Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th May 2013 Written Update

Ahem, Gopi, Jigar sneak into the basement, Koki and the rest sigh in relief, Ahem was about to step into the water with open electric wire, Koki stops him, Gopi tells Ahem to get the wooden ladder.. Ahem and Jigar go and get the wooden ladder,.. the use the wooden ladder as a bridge over the water and Meethi, Kinjal come to the safe side,

Shuklaji is running on the road.. with the goons behind him.. in the process he looses some proof on the road.. Gopi informs them that they have to leave from there ASAP, Shuklaji successfully escapes from the goons.. but realizes that he lost the proof,

After much persuasion Urmi decides to walk on the ladder.. she safely reaches the other side, nwo it’s koki’s turn.,.. the ladder seems to crack .. with a little accident,

Koki safely reaches the other side.. and hugs gopi … now the ladder is broken … they tie it up with a rope and asks Dhawal to come… Dhawal reaches the other side.. the ladder breaks .. The modis successfully run out off Modi bhavan with the goons following them.

Modis are running on the road, Parag and Chirag come in two SUVs and pick them all up and fled from there leaving the goons behind.. who inform the ACP about Modis.. ACP warns them to chase them and get hold of them… Modis are in their SUVs, thanking god Ahem notices Shuklaji on the road.. he informs that he lost all the evidences .. Modis are shocked..

Shuklaji asks Gopi to come to the station with him and give her statement .. Ahem disagrees to it .. and says that he cannot risk his family for anything in the world, Shuklaji reminds of Gopi’s promise to tell the truth, Ahem says he never knew the matters would be so devastating.. and he says that he along with family is leaving the city right now.. the entire family is shocked with ahem’s statement … Gopi tries to convince Ahem who is firm in his decision. Shuklaji pleads and requests gopi.. but the modis leave

ACP receives the information of Modis leaving Rajkot and has a victorious laughter.. Gopi remembers her encounter with Preeti and screams “Preetijii” koki and the rest are worried …for Gopi bahu..

In ACP office, an inspector asks him as what to do with Preeti’s case.. ACP tells him to close the case as accident case.. Shuklaji arrives there and says that it is not an accident .. and it’s a murder committed by ACP.. ACP laughs and says he has no proof or no witness and tells him to go away ..

Gopi comes there and says she is the witness .. Ahem and the rest of the family stand behind Gopi, the ACP is shocked .. ACP realizes, that these two (punjabi and south indian families) are one .. Gopi walks forward and affirmatively says that she is the witness and the ACP is Preeti’s murderer .. the episode ends on Gopi’s face


the modis are in MM, Ahem tells everyone not to leave the house as the ACP won’t attack them directly but will surely use other ways to attack them… right then, the light goes off in MM… everyone are confused …

Update Credit to: munnihyderabad

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