Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya sees blood on babies’ blanket and panics. She rushes out of room and calls Shravan. Dharam comes and asks what happened. Vidya says blood and takes him in. Gaura holding baby says nothing is right here, babies are crying a lot. Dharam asks Vidya where is blood. Vidya says it was all around. Gaura says she must be imagining things. Vidya leaves followed by Dharam. Gaura smirks looking at blood stained bedsheet in a corner.

Urmila asks Pari and Mona to call doctor to treat Jaggi’s forhead injury. They say their people’s network is off. Gopi checks landline and says even it is dead. Urmila checks her mobile and even her mobile’s network is off. Urmila says they will take Jaggi to hospital directly. Mona tries to open door and says it is locked from outside.

Sona checks all windows and doors and says someone has locked them from outside. Bhavan’s goons outside discuss that hero’s head is injured. They call Bhavani and inform about the situation. She asks to continue their work.

Sona tells family that Seeta’s mother must have done this. Pari starts yelling. Gopi stops her. Pari starts yelling at Gopi that she ignores family and is worried about strangers always. Sona tells Jaggi that she will get a first-aid box for her. Seeta gets herbal medicine and bandage and applies on Jaggi’s forehead and bleeding stops. Urmila asks how did she do this. Seeta says her father taught it who is a ved/ayurvedic doc.

Vidya serves tea and snacks to Dharam, Shravan, and Gaura. Shravan says he cannot see Vidya upset. Dharam says yes, he does not know what happened to her. Gaura says Chanda has done black magic on her, so she has called baba home.

Seeta walks in corridor and Mona yells her. Seeta goes to home temple and prays god that her step-mother is troubling this good family and god should protect them. Gopi comes and says god always protects good people and says she saved Jaggi today and should not go from here. Seeta walks in living room crying and reminiscing Bhavani’s words. Phone rings, Seeta picks and says hello. Bhvani says it is her step mom and says she is imposing all the problems on Modi family and if she does not want them to be in trouble further, she should get out of Modi bhavan silently.

Jaggi wakes up in the morning and sees Gopi sleeping near his bed. He ets out of bed silently and rinks water looking at her face. Tenu itna mai pyaar kara….song…plays in the background. Gopi wakes up. Jaggi says she can sleep. Gopi gets up and falls on him Their eyes lock. Song continues in the background…Seeta watches them standing near door.

Precap: Jaggi tells Gopi that Seeta is not at home. Gopi gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Gd mrng frnds..episode was ncee..waiting for upcoming episodes..
    Isaaq u shld ignre umier wrds n all of us hve to ignore those cmnts I think..all these peopl trying to create rift btwn us..
    Neha wt r u dng in CA..Cpt r ipcc..i also joind in ca bfre my marriage bt am unable to cmplte dat bcoz am bi.p.c studnt n dnt kW abt maths n accounts?..
    Mahi tke cre of ur health..
    Nandhini I like all d 3bros n also shivika..
    Sid thanks for updates..

    1. I was doing my CA final .
      I’m MPC student,at first I was very poor at accounts but soon I learned accounts.
      U know I got 86marks in IPCC accounting and i got all India 45th rank in IPCC.for me the biggest achievement is not getting rank in IPCC,I got 86 marks in accounting it was my biggest achievement.
      And my life time achievement is I found my soulmate and going to marry him soon

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        Gr8 Neha u got 45th rank in IPCC?. Even accounting is my favourite subject . ?.

    2. Cngrts Neha..u vl cmplete ur final vit bst marks..all d BST dear

      1. Thank u Sid and Priyanka

    3. Di OK how is my chubby is he making more noise??

      1. Ya mahi hez making lot of hez ill so didn’t went to skul.. Vl snd tomorrow..
        Where I chithu today shez missing..

