. Pari says she wants to kick her out. Kinjal says they both are with her. Pari brainwashes Urmila that she is Tolu/molu’s naani, but Gopi is taking their lives decision. Urmila says she did not think about it at all.

Sona packs clothes. Tolu goes and asks her not to feel bad about mom’s words and not to leave home. She says she is not feeling bad, Hetal asked her to pack old clothes to give it to poor.

Gaura picks call and asks if her son is fine and asks to take care of him well and once he gets up, give him sleeping injection again. She turns back and is shocked to see Kokila standing. Kokila requests her not to get Meera and Durga’s heads tonsured. Gaura realizes that she did not hear anything and yells that her son died because of Meera and she should be punished.

Precap: Kokil asks barbers to start tonsuring Meera and Durga’s heads. Gopi and Kokila open their mouths in shock.

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  1. D Perumainar

    Me and my friends from UK have stopped watching this programme afterGaura started. Hate her so much. Is she a woman? Disgrace for womanhood. Do something and get rid of her andgive the programme a happy tune.

    • Rajiv Thampanramajumasathruma Kurjimajramopoli

      How are you going to vote in the referendum ? Ah yes you are going to have King Chuck, and Queen Camila after Elizebeth passes away.

      I know many women who are will do anything to get ahead.

      From the plot you can tell that India is a backward country where you can bribe police, ambulance l, doctors to get your way.

      India people phone us in our country to sell us scams. This is very common in India.

  2. lara

    When this stupid serial is going to stopped, it seems all illiterate women in this show are smartest, they know all different techniques, it started with stupid Radha, then Madhu and now Gaura, and illiterate men are sweet people they become nice or don’t have their head. In Modi mansion Kokila just shouts but she is dumbest of the all then Gopi dumber then Hetal dumbest. And men are just useless they just watch like an audience, I think they are in this show just for money otherwise they even can’t tackle anything.
    Fun part all saas bahus betas are of same age, nice no one grows, just for curiosity checked Pari’s age is 25 and his son Tolu is 24, so sweet. Hope start plus will stop this dumb serial. As long as people will support this torture will go on.

    • Shivanya B.

      OMG LOOOOOL you’re so accurate. Honestly I hate the fact Gopi is shown as some kind of supernatural being who just follows the right path like blind goat, making others suffer. Then they show the saas bahu duo as people who are against superstition but they themselves believe in such stupid superstition for example when glass breaks Gopi The Great blindly believes something wrong is going to happen. Its like she is a banshee

    • su

      Hahaha i agree with u.. Nobody ages in this serial for example baa.. And gopi is shown as a supernatural woman which is the worst part of this serial.. Hate gopi n her lengthy dialogs..

  3. Saath nibhana saathiya I think gaura is doing something as her plan to hide dharam away from family she is jealous woman who doesn’t care just does drama in modi house

  4. Sasikala

    Mandini, shivanaya and Lara are absolutely right. This is new generation n nowadays every women working no nonsense can be tolerated this much of stress n ongoing…… Only old people can keep watching even though I believe they might can frustrated. Please stop this episode sooner like Mohi and veera .
    Siya just Ram is excellent episode makes sense and fantastic.

  5. Vinny

    This Sahil guy is kinda cute even though he is short…..reminds me of young Salman Khan.

    These young actors are wasting their time and talent in such stupid shows… hope this Sahil gets shows like Tamanna or Kuch Rang Pyar ke Aise Bhi.

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