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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells family that she wants to see her family happy in front of her eyes so that she can get heaven and peace on this world. Ahem says mom pls…. Hetal asks what is they talking and asks Ahem to drop Kokila, Madhu, and Gopi to airport. Madhu thinks just like she is living without Radha, Ahem should get habituated to live without Kokila soon.

After consummating marriage and gaining senses, Shravan repents for his deeds. Vidya says him good morning and says last night… He says climate is clear now and they should go from here. Vidya gets sad.

Kokila with Madhuben and Gopi reaches Omkareshwar and reminisces Radha’s words and saints words that to end evil, goodness has to sacrifice a lot. Gopi comes and askswhy is she sweating. Kokila says she is

reminiscing past and asks her not to go alone anywhere. Gopi says yes and gets her into car. Madhuben thinks whatever Kokila tries, she will die soon.

Shravan gets into car feeling guilty for his yesterday’s act. Vidya sits next to him sadlly and says whatever happened yesterday, he is not at mistake. He sits silently. She asks him to speak and starts crying. He hugs her and she reciprocates and smiles. He says yesterday’s night was his life’s most beautiful night and he is not upset. She says she thought he is…He says he is very bad.., she will not speak to him. He says she is too good and hugs her again.

Gaura walks out of house hurriedly and clashes with Meera and then yells at her that she is abshaguni. Meera says she is very auspicious. Gaura then clashes with Vidya and starts yelling at her. Meera asks to behave with her sister. Gaura asks Vidya where was she whole night and asks Shravan if he stayed at in-laws home whole night. Meera says she got them married and they can stay whereever they like. Gaura says she is worried for them as Vidya has Modi’s blood and troubled attracts Modis wherever they go. Dharam comes and asks her to stop yelling on shivratri and gives new clothes for everyone. Gaura praises her and thinks how to get Premlatha out of jail.

Kokila with Madhuben and Gopi get out of caar in front of temple gate and walk on street reminiscing Radha trying to kill Gopi and whole family. She gets panic attack and shortness of breath. Gopi makes her sit on a bench. Madhuben silently walks from there.

Dharam gives new clothes to Vidya and asks to exchange it if she does not like it. She says he gave her with love and will love it. He then gives gift to Shravan and Durga. Meera thinks he brought gift for even her, but he gives gifts for servants and asks everyone to get ready. Meera feels sad and stands alone shedding tears.

Madhuben walks into secluded place and meets her aide who gives her dagger. She gives him money and sends and thinks Radha sacrificed her life here and now Kokila will sacrifice her life. Someone records her video.

Kokila tells Gopi that she is feeling weird. Gopi asks her to relax, nothing will happen. Kokila asks if she forgot past. Gopi says no and she wants them to create new memories and takes selfie with her.

Precap: Sona shows a video to Madhuben in which she is confessing that she will kill Kokila ruthlessly.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shivam saxena

    Finally sona got evidence for her innocence but she maked a mistake to show the video to madhuben. It may be madhuben can also kill to INNOCENT ? #Sona

  2. So interesting…….
    Good episode.

  3. In order to drag the storyline sona shows evidence to madhuben really do u t,hing the viewers are that thick really this sons is such a crap programme it’s not bestum best

  4. What is wrong with shravan? The way he was acting today.

  5. Everyday is a good episode.

  6. How come sona regained from that accident??????

  7. This show is perhaps one of most crime ridden show, with raw passions and full of evil. This is the lesson the show is aiming to show. No doubt the actors are good and tirelessly act out the insipid drama. I wonder if the aim of this show is to go on for ever perpetuating evil and end in violence, with every one dead! And then I can breathe a better atmosphere on the TV!

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