Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Urvashi asks Sona if she saw Jaggi. Sona says she did not see him and even Jai and Veeru are not at home, looks like Jaggi took them somewhere. They all hear Sultan movie’s song outside, walk out see Jaggi teaching wrestling to Jai and Veeru and other children. kokila says she asked him to earn some money, but he is wasting money instead. Jaggi says with her inspiration, he opened this gym and will peacefully earn money now. He feeds sweets to everyone and then force feeds Kokila. Kokila sees Gopi and everyone watching her and waks in storming.

Gaura chats with Chanda and laughs that her revenge with her bahus has started. She mae eeryone dance during their marriage and it is her bahu’s time to dance.

Jaggi continues teaching wrestling to children

while Kokila, Gopi and Urmila watch him. A couple come and ask Jaggi to admit their son in his wrestling class. Jaggi happily agrees. Couple’s daughter lifts weights. They stop her and say she wants to learn wrestling, but thye don’t want to. Urmila looks at Jaggi. Jaggi says now a days there is no difference between boy and girl and any sports need passion and dedication, not gender. Kokila fumes in jealousy and leaves. Jaggi continues teaching children. Baapu sehath ke liye….song..plays in the background. Gopi goes to kitchen to bring snacks for students.

Gopi goes to kichen and fills milk glass and some almonds for students. Kokila enters and asks who will pay for all these. Gopi says she will pay and gives her gold bangle. Urvashi comes and says she does not have to give her bangle and gives her bangle instead. Kokila checks bangle and says it should not be fake like her.

Chanda calls Meera and Vidya and says she needs entertainment, so they should slap eachother. Vidya asks if she has gone mad. Chanda says if she does not get entertained, she will harm babies. Meera pleads not to harm babies and convinces Vidya to slap her. They both slap each other. Chanda laughs and Gaura enjoys hiding far away.

Jaggi continues teaching wrestling to students. He hears unsual sounds and ask where is it coming from. Students say from their stomach as they are very hungry. Gopi serves them milk and almonds. They all laugh and continue wrestling. Gopi then goes back in. Kokila taunts her that she should be with her husband near wrestling ring and not inside home. She continues yelling and taunting Gopi.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that she does not take advice from strangers. Gopi says she will fast until Kokila accepts her back as dear one.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Syamala Ranganathan

    This is becoming more attrocious it is crazy that Gaura is back and trying to take revenge through chanda any pragnant woman cannot blackmail like this it is so unnatural

  2. huge fan of dipika kakar

    episode is good today makers gave a message that girls and boys are equal

    but in modi mansion they are not following this only modi ladies are given all dialogues

  3. huge fan of dipika kakar

    i liked the scene where urvashi gives her bangles by stopping gopi she is also a good saas but not a powerful saas like kokila

  4. huge fan of dipika kakar

    i am feeling bad for vidya and meera
    i wish meera gets back to her old avatar and teach that chanda a good lesson but she is bearng all this for her babies afterall mother can do anything for her children

    a lady may be bad but a mother is never bad

    1. Chithu

      Meera should put some brain into Chanda n say that she will harm herself more than the babies

      1. yeah chanda is so dumb that she is thinking nothing will happen to her if she harm babies

  5. huge fan of dipika kakar

    hey nandi di !! how is the condition in tamilnadu after losing the beloved chief minister of TN jayalalitha mam
    may her soul rest in peace RIP

    she is an actress also i have been watching her movies from today morning

    1. i heard that some people are losing their lives as they couldn’t digest this news RIP

      1. Nandhini

        And yeah some people lost their lives in depression…even we couldnt digest the news of her death…

    2. Nandhini

      Sowmya here the situation is very sad around here…everyone are so upset in losing such a great leader??RIP CM…millions of people including myself are big fans of her movies..she was a legend in old times in the fields of acting and dancing…

      1. She was excellent in academics, sports during her school days. An Iron Lady. There is no one like her. A huge loss to the country

  6. Hi all of u today episode is so good and I got small sad while meera vidhya. Slap eachother and I like kokila is against gopi and its so interesting finally episode good

    1. kokila is always with gopi
      it will be interesting to see how gopi manages when kokila is against her

  7. guys did u remember during the start of serial kokila used to always mock parag that he never works only chirag works and because of him she couldn’t lift her head infront of modi family

    may be she don’t want the same to happen with gopi that is why she is making jaggi earn

    1. Sowmya I think that’s true

  8. yes ghithu di this time guara is ready to sacrifice dharam also for her revenge

  9. hi average girl !! all the best for ur interview i know i am late
    hope u performed well in the interview

  10. neenu baavunnanu rose !! how are u ??
    and yeah sid bhai is from mangalore he don’t know telugu
    other sunshiners chanu sp and mahi knows telugu

    1. Hi everyone.Nenu bavunnanu sowmya.chanu, priyankasp,and remainiing Telugu people.MM part is good&sv house part is not great in today’s episode.

  11. huge fan of dipika kakar

    hi riana !! congratulations for completion of 100 parts of ur fanfiction SAATHIYA EK NAYI KAHANI many more to come friend all the best

    1. Riana

      Thanku So so much H.F.O.D.K aka Soumya…????

  12. Shakaib

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Rajeev comes to meet Jaggi’s training centre and breaks the pot.

