Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya sees Ahem tensed and asks if he worried about Mansi. He nods yes. She asks him not to worry as Meera is with her. Mansi on the other side tells Meera that she is feeling odd staying at Modi bhavan. Meera asks her not to worry until she is here. Ahem asks Meera why does not she call Mansi as mom. Meera says just like he did not give place to her, she did not give her mom’s place and says whenever she gives mansi a position, she will.

Ahem comes and sees Kokila having food and medicine and asks who gave it to her. She says Gopi gave it. He asks why is she staying till her. Kokila says Gopi will not go from here and will be taking care of her. Urmila tells Kokila that her servant Ahem comes always late and is kaamchor. Their nok jhok continues.

Mansi feels sad that Ahem did not call her at all. Meera asks why is she still awake. Mansi says just like that. Gopi waits outside chawl . Ahem gets Dhaval’s scooter and takes gopi to drop her to Modi bhavan. Mansi calls ahem, but Urmila takes call and asks why did not she come to work and yells at her.

Gopi holds Ahem’s shoulder while riding a pillion behind him. He asks her to sit properly and irks. Mansi sees Ahem and Gopi in scooter and gets angry. Gopi asks Ahem to come in. He says he will never enter Modi bhavan again and asks her to go. she gets in. Kinjal asks Mansi from when he knows Ahem and continues giving her idea. Ahem thinks he should meet Mansi at least as he has come till here. He thinks he should not enter modi bhavan though and call Mansi here itself. Kinjal tells Mansi that Ahem’s happiness matters her a lot and she sees Mani as a perfect partner for Ahem and will go to any extent to unite them.

At breakfast, Kinjal throws tantrums that she does not like oily food and asks Meethi to give her fresh fruits from here on. Tolu/molu joke with her. Gopi calls Kokila, but she does not pick her call. Meera comes with Mansi and asks her to sit with everyone for breakfast.

Precap: Ahem yells at Gopi for spoiling her t-shirt. She says she found it on bathroom floor, so she used it as floor cleaner and asks him to clean the mess himself, which he made.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. kombol kuwra

    i want Ahem and Gopi To Reunite and live happily ever after and to also die together forever

  2. trisha

    janu really appreciate your earlier comment 6th april episode how did u control yourrself n answered genuinely, fought for a girl sariga and for respect of a girl sweet!!!!!!! great janu u r superb n good to see u as a nice person really hats off you!!!!!!!!! may god bless you.

    • janu (john ka beta)

      hi trisha i respect women i don’t like those fake men who tease them or mock them so i was just protecting sweet n sariga there. when we comment on public forum we should respect of right to speech n respect of others but some poor men show their culture so all forum turn into bad place. anyways thanks

    • janu (john ka beta)

      sariga as brother it is my duty so don’t say thanks. relation of brother and sister is pure and i will keep respect of it always. sister

    • janu (john ka beta)

      sariga i know very well when nonsense guy mocked u i got it ur english is poor but someone is here who deliberatly do it so and ur english is poor but it is good atleast u try to communicate to others not try to tease others or mocks them or not use any abusive language it proves that u r very nice girl ok look at positive side ok be proud to be villager now i m proud sister like u alright my lovely sister sariga

  3. Veer

    Kinjal such a b*t*h, y she wants to stay in modi Bavan , no son no husband, just to enjoy luxury life , i really feel pity for her. meera immature idiot

  4. he misused my name also. he used my name 2 insult my frnds. he insulted me in a public site? how can a girl bear it?

    • janu (john ka beta)

      hey say congrats her on behalf on me also n wishes a very happy married journey πŸ™‚

  5. janu (john ka beta)

    i like many south movies actor like suriya (my most fav) allu arjun, mahesh babu

    • janu (john ka beta)

      but lack of knowledge of language i miss chance to see their latest movies πŸ™

  6. janu (john ka beta)

    women should be respected by everyone as a sister, mother, wife, daughter, neighbour, goddess

    • janu (john ka beta)

      oh fantastic sweet i hope i will learn soon n whenever i will come to kerala this practice must be help of mine

    • janu (john ka beta)

      ok but how?? don’t mind when i see them it looks like beautiful design sorry don’t mind now i open alphabets of malayalam

  7. janu (john ka beta)

    yes sweet mam my mother tongue is hindi i know english also understant punjabi gujrati bhojpuri rajasthani but lack knowledge of native language of south state but want to learn it

    • janu (john ka beta)

      na yar it is simple i think u also have knowledge of malayalam english i guess little hindi and french or farsi am i right?

