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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari tells Gopi that she killed Rashi’s mother and is acting as giving her motherly love. Gopi gets shattered hearing that. Jigar shouts at Pari and takes her from there. Ahem consoles Gopi. Meera thinks she dramas is getting more excited than she thought.

During dinner, Dhaval asks Pappu about her girlfriend. Kinjal yells at Pappu that he is still small for a girlfriend. Dhaval she does not even know what is Pappu’s age. He suggests Pappu to get a life partner who will respect him and his family, who does not boast about her family, does not speak loudly, and moreover does not occupy 2 people’s seat. Kinjal shouts that she does not occupy 2 people’s seat. Dhaval says he is not talking about her and she has not sat behind him in 10 years. Urmila also

comments and Kinjal leaves fuming.

Meera thinks the drama got more excited than she thought and to spice it up more, she has to do something.

Gopi comes to Rashi’s room and asks how is she feeling. She says she is fine now. Jigar asks her to go and rest while he takes care of Rashi. Rashi calls papa seeing Ahem, but Jigar gets emotional thinking she is calling him papa. He turns and realizes Ahem’s presence. Ahem then sits with Rashi and goes to his room.

Jigar goes to Pari’s room and yells at her. She asks if she is so bad that she will harm Rashi. He turns his face. She says if he does not trust her, then he can go back to his daughter. He says he will and walks out angrily. He sees Meera listening to their conversation and asks what is she doing outside his room. She says she came to pick water and was passing by. Ahem on the other side consoles Gopi and asks her not to pay attention to Pari’s words. She says she scolded Pari today unnecessarily, but she will not forgive her for harming Rashi.

In the morning, Kokila drops water on Meera’s face to wake her up. She wears bedsheet and seeps. Kokila removes bedsheet and drops water again. Meera wakes up and asks why did she wake up. Kokila says it is time up and says it is already 9 p.m., Vidya has already started working after bath. She asks Meera to get ready and start work. Meera fumes.

In the morning, Rashi asks Jigar to tell a story. He tells her a mythology story. Kokila brings her milk and tea for Gopi. Gopi says she is having acidity, so did not have tea. Meera and Vidya come there. Kokila asks them to prepare breakfast as Gopi is unwell today. She orders to prepare theplas and chaas. Meera asks if she has to knead dough for theplas. Kokila says yes and says Meethi will help her.

Meera and Vidya reach kitchen. Vidya gives methi leaves and tells Meera to be careful as there will be worms in green leaves during rainy season. Meera sees worm in leaves and thinks of mixing it on dough. Just then gopi enters and stops her.

Precap: Gopi scolds Meera for trying to add worm in thepla dough.

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