  2. Nice episode

  3. Hello all,I am isaaq’s mom.
    I want to say you all about my daughter
    My isaaq loved a man called Adam 12 yrs back.Adam also pretended that he loved my daughter very much
    My daughter loved him selflessly,she gave him everything
    She gave him money she gave him so much love
    She gave him her soul and also her body?
    But that bastard Adam was a cheater he never loved my daughter,he just used her.
    He aborted my daughter
    He married a girl,amba who was his childhood friend.He cheated my daughter.
    My baby cannot digest all that
    She was unable to digest the fact that man whom he loved a lot cheated her so much
    She tried to commit suicide two tiimes
    But luckily I saved her
    She cried for so many days
    She didn’t accept the fact that Adam was cheated her and married another girl
    She imagined herself that Adam was with her and became mad
    We put her in mental asylum.
    She was in mental asylum for almost 10 yrs
    A few months later we brought her back to home thinking that she was recovered
    But she was not recovered
    She was still in imagination
    She don’t talked to anyone
    She always talked about Adam and imagining
    She started watching TV
    She watched it for so many hours in aday
    She cooked up a story in her mind that Adam was angry with her and that’s y staying away from her
    What she was saying u all from last 4 to 5 months was not was just her imagination
    That bastard Adam was living a great life
    He has wife he has son
    But my daughter was still suffering because of him
    My daughter was now 33 year world but still she was single and behaving like a child
    That bastard Adam gave my daughter this state
    10 years back my daughter was very happy person,there was always smile in her face she loved to study
    Yes she was a law student then.but she resumed her studies for that coward Adam.
    My daughter lost everything her happiness her career her baby she lost everything
    Me and her father are crying daily seeing her situation.she was ours only child
    God has written so much pain in our lives
    Daily she was sitting lonely in her room and watching TV.
    She was not talking to any one she was not coming to outside and relatives houses
    She was talking to me and her father only
    She wakes up in nights and crying loudly that I want my Adam,mom plz I want my Adam.
    From last few months she started friendship with u all guys.she was talking about all of u in home.she was very happy by u all.she was telling the story to u all
    which was
    cooked up in her mind
    She don’t notice that ten years have been passed and Adam was married and has a son.she was believing that she was a student and studying law now and she has a fight with Adam and that s why he was staying away from her
    U r all her friends u r all supporting her so much
    I was very happy for that
    Lastly I want all u to pray for my girls recovery
    I want my old isaaq back
    I want to marry her to a good guy
    I want to see her happy
    My daughter cried a lot all these days
    I don’t want any suffering for my girl I want to see her happy
    I was praying daily god for this
    Don’t know when he will hear my prayers and give me my daughter back.
    One more thing my daughter said to u all that we were a extended family but we r not
    Ours is a nuclear my husband and my isaaq and also ours is a middle class family.
    What she said to u all was her Hindi serials they show big houses lavish life by watching serials daily she was imagining that she is also from rich family and leading lavish life but it was not true in real life
    Once again I’m asking u plz pray for my daughter recovery
    May be god will.hear urs prayers and give my daughter back

    1. I really don’t think dat ur isaaq sry..wtevr isaaq said I nt her imagination v vl cmpletly trust her..ur playing prank here by using her moms nme..ur telling shez 31yrs old bt isaaq is only 18yrs sry v dnt trust u..wt do u say guys

      1. Yeah di I don’t feel it is true

      2. I am also don’t think you are Isaaq’s mom.May be you are one of the negative commenter who believes Isaaq is lier and wants she leave this site and we all Sunshiners are turn against her.But sorry to say this is not happens.I am failed to understand why some people are behind Isaaq to prove her wrong or lier.I am also failed to understand why people are bothered by her Love Story.She tells some of the
        Sunshiners or all Sunshiners her Love Story.But what’s the problem of others in this?For suppose tum log are coreect Isaaq is wrong bhi ho hum Sunshiners ko koi problem nahi
        hai.Hum mein se koi hurt nahi
        honge.Hum ye samjhenge ki hume entertain karne ke liye she wrote all this story.So plz tum log hamari time wasting ke liye or hamari feelings ke
        baare.mein jyaada mat socho aur
        apni khud ki time wasting ke baare mein socho.You said Isaaq gave Adam so much money,so much of Love,her soul and her BODY
        also.Cheee.Sharmani chahiye tujhe.Koi bhi Mom apni beti ke baare mein aisa nahi kahegi ,vo bhi aisi Aanjaan logon se,chahe uski beti kitni
        worst kyun na ho.Mujhe lagta hai tum bahut shaatir aur wise ho Isliye pehle se hi Isaaq aap logon se ye sab jhoot kahegi,my uska mom nahi kahegi, aisa likh liya.But you are failed to convince our Sunshiners.
        Let me one thing Plz kisi ko bhi.Issaq ki.Love Story se problem ho vo log that related comments ko mat padhiye aur padha bhi na plz aisa gandagi mat likhiye.Ye online forum hai.Yaha Isaaq ki Love Story padhna jaruri nahi.jise acha lage vo.padh sakte hai,jise nahi vo nahi padh sakte hai.I don’t think isse kisi ko koi problem hoga.Finally suniye we all Sunshiners belive Isaaq.

