Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila goes to Urvashi’s house. Urvashi asks if she is ready to fulfill her promise. Kokila says Gopi is most important to her and she will do anyting for her. She will get the respect Urvashi deserves in Modi bhavan. She takes Urvashi to Modi bhavan.

Jaggi is sound asleep in his room. Gopi passes by, sees windows open and cool air gushing into room, so she closed windows and draws curtains and leaves smiling, looking at sleeping Jagggi.

Dharam angrily holds Ritesh’s collar and warns him to get out of his house. Ritesh says he will not go until Meera tells him. Meera comes and shouts at Dharam to leave Ritesh. Dharam asks her to tell Ritesh to get out of his house. Meera says Ritesh will not go until Naiya’s marriage. Dharam angrily leaves. Vidya says Ritesh ji. Ritesh says he is fine.

Whole Modi family gathers for pooja. Kokila performs pooja with Urvashi and tells family that Urvashi will stay with them in Modi bhavan. Urmila says it is good, Jaggi will not leave Modi bahvan now. Once everyone walk out, Urvashi says she wants to Jaggi to get respect and rights as Parag’s son. Gopi hears that and realizes Jaggi is Ahem’s step brother.

Dharam comes to room and confronts Meera. Argument starts. Dharam says Meera wants to stay with young peope now, so she wants to get rid of him and wants Ritesh here. Meera slaps him, acts and silently runs from there. Dharam stands fuming.

Gopi starts emotional talks with Kokila. She asks how could she tolerate papaji having another woman in his life. Kokila says Parag used to love Urvashi before marrying her. When family fixed marriage with her, Parag had to choose between her and Urvashi, so he chose her and vandalised Urvashi, by then Urvashi had become pregnant. Gopi repeats again that means, Jaggi is Ahem’s step brother.

Precap: Urmila asks Gopi to speak to Jaggi once and clear misunderstanding. Gopi says why should she, she will not. Urmila then informs Kokila that Gopi is getting attracted to Jaggi, she was in his room closing window and correct curtains, what does that mean.

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  1. zain

    So sorry for not commemting, I’ll now try o comment daily, I promised you all. Precap is saying jago will meet now! Waiting for next episode

  2. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show high voltage drama where Jaggi will find Parag’s truth.

    Mansi, Krishna and Pramila plays their trick where they tries to trap Jaggi in DNA report trap but fails.

    Jaggi is astonished knowing that Parag is actually his father and is shattered knowing this truth.

    Jaggi goes away and locks himself in the house, Gopi, Parag comes to persuade Jaggi.

    Parag calls Jaggi beta and tries to hug him but Jaggi pushes him away and asks him to not call him beta.

    Gopi tries to calm down Jaggi but he refuses to listen to anyone at this time says that he has to bear so much because of him.

    Let’s see will Jaggi be able to forgive Parag for what all he feared throughout his life.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  3. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Jaggi comes to know that Parag Modi is his father.

    Jaggi gets shocked and angry so he leaves Modi mansion and returns home then he locks himself in one room.

    Everyone asks Jaggi to open the door but he does not hears anything at last he opens the door.

    But he gets angry seeing Parag and he was going to hit Parag with rod but just then Gopi comes in between.

    Gopi stops Jaggi from doing so and scolds him for trying to hit his own father.

    Jaggi goes from there in anger and Urvashi gets worried, Gopi consoles her and asks her to give him sometime.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  4. Shakaib


    |Registered Member

    Hi Sunshiners Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini, Jasmine,Geetu,Prathtusha,Shrestee,Ragini, Soumya,Raina,sid,ragini,zain,Issaq,Saba. Sorry for missing someone’s name. I love the scene where Meera slap dharam. It happens in as that patni slap pati but it happens sometime that young patni slap buzurg(old) Pati. Who like this scene?