  8. janu (john ka beta)

    i hear that ii is need to every girl to expert in dance and sing ability its true??

  9. janu (john ka beta)

    i insist u must learn classical dance coz it is culture n it is our duty to conserve it n carry forward to next generation oiherwise indian culture will be feb up by western culture

  10. my fav song is- ‘every nyt in my dreams……’ i always used 2 sing that. n that music is such a heart touching 4 me

  11. janu (john ka beta)

    some time i prepare whole dinner to my family n they love it i like to cook bekery item like cake biscuit

  12. she is entirely broken. her father dead. iam not her best frnd. but i went 2 her house. she is not the old bold girl

  13. anyway, if she open this site, 1 or the other day, she will feel bad as v r talking this. so lets discuss som other thing

  14. janu (john ka beta)

    nw we should take a little break nw i m going to cook white gravy malai kofta n fruits n nuts cake so dear will we talk later??

  15. janvar ( john ka bf )

    tum mujhe samajne ki koshish karo
    when u were sitting in the bench i put pencil under ur back and ur were admitted in hospital
    mein abhi woh soch rahi thi
    tum uss samay kitni khushi thi
    dont u remember

  16. janvar ( john ka bf )

    john tum kaha hu
    tum mujhe avoid kar rahi hu
    oh yaar tum meri bohat badi frnd hu aur tum mujhe avoid kar rahi hu!!!
    its not fare

  17. janvar ( john ka bf )

    john tum kya kar rahi hu
    abhi bhi tum pagal hu about ladkis
    tum shadi kar diya na
    tumhari beevi vaha wait kar rahi hu
    tum jaldi aavo
    aur mujse baat karo na

    • janvar ( john ka bf )

      hello i am boy and hey is a gay
      will not match
      did john proposed all girls in this site?
      kyonki voh sab ladki se pyaar karthi he
      even he is married

  18. i don’t know y many girls r like this. they will fall 4 a boy who praise them a little. this is the condition here

    • janvar ( john ka bf )

      achu i like ur statement
      but i am not like john
      he is a flirt i am sure beacause i know him very well

    • janvar ( john ka bf )

      voh jab chotti thi na at age of 4 he started to propose girls
      all girls for him r lovers

    • janvar ( john ka bf )

      mein sabhi ladki ki baare mein janti hu infact john ki wife ke baare mein bhi
      if u talk to john he will make u a gf or lover

    • janvar ( john ka bf )

      john aisi heh jo dheere nahi bohat jal se jal ek ladki ko lover banti he
      infact he is making others to love him
      compelling all to love him

  19. janvar ( john ka bf )

    kaha gayi john kaha ho tum
    sabhi logo tumhare baare mein bohat achi baate kar rahi hu!!!

  20. janvar ( john ka bf )

    tum mujhe aur john ke baare mein keh sakthi hu??
    kyonki ab uska condition kaisi he yeh mein nahi janti hu

  21. janvar ( john ka bf )

    yes i respect girls
    because we human beings are made by women wihout them even a single child will not be born
    all indians or all members around the world are my brothers and sisters

  22. janvar ( john ka bf )

    tell me reply me john mein tumse saalo se batha rahi hu ki tum apna lovers kaam chodo aur ek achi insaan bano aur tum kya kar rahi hu

  23. janvar ( john ka bf )

    john do u remeber us dhin jab naina ne tumhe slap kar diya
    aur diya ne tumhe apne dad se clg par aaya
    aur shanthi ne tumhe chappal se maara

  24. janvar ( john ka bf )

    now u hav a family ur wife beta beti sab ko chodkar tum dhusre ko propose kar raha he how bad it is ??

  25. janvar ( john ka bf )

    i will tell the incident of shanthi
    tum unke peeche jake unko propose kar diya daily tum vaise he kar diya aur ek din tum unko chu liya uss samay shanthi ne chappal se tumbe tumhare mooh pe slap kar diya uss din se tum usse daily call kar rahi thi
    aur ek dhin pe voh police pe complaint kiya aur tum jail pe thi phir tumhare parents ne tumhe vaha se bacha liya

      • janvar ( john ka bf )

        janu u know me rght …. tum apna papa ko teek karo…kyunki.mein unka bf hu lekhin bhi mujhe unko teek nahi kar sakthe.he….
        atleast tum unko teek karo

    • janu (john ka beta)

      achu dear last time i repeat don’t response to nonsense, cheap people ok if they hv respect of others or have any sense they would write dirty comments in public forum?? improve ur analyze power n stay away from disgusting comment. infact u hv good frns here like sweet sariga suchi then chat with them but don’t response to absurd i hope u wl understand.

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