Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam is crushed by a truck. Whole family rushes to the venue. Vidya informs Meera that Dharam met with an accident. Gaura calls car and rushes Dharam in. Durga tries to enter car, but Gaura pushes her out calling her inauspicious/manhoos and leaves in car. Shravan holds Durga and asks if she is fine. Urmila asks him to bring car soon. Gaura in car SMSes Premlatha to send Meera to her room at any cost today.

Meera runs crying. Gopi stops her and asks what happened. Meera says Dharamji met with an accident and runs out. Gopi tries to accompany her, but Premlatha stops her and asks her to come to her room right now. Hetal and Baa asks why is she stopping Gopi. Premlatha asks them not to interfere and takes Gopi in.

Gopi asks why does not she want her to go with

Meera. Premlatha mixes something in juice and asks her to drink. Gopi asks what is in it. Premlatha says poison and asks her to drink if she wants her maaji safe. Gopi drinks juice. Premlatha laughs and says it was glucose and says good to see that she can even die for her maaji. Gopi asks what she needs. Premlatha says money and tells her some plan. Gopi says it cannot happen. Premlatha warns her to do or else lose her maaji. Gopi agrees hesitantly.

Meera rushes to hospital calling Dharamji and enters Dharam’s room. Gaura shouts why did she come. Meera holds Dharam’s hand and requests him to open his eyes. Gaura shouts how dare she is to come here, earlier she rejected her son and now came to show her love. Meera pleads again to wake up. Dharam opens eyes and says Meera and says why is he seeing Meera everywhere. Meera says she is here.

Gaura thinks if she accepts Meera easily, chatanki will doubt that she is with Premlatha. She calls Meera manhoos/inauspicious and drags her out of room. Vidya asks why is she misbehaving with her sister. Gaura says earlier she forcefully entered in her son’s life and now wants her to make childless. Gopi enters and says it is enough now, she cannot insult Meera like this. Gaura asks if she should perform her aarti then and asks her to take Meera from here as she does not want even her shadow on Dharam. Gopi says Meera is her bahu and Dharam’s wife, so she will go to her house right now. Gaura asks to repeat. Meera asks if she wants to send her to her in-laws. Gopi says she is telling this after a lot of thought. The way she came here running and crying proves that she loves Dharam and it is better for her to stay with him.

Precap: Premlatha/Kokila shouts at Gopi that when she wanted Meera to return to Dharam’s house, she opposed and now she herself sent her. Gopi says she does not want to hear anything and frees her hand from Kokila’s grip. Kokila falls down. Dharam shouts how dare she is to push his mom.

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