Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari and Mona disguised as clowns/jokers acting as entertaining Jai and Veeru try to silently pick sari printing stencil when Dr. Krishna comes and says jokers. They both get alert and start jokergiri again.

Naiya comes with Vidya from shopping and thinks by now Priyal’s parent-teacher meeting must have finished and Meera would have attended it. Shravan comes fuming and scolds Vidya how can she be so careless and not attend Priyal’s parent-teacher meeting. She says Meera told meeting is tomorrow. He says it is today and due to her carelessness, Priyal is going away from them and attracting towards Meera.

Pari and Mona continue jokergiri. Mona’s joker nose falls down and Kokila picks it. Mona signals Pari that her nose fell down. Pari says for jokers

their red nose is more important than real nose, takes it from Kokila and fixes it back on Mona’s nose. They continue their jokergiri while Gopi and others get busy in printing Patola saris. Craftswomen for a break. They silently pick stencil and are about to keep it in bag when Jai and Veeru come and they drop it. They then pick it back and Pari asks Mona to act as oil massage her hair and silently slips stencil in her bag.

Meera comes home with Priyal. Vidya asks why did she tell meeting is tomorrow. Meera acts as coughing. Vidya repeats. Meera says she must have told by mistake and since she was busy in household chores, she went with Priyal. Vidya thanks her for attending meeting and takes Priyal in. Shravan senses Meera’s lie. Naiya praises Meera that her plan was successful. Shravan in room scolds Vidya that her sister is fooling her and trying to get Priyal away from her. Vidya says no, her sister cannot do that. Shravan hopes her faith on her sister does not break. Meera on the other side tells Naiya that she snatched Priyal from Vidya.

Mona and Pari say their entertainment is finished and they will go home. Jai and Veeru stop them and ask to have kachoris and go. Urmila serves them kachoris and asks to give 4 tickets. Sona says the money they spent on kachoris, they would have bought 8 tickets. Pari and Mona hesitate. Urmila forces them to eat. They shout it is hot.. Kokila and Urmila say it is Pari’s voice. Pari changes voice…Jai and Veeru show tickets and says they expired tickets. Urmila says chilli filled kachoris are punishment for these jokers and they need to be taught a lesson. They both run. Urmila says they must be child kidnappers and shouts to stop them. She with Sona runs and asks her tenants to catch kidnapper jokers. Tenants surround Pari and Mona. Jai drops gas cylinder by mistake and pushes Pari. Pari falls down and cough smelling gas. They both then run in car. Dr. Krishna finds anklet and shows it to Gopi and Kokila. They both say it is Pari’s. Craftswoman says their main stensil is missing. Kokila says Pari and Mona had come to spoil their work. Urmila finds Pari’s bag and stencil in it. Kokila thanks god for helping them and says Pari and Mona should be punished.

Precap: Gopi confronts Pari and Mona that they came to chawl to spoil her work. Jigar shouts to stop alleging Pari. Gopi shows Pari’s anklet and says she found it in chawl and asks Pari to show her leg. Pari gets nervous.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gopi has wisened up she should help her daughter so it doesn’t take her the same number of years or maybe more that it took her(gopi) to get wise cos she seems two times more stupid than her mother was.

    1. ingananel njanippo thoorikkalayum

      1. Oh r u malayalee?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Wow what a thriller, that’s y its number 1 all other tv serials in race are out, this one is remaining with different hypothetical scenarios, why all male characters shown dumb in this serial.

    1. Exactly lara ,,’all the male characters are dumb in this serial.i don’t know why so!!!!!!!!!!Ahem was the the only person who was little active &energetic .and then dharam,’ but meera is not giving him chance to do anything what we want.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think gopi should punish both of them n make them work for her n vidya can’t see wat meera is doing to her i think she should take priyal to school n see wat meera does

  4. please director end dis creep show

  5. Wat is this r u malayalam .. so wat. Ppl r ter from all.

  6. Becoming boreeeeeeeeeeee

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