Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokil says family that she will stay with Gopi tonight. Ahem says he will stay with Gopi and jokes that it is their first night today. Everyone get shy and walk out. In the morning, Kokila comes with Gopi’s breakfast and waits outside. Hetal comes and asks why is she standing outside. Kokila reminds her of Ahem’s words. Hetal says he was joking and asks her to knock door and get in. Ahem comes out and asks if they are hearing his and his wife’s talks. He says doc has discharged Gopi. They all get in happily.

Pari jokingly asks Gopi if she is ready to go to her sasural and says she brought her clothes from maika. Ahem says he will get his wife ready and asks them all to go out. They all again shyingly walk out. He gets her ready with bridal red sari, bindi,

lipstick, etc., and even braids her hair and dorns her bangles and mangalsutra. Saath nibahana….song.. plays in a slow rhythm. He says she is looking very beautiful, takes out sindhoor and says because of it they are together. He applies sindhoor on her forehead and promises holding her hands that he will never leave her in life. She emotionally hugs him and cries.

Ahem brings Gopi out as a bride. Everyone smile happily, and Hetal applies kaajal. Kokila asks her to apply it even on her behalf and says Gopi is looking exactly like she was during her marriage, but her hair is different. Kokila laughs and Ahem gets shy. Gopi says she had promised Kokila that she will do her grah pravesh when she reunites with her family and today is that day. Ahem takes them all from there. Meera watches everything silently and angrily tells she will ruin Gop’s special day.

Hetal and Pari hold Gopi and ask her to get into Modi bhavan. Gopi says she is very happy that her whole family is reuniting and she was waiting for this day since 10 years. Pari asks her to rest. She says she has to start preparations before Ahem and Kokila come in. Vidya jokes that she will rebraid her hair and jokes. Gopi gets shy. Meera fumes seeing their love, then hugs Gopi and says she will ruin her happiness. She then acts again and says she will come back later for the celebrations.

Kinjal enjoys AC in Kokila’s room. Pari comes and switches it off. Kinjal asks hwo dare she is to switch off AC. Pari says Kokila is coming and will stay in her room, so she has to leave it. Kinjal asks how can Kokila come back. Pari says she is and Gopi has already come in and asks her to pack her bags. Kinjal says she will speak to Gopi and convince her to keep Kokila away.

Kokila packs her bags. Urmila says she is her servant and she will not let her go. Kokila says she is mentally unstable since 10 years, so doc asked to give her electric shocks to bring back her memory.

Precap: Kokila tries to give electric shock to Urmila. Urmila sjhouts that she is fine and was just acting.

Update Credit to: MA


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