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Haters go get a life ?. Watever circus u do no one is going to beleive ur words . I am really feeling pity on you I think almost u wasted half an hour for writing this Nonsense story . I dont u are umeir john or Adithya HP . Its high time u ppl shud stop ur stupid pranks playing here. Bcoz never ever it is gng to work ??.

    3. Isaaq

      ???? I can’t stop laughing. I’m at the train station and I can’t stop laughing so much.

      And listen, DONT YOU DARE CALL MY ADAM A BASTARD OR WHO KNOWS WHAT ILL DO. If you insult him again, I won’t control my temper. You better leave

    4. Isaaq

      If you say bad things about my Adam again, I won’t stay quiet. I’m warning you. If anyone insults him, I can’t tolerate it

    5. Chithu

      First of all u have wasted so much time to write this crap. No one in our group is going to believed this. I am sure u dont have any other work. Its definetly John or some other sunshine haters

  4. I’m sure after reading my comments isaaq will tell u all that it was not true and don’t believe me.May be she will also tell u that I’m not her mom
    But truth was that what I said was real and what my daughter telling u all for days was fake it was just her imagination.
    I’m a mother I can’t tell bad r false about my daughter
    I want my daughter back
    Allah plz give me my daughter back

    1. Nandhini

      Mom i appreciate the patience you had to type ur daughter’s long story??? go and take some rest mom?

      1. Nandini beta and Priyanka beta why u r not trusting me.what I said about my daughter was true.
        U asked she was 18 but u r saying she was 30+ I already said isaaq remained at 18 yrs age
        She was mentally 18 now but she was actually crossed her 30
        When she first met Adam she was 18yrs she was unable to come out from that phase and still remained at 18.
        I’m sharing here my daughter suffering and my suffering,but u all r making fun of me.
        It’s not Sahi beta.
        U r laughing at my pain
        If u won’t support me it’s OK but dint laugh at my pain
        I’m already crying daily from past 12 years looking at my daughter’s condition.
        If u really care for my isaaq happiness plz pray for her recovery
        But don’t make fun of others pain
        It’s a request beta ?

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      One thing no mom WL say abt her daughter like this in front of others .
      I think u are fully drunk and making message I am I right John?. Hope ur senses come back and mental asylum ppl give u better treatment and make u correct?.

      1. You are right Sid.Koi bhi Mom apni beti ke bare mein itni ganda nahi keh sakta chahe vo sach bhi ho.

  5. Guys I’m new here and I like ur bonding ur just asom I’m little confused about my name wt name I shld keep namratha mahi I’ll continue with the name mahi so guyzz can I join with u

    1. Hi namratha ur dnt mine vl u change ur nme..already 1mahi is here u can join here as namratha..
      N vl u gve sme intro abt u..

  6. Nice epi

  7. Tnqq I’m from andhra Pradesh and completed my inter 1 year before I joined in degree CLG but I don’t like DAT group so I discontinued… And I’m gonna join degree next year I mean this june

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Welcome to Sunshine group Namratha.

    2. Welcome to the group Namrata.
      Don’t mind is Namrata ur real name?
      One more Telugu girl here?

    3. Chithu

      Welcome Namratha

  8. What the hell was going on here guys…
    Who was this isaaq’s mom???
    Is she really her mom???
    She was saying so many things,is they are true???
    I don’t think so she was her mom.
    But who was she???
    What’s the need for her to made such a big story and typing it.. But I just don’t understand what was happening here.
    One thing was right she has so much patience to type that long message.seriously it took me ten minutes to read and understand that

    1. Isaaq

      She isn’t my mom???? my mom doesn’t even know about Adam.

