Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya sees Ahem tensed and asks if he worried about Mansi. He nods yes. She asks him not to worry as Meera is with her. Mansi on the other side tells Meera that she is feeling odd staying at Modi bhavan. Meera asks her not to worry until she is here. Ahem asks Meera why does not she call Mansi as mom. Meera says just like he did not give place to her, she did not give her mom’s place and says whenever she gives mansi a position, she will.

Ahem comes and sees Kokila having food and medicine and asks who gave it to her. She says Gopi gave it. He asks why is she staying till her. Kokila says Gopi will not go from here and will be taking care of her. Urmila tells Kokila that her servant Ahem comes always late and is kaamchor. Their nok jhok continues.

Mansi feels sad that Ahem did not call her at all. Meera asks why is she still awake. Mansi says just like that. Gopi waits outside chawl . Ahem gets Dhaval’s scooter and takes gopi to drop her to Modi bhavan. Mansi calls ahem, but Urmila takes call and asks why did not she come to work and yells at her.

Gopi holds Ahem’s shoulder while riding a pillion behind him. He asks her to sit properly and irks. Mansi sees Ahem and Gopi in scooter and gets angry. Gopi asks Ahem to come in. He says he will never enter Modi bhavan again and asks her to go. she gets in. Kinjal asks Mansi from when he knows Ahem and continues giving her idea. Ahem thinks he should meet Mansi at least as he has come till here. He thinks he should not enter modi bhavan though and call Mansi here itself. Kinjal tells Mansi that Ahem’s happiness matters her a lot and she sees Mani as a perfect partner for Ahem and will go to any extent to unite them.

At breakfast, Kinjal throws tantrums that she does not like oily food and asks Meethi to give her fresh fruits from here on. Tolu/molu joke with her. Gopi calls Kokila, but she does not pick her call. Meera comes with Mansi and asks her to sit with everyone for breakfast.

Precap: Ahem yells at Gopi for spoiling her t-shirt. She says she found it on bathroom floor, so she used it as floor cleaner and asks him to clean the mess himself, which he made.

Update Credit to: MA

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