    Now waiting for scene where Parag will come to jaggi but jaggi will refuse to accept Parag as his father. Yes I think jaghi is right is in place as urvashi has bear a lot , when Loki knows that jaggi is her stepson, it was her responsibility to help bith, but she didn’t. Right guys. An the most top scene was. Where jaggi was sleeping and gopi draws curtains and closes windows for jaagi.
    OK! Sunshiners,good night and have sweet dreams.

    🌻🌻 😍 🌻🌻
    🌻 Good Night 🌻
    🌻🌻 🌹 🌻🌻
    πŸ’šπŸŒ»πŸŽ„ πŸŒ»πŸŒ»πŸ’›

  5. sowmya

    sorry guys i was not feeling well so i am absent for 2 days and thanks for ur concern sid and nandi
    episode was good and interesting

  6. sowmya

    at present saathiya’s drama is at such a point that it may turn to any direction prediction about upcoming story is really hard

  7. sowmya

    i sometimes think that may be all this drama is urvashi’s plan she might have forced ahem to turn jaggi by threatening him in some way

  8. sowmya

    good evening all sunshiners and saathiya fans
    welcome to sunshine group priyanka garu and amna
    re – welcoming u both rithik and zain no need of sorry friends
    saathiyaa rocks thank u shakaib for all ur spoilers on sns

  9. sowmya

    they didn’t mention here one point
    dharam in anger asks meera to go away with ritesh if she wants then meera slaps him in anger
    but immediately she realizes what she did and feels sorry and cries and runs from there

  10. sowmya

    after meera slaps dharam and leaves from there dharam gets lot of anger
    i saw guara in him at that time

  11. sowmya

    yes friends even i got a doubt that how was gopi doing mata visarjan for past 5 years …. in coma…..or…… in that lady’s dreams……..

  12. sowmya

    saathiyaa keeps rocking

    barc ratings are out and saathiya is at no 4 all over
    and at no 2 on starplus yhm is at no 1 on starplus

    this time surprisingly kapil sharma show beats all the daily soaps to take no 1 spot all over

  13. sowmya

    hi priyanka ji i am from telangana hyderabad and even prathyusha is from hyderabad
    even initially i used to watch saath nibhana saathiya in telugu on maa tv

  14. sowmya

    i think this rithesh is completely out of his senses even after vidya asking him to leave the house hhe didn’t and today dharam didn’t ask him to leave he asked him to get out but still he didn’t go
    he is not having self respect at all

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends
    Friends i guess ahem killed jaggi by mistake and urvashi might be blackmailing him to act as jaggi from last 5 years .

  16. S.P

    Hi evry1..sowmya am frm Kurnool dear..hwz ur health nw..tke cre..
    I likd today episode except meera slaping dharam..hw cn she do dat nw a days am nt liking meera..evry husband vl b insecure wen his wif talks to sme other closely sme hapns vit dharam also..vidya explained to meera al this is bcoz of nayya bt dis meera is nt ready to listen nyt guys

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi all SNS fans and Sunshine friends now it is cleared that Jaggi is Parag’s elder son . But being elder than ahem why jaggi still dint get married. I guess there wl be another twist soon Jaggi’s wife and grown up children’s may introduced and they may be in negative character wat say friends.

  18. S.P

    Wen dharam ji holds ritesh collar nayya cme there 1st..watevr hapns in dat house nayya vl presnt dere bt wen dat prakash n nayya makes plans nobody in d house listen to Dem vry strange..
    Gopi n jaggi bonding nice..gopi cares fr jaggi soo I want jaggi to reveal d truth dat hez ahem..i lov gopi n ahem

    • sowmya

      u are right priyanka ji bad will be at all the places but good won’t be

      by the way if u don’t mind when is urs and also ur son’s birthday

    • sowmya

      tuffy i think the result will be real mpk might try to verify if jaggi is only ahem by matching his dna with parag’s dna because they don’t know jaggi is also parag’s son
      since jaggi is parag’s son dna will be positive but people will think that jaggi is only ahem

  19. Attia

    I think jaggy is ahem and is trying to get jaggy some respect and a place in the family as he must have died saving ahem or so

  20. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Good morning Sunshine friends.
    Issaq, wer r u friends no comments from u .