      Seriously it’s time I teach these people a lesson

  9. this show is being boring day by day.No interesting story.

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good afternoon Sunshiners.

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    Why comment are taking too much time to moderate. Wt happened TU team.

  12. Ss namratha is my real name I’m from nsp westgod s sid cmnts r really taking 2 much tym to moderate

  13. Umeir

    See Isaaq. Admit that you are lying or I will make sure you suffer like this forever. People are supporting me and saying all these bad things about you. You can’t win?

    Evil people like you will always lose. You will suffer here. It’s best if you leave the subshine group because this is going to continue forever for you.

    It just gives me pleasure seeing people ikr you suffer? John you were right. I’m the bad guy here.

    Isaaq I know Adam works at that company you told everyone about. I could find out his full name and his details and I will tell him everything what you’ve been saying on here? Adam will know your true colours and he will leave you on your own forever.

    Isaaq mom story- that will be your reality. You will go mad and you scream for his name all the time whilst he’ll be living a lavish life

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    To all the haters of Sunshine group John,Umeir,Fake mom and others . Remember one thing hw much ever u try to break our Sunshine group it wl get stronger day by day and more &more members wl be added . U wl be always losers mind it ??.

  15. Isaaq Mom's Mom

    Hi sunshine group. Forgive my daughter. She is a 20 years old. A year ago her husband left her and took her baby. Hence why she claims Isaaq is her daughter. I’m so scared about my daughter. I warn her not to come on this forum but she never listens.

    In public, she kidnaps other children and claims it’s her children. I have to explain to the police about her mental condition. Please don’t listen to her words. She doesn’t even know Isaaq. She thinks Isaaq is her daughter and she’s making these stories up.

    Yesterday my daughter went missing. In the evening, she came back with a toddler and told us all that it’s her daughter. Her parents looked for her in the entire city. We returned the toddler back to her parents.

    Now she’s going after Isaaq. Isaaq beta don’t listen to her words. She’s gone mad. She has done so many sins. She gave her body to her husband before their marriage. Please forgive my daughter.

    1. Isaaq

      Ok thank you???

  16. Wt ?? isaaq moms mom wts going on….here???

    1. Isaaq

      I’m laughing at Isaaq mom mom comment???

  17. Wts gng on here hw can u people can stoop to this level..chi..
    Guys dnt read all those cmnts v shld ignore dem..they r simply making stories to retain our attention..dnt gve repl to Dem..jst ignore dose idiots..

  18. Hpy rose day dudes

  19. my god don’t these people have lives? i said before and i am saying it again this was the best site i have come on where there was no bickering and suddenly here are persons making negative comments Sunshine Group do not let anyone come between you and john if you were a real man you would not be picking on Girls or are you ONE LMAO do not try to mess with me or you will be sorry you did i am not an attorney-at-law who will abide with a*sh*les like you on this forum go take a hike you are like the piece of toilet paper that people wipe their asses with and then flush it means johnny darling you are just a piece of SHIT i do not like the way this serial is going right now will seeta become a villain? if so there will be more villains than leads let us hope all this drama ends soon and koki gets out of jail bye lovely people

  20. hi sid nandi do u remember Aditya’s mom?? she was hilarious n this so called isaaq’s mom is come for entertaining us. Isaaq i think more twist come on this forum than sns. true said isaaq vamp is still following u.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Akshay i Remember Adithya used to comment in his mom’s name . But bcoz of these losers our comments are increasing ?.

      1. Chithu

        So true Sid

  21. hi namratha welcome to group. your green pic is much same to mine. i was little confused. now its clear my pic has four star at cornors.

  22. i m sure these isaaq’s mom is none another then umeir

  23. isaaq’s mom n isaaq mom’s mom plz maintain dignity of woman.

  24. Umeir if u don’t like isaaq comments then don’t read it. why r u wasting ur time to impose ur thoughts on us. u can talk about other topics. leave her

  25. where is yamuna??? only supporter lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Isaaq, OMG. you are a celebrity girl. u have ur grandma here now. wow. I am starting to like this group. can I join this group peeps? 🙂

  27. Can I be in your group as well Issaq

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