Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera insults Gaura and asks her to get out, else she will raise her hand. She pushes her out. Kokila asks Meera how can she misbehave with elder. Ahem says Meera did right. Kokila says Gaura got punished for what she did. Meera says Gaura should go to jai and walks out from there.

Dharam stands at night reminiscing Meera. Naiya sees him from her room window and thinks papa just thinks about Meera instead of helping her get Vidya’s child. Meera reminisces Dharam rescuing her just before her hanging and cries.

Kokila tells Ahem and Gopi that Gaura suffered her punishment, especially by her family and should not be punished more at this age. Ahem says Gopi let mom rest and walks out with her. He takes her to room and wishes her happy marriage anniversary. She

happily hugs him. He gets sad. She reminds him their first meeting 25 years ago. She asks him to stop fuming and says even then and now she sees kanhaji in him. He says she sees only kanhaji. She says she used to be happy only when he used to come and rest at home after tired day. They both reminisce Meera and Vidya’s birthday, etc.. They both then start romancing and are about to kiss when whole family comes and wishes them happy marriage anniversary. They both part ways.

Meera and Vidya hug and wish them happy marriage anniversary. Urmila says happy birthday to you. Meera says it is marriage anniversary. Urmila says same to same…Kokila asks Baa to bless Ahem and Gopi on their 25th marriage anniversary. Kokila says they all will go to temple tomorrow for pooja. Gopi gets excited hearing this. Family enjoys and then leaves. Gopi then locks door. He comes and picks her and wallks towards bed looking into her eyes. Tere liye hum hain jiye.. He hugs her and she gets shy. Their romance starts.

Gaura sits alone in her home holding poison bottle. She writes letter for Dharam and family and says she is leaving them all forever. In the morning, servant comes to chawl and says Dharam that sethani has sent a letter and asked what to do next. Dharam reads letter that she is better end her life without her family.

Precap: Gopi requests Ahem to stop fuming. He walks angrily. Kokila tells family that she will calm Ahem and looks at Ahem’s room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. super s*xy episode

  2. Super amazing episodes. Great job writers.

    1. yes sns is bestum best forever…………

  3. ahems going to die …
    …sns wat the hell is this….when rashi quit the show…u made her character die ….now ahem also….please sns stop this serial….plssss

    1. ahem sasura n jiger sasura both are quitting sns…………. sad 🙁

      1. Ya ahem to die saving meera and gopi

  4. Nyc episode.meera is sooo cute.and i dont like tht shravan..guara ku acha hua…bt voh ab to sachi change hua ki nai…doubt hai abhi bhi mujhe…..

    1. gaura itni jaldi har nahi manegi aur wo abhi durga aunty ko maregi

  5. when wil gopi replaced ?because devoleena is decided to quit the show na?can anyone know this

    1. yes gia manek replace devo very soon

      1. Isss this true

    2. In an interview, devoleena said that if the sns producers accept some of her terms and conditions, she will not leave the show. But lets see.

  6. Really…nice ep.???

  7. Let gaura drink the poison n die n wat wrong with ahem

    1. i wish poison cross expiry date n not affect gaura. she live long life 🙂

  8. Sarayu(honey)

    Modi women are going to be kidnapped by gaura

    1. really?? if its true then ok otherwise gaura will take revenge from u
      gaura’s fan

  9. Why everyone is leaving sathiya?

    1. not everyone, john uncle n i m not leaving to watch sathiya.
      bestum best sns

  10. To be honest right this show started with GopI and Rashi two cousins with different expectations of life. We enjoyed seeing the sister bond between Gopi and Rashi and it was quite emotional after one sister sacrificed her life to save her sister. It should of ended there because without Rashi this show had no meaning. I wish Rucha never left. It would be so fun with her. She was brilliant! She would of punished both Gaura and Radha on their first day.
    They should of instead retold the story again with Vidya and Meera with new twists and vamps. I just feel it has lost it’s shows meaning these days…

    1. Why is that the Modis face a problem after happiness? I know it isn’t real life but it’s that sense of relief that the vamp had been defeated and now everyone will be happy but another tragedy will happen on their anniversary. Why can’t we just watch Gopi and Ahem enjoy their anniversary have a party a few dances cutting the cake etc?

      1. without tragedy n twist these dailysoap couldn’t maintain their trp.

  11. do u like serial without vamp, tragedy then must watch old dd serials telecast on dd india n dd bharti.

    1. No I love vamps They are my favourite but not too much tragedy

  12. GOPI AND Kokila telling Meera to respect her elders, including Gaura, who wanted her to die via hanging…seriously? WTF is this garbage?!? Everyone associated with this show is honestly F’d up royally.. seek help IMMEDIATELY…Regards. ..

  13. l like gaura’s character I don’t want gaura to die

  14. ek samajh nhi ayi yaar, ki jub meera apne boyfrnd k sath bhag rhi thi passport leke to uske passport mer uska birth year 1987 dikhaya tha. or ab dikha rhe hi ki aham or gopi ki 25th anniversary . aisa kese . writter directors ku6 dikahteh k ya :/

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