  21. sowmya

    if jaggi is only ahem then reasons for him pretending like jaggi may be

    1 urvashi blackmailed him someway
    2 jaggi died by saving ahem and ahem is doing this for urvashi
    3 ahem only killed jaggi mistakenly

    • sowmya

      for me second one is best because jaggi will get lot of respesct

      but creative writers might choose first one to make urvashi next villain

  22. sowmya

    now i really hate kokila when she knows about urvashi and her child why she didn’t stand against parag and why she didn’t help urvashi as she says she will always fight for the truth

    though it is hard for her to leave her husband she should have done something for urvashi and her child atleast financial help

  23. sowmya

    good morning all sunshiners and saathiya fans
    highlight of today’s episode for me is gopi closing windows for jaggi
    what is highlight for u friends ??
    and priyanka ji u are very active on this page thank u

    • S.P

      Thank u Sowmya n wr r u frm?my bday n Jan son bday Is jun5th..ya evn I wnt sme to end d nayya track sn..

      • sowmya

        so ur birthday is in sankranthi season
        and though i live in hyd my native is nalgonda
        and very soon i am going to visit ur place kurnool

  24. sowmya

    nandi akshay nisha aisha saba geetu prathyusha shreestee where are u

    finally according to precap urmila realizes that gopi is falling for jaggi hope gopi also realizes this soon

  25. Trupti

    New twists around Jaggi’s identity in Saath Nibhana Saathiya
    Jaggi has got out of control when he comes to know Ahem’s father Parag is his real father. Jaggi is angry as his father left him and his mum before his birth. Gopi tells Jaggi that Papa ji is his father. Jaggi tells his mum that this man left me and my mum before my birth and did not care to see if they are alive. He tells about his mum doing double role of mum and dad. He gets angry on his father and tells how much problems he has been bearing since birth, how people called him illegitimate.
    He locks himself in room. Gopi and Jaggi’s parents try to talk to Jaggi. Jaggi’s anger burst created much tension at home. Jaggi leaves Modi house and goes back to his home. He tells his life hardships, how he had to clean people’s shoes to earn a rupee, and his father who was very rich, left Jaggi to suffer on the roads. Jaggi’s anger is justified. How will Gopi unite Jaggi with Parag?

  26. sowmya

    Track of high voltage drama will start with mansi , who is thinking of retrieving the property papers from gopi and jaggi . All her plans get failed . Her anger and greed makes her to do something unbelievable .

    She makes a plan to hurt gopi and jaggi . Whan she is about to kill jaggi , gopi comes in her wayand takes the bullet .

    is this the end of gopi bahu’s character ??
    will gopi bahu die in the show ??

  27. sowmya

    but i don’t understand one thing if someone is having someone’s property papers will the property belong to them don’t they need any registrations

  28. sowmya

    main question in every one’s mind is how can baa be alive for so many years i think i can answer this

    my mom’s grand ma is also alive and she is very healthy
    my sis is around 4 years younger to meera which means my great grand ma is 4 or 5 years younger to baa so there is nothing illogical in baa being alive it is possible in real life too

  29. sowmya

    yeah gopi’s jugnu ( dog on sns set ) is found after missing for 2 days it is fine
    now i hope gopi resolves her differences with premila on this issue in real life

  30. Saba

    Hi sunshines friends,I think Urvashi is be good in SNS because she told kokila she whant jaggi have place in modi mansion and she pray to Gopi free to her problems.

  31. Saba

    In SNS naya negative always,maybe after dna test then Ahem id open and something happens to him and his memory comes back.what do u think sunshines friends?

  32. Boss(Siddarth)

    Soumya i think baa’s age might be 95 years and Chirag and Parag age might be 74-75 years ,Ahem/Jaggi,Jigar age 50to53 years .
    yes soumya even one of my realative is now almost 98 years old and his great grand children is married now .

  33. Boss(Siddarth)

    I think Jaggi is not married still now bcoz he don’t hav job or business so no one married him i guess.

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