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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha sees Modi family standing in front of her and starts her acting. She says her unborn child that Modis won’t give their name to you, so I will end your life by eating papaya. Gopi asks her not to do any mistake. Pari take plate and says Radha she will feed her papaya. Kokila asks Pari what is she doing. Pari says she researched on net and pregnancy gets aborted with raw papaya and not ripe one. Radha gets tensed seeing her plan getting failed. She force feeds Radha papaya and says until she is there, she cannot play her pranks here.

Urmila calls Gopi and apologizes for troubling her all along. She says like I troubled you in your childhood, Radha is troubling my grandchildren. Gopi says nothing will happen to Tolu/Molu until she is there. Urmila asks her to take

care of her Tolu/Molu and cuts call.

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Pari tells Hetal that Radha’s child is much important to her than us as it is her trump card and she will not harm it. Hetal says she is telling right. Pari then asks Gopi to stop worrying about Radha. They hear a sound and go out to check. They see Radha washing clothes. Radha thinks they will stop her now. Pari gets more clothes and says in pregnancy it is good for her to work more and she confirmed it with doc. Kokila says the more she works, her pregnancy will be more healthy. Pari says we know this child is more important to you than us and asks her not to play her conspiracies here. Radha thinks to try something else.

Radha comes to dining table and acts as getting hurt by chair. She then goes and starts cleaning walls. Gopi says Radha will do anything to prove herself. Pari says she is just making drama to get attention. They all walk off. Radha thinks she will do something else and acts as getting drowsy. Gopi comes back and asks her to come down. Pari asks her to stop. Radha says they will have to accept her child. Kokila says as she wishes. Gopi feeds her water as soon as she comes down. Pari asks how can they accept Radha. Gopi says whatever the situation is, we cannot deny the fact that it is Jigar’s child. Pari says they are doing wrong to her and knows is a big dramebaaz. Kokila says if Radha is hurt, child will also be hurt and as a humanity, we cannot let it happen. Pari says they always help wrong and scolds Gopi for taking Radha’s side. Radha says she will go and rest and asks Gopi to send food to her room.

Urmila gets a bad dream of Radha beating Tolu/molu and shouts not to beat her grandchildren. Her husband comes and wakes her up.

Pari reads on net how to kick out an another woman who comes in between husband and wife. Radha enters her room and Pari asks how dare to enter her room without her permission. Radha says it is her room and throws Pari’s clothes out from cupboard. Radha says Pari is just Jigar’s wife, but she is both Jigar’s wife and his child’s mother. Pari asks her to get out of her room, but Radha does not pay heed to her and tries to fix child’s photo on wall. Jigar comes there and sees them fighting. He asks them to stop. Radha says she is fixing cute baby’s pic in her room. Jigar asks Pari to let Radha whatever she likes. Radha says he gave your room now and soon he will accept me. Jigar holds Pari’s hand and says he has legally married her and will take her to his room. Pari happily walks with him while Radha angrily throws child’s pic.

Precap: Kokila asks Radha why is she shouting in midnight. Radha says she is entertaining her child and says Gopi that her child wants Gopi to dance.

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  1. Radha, u r great. I also like Pari’s acting but Radha is awesome. Pleaseeeeeeee don’t end this serial. This is the best television show.

  2. f**king show….
    suddenly bothersome paridhi has become mahan…..n advising others regarding radhas drama when she was equally involved in plan of trapping jigar…..blo*dy fool modis

  3. Sathiya is going off air in December…
    confirmed news

    1. fainally from where u got this news

    2. Finally! Should have been cancelled ages ago. It’s so bad

  4. saathi nibhanna saathiya pls

  5. Liked Pari ‘s plans to deal with evil Radha in today’s episode………..n gopi , i hate you !!!! Y u bother much about that devil??????!!!!!! It’s not jigars child!!!!! Remember what she did to meera……. N even now!!!!!

  6. And one suggestion!!!!! Mr pawan kumar, pls make Chirag and parag to act better!!! At least to show some expressions!!!!!!!

  7. One more suggestion, give some more dialogues for ahem( especially being a short tempered person, he must react more to those happenings in modi bhavan)… Always he used to just stare, shocked, anger expressions……..

  8. Who all feels the same about the above two things????????

  9. I hope radha falls off mount everest and lands in the ground 2 years later, haraam ki kutti

    1. Lol ennit

  10. Kokila will commit suicide and sathiya will end….ha ha ha

  11. How can Pari ask Radha to get out of her room …whn at d first place it was rashis room n not her she forcibly came to live dere……
    seems like paridhi is paying for her deeds.
    n writers r drunk…
    jus fooling audience…
    anybody can get entry in Modi house
    an latest news…
    ahem..parag Chirag are having extramarital affair as dey r sick of Modi ladies

  12. Actually we all shouldn’t waste our precious time in watching such rubbish show
    rucha hasabnis is clever n hence quitted the show… N now enjoying at her best

    1. Stp wtchin it den

  13. People who hate this serial should stop watching it.

  14. John soo true

  15. Everyday some of you people will say ” stop watching this serial”……….but actually they don’t do……. They r still anxious 2 watch it!!!!! Then y giving such fake statements!!! :[email protected]

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