    He tells Jaggi that he has wrestling training centre nearby, and after Jaggi opened the centre, he has lost his customers. Rajeev threatens Jaggi to stop the centre.

    He challenges Jaggi to show what he can do. Urvashi tried to stop the matter. Rajeev calls her old woman and insults her.

    Jaggi loses his temper and beats up Rajeev. Kokila and Gopi come there and see the fight.

    Jaggi to be arrested

    The police comes and arrests Jaggi. The kids ask inspector not to arrest Jaggi.

    Jaggi asks his students not to worry, he will be back soon. Rajeev planned everything to provoke Jaggi for the fight and get him arrested.

    Kokila saw them fighting and tells inspector that she is the witness, that Jaggi has raised hand on Rajeev and initiated the fight.

    Later, Jaggi comes back as he is innocent. He came back home.

    Everyone gets happy, except Kokila. Kokila is still annoyed with Jaggi. Gopi is with Jaggi and supports him.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. Chithu

      Thanks for the update Shakaib. Its really bad that kokila gave statement against Jaggi. At least he is taking her words seriously and starting to earn money. If u cant help u should not demotivate that person.

    2. thanks for the update shakaib
      kokila is doing a bit too much but somehow i am liking it as it is adding spice to drama

  13. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay bhai,Aisha di,Nisha di,Raven di,Nandini di,Soumya di,Issaq di,Sid bhai,Gettu di,
    Sheebarathyusha,Ragini di,Shreestee,Saba di,Riana di,Priyanka di SP,Mahi di,Chanu,Rithika di,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu di,Fiza di,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona. Episode was good. Story is moving fast instead of dragging it. And one more thing, I want to share my opinion, I think leap will happen like that chandna will be in jail and kokila will accept Gowinder/Jaggo as couple. What you say guys.
    @Average_girl, I pray god to give that you get job which you likes.
    @raven di, I agree with you points about kokila. You too take care.
    OK guys take care. Good night and have sweet dreams.

    1. Chithu

      Yes Shakaib that should b the leap. I really want Chanda to be in jail.

    2. Nandhini

      Yes shakaib kokila will sure accept gopi and jaggi as a couple…

    3. then this will be the best leap

  14. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends wazzup. Nw why kokila is showing so much attitude for all things wer was her attitude wen Jigar,Paridhi,Mona is ill treating her for 4 years that time why she was bowing her head in front of Mona&Paridhi.
    I think nw she is showing attitude bcoz everyone started respecting her .

    1. Nandhini

      Sid i think in dat last 4 years kokila has to take care of gopi as gopi has lost her senses and even kokila was in deep trauma of ahem’s death…so she couldnt able to raise her voice against pari and mona…and its right now she is showing her attitude as everyone started respecting her…

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Friends in ysdy’s episode I saw that kokila was saying whole Modi house runs on Ahem’s money . As per the story Modi industries is started by Chirag&Parag’s father and it is their family business hw cm kokila is saying that it is only ahem’s .

    1. Nandhini

      Yeah not only ahem’s…its even chirag and jigar’s company…actually chirag is the real owner of modi industries(after his father) being the elder son of modi house and after him his son jigar…then only ahem…i think kokila meant so far ahem only worked hard and brought profits to their company more than chirag and jigar…so she said it was ahem’s money…after ahem’s death,, their company might have faced many losses and lost many deals when it was under jigar’s control as we saw in previous episodes…

  16. Hiii sowmya.. R u a hyderabadi??

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Kokila is angry seeing Jaggi and Gopi got married against her wish.

    Kokila breaks relationship with Gopi and also ask Jaggi take up all responsibilities of Gopi.

    Jagi feels bad when Kokila insults Gopi and Urvashi so he opened a wrestling school teaching wrestling to kids.

    Jaggi’s business starts doing good but a business rival reach to destroy it.

    Business rival behaves rudely with Urvashi which makes Jaggi angry and he beats him but police arrested jaggi for doing drama.

    Jaggi and Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee) struggle win Kokila’s love back

    However, Jaggi return back home as Inspector finds him innocence but Kokila is not happy with it.

    Jaggi tells Gopi that he will Kokila’s love and trust back.

    Will Jaggi and Gopi get Kokila’s love back?

    Stay tuned for further exciting

  18. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Rose I dont know Telugu u can Join our Sunshine group. ?.
    And wen will SNS take leap as per the news it is supposed to take leap in December 1st week but seeing gaura’s track I dont think it WL take leap for time being.

    1. Chithu

      I too feel they wont take leap for 2-3 weeks. May b they r planning for Jan 2017

  19. Boss(Siddarth)

    Arvind wer r u we are missing ur comments Aisha u are commenting very less and Raven hw r u .

  20. P.N. Bhargava

    Koki shouts too much. Whether doctor advises or not she should be sent to mental asylium.

  21. Shakaib

    In the upcoming episode, Jaggi has finally started his wrestling business.

    Jaggi has made ground in Modi house where he is teaching wrestling to the children’s of the colony.

    When Kokila sees this then she gets irked and says that she wanted Jaggi to become independent.

    But Jaggi has wasted the money and opened the ground in her house.

    Jaggi makes Kokila eat sweet

    Jaggi makes her understand that she must  have patience as he will earn money by teaching wrestling to the kids.

    Then Jaggi makes Kokila eat sweets as Jaggi has started his business and it is the first day of his business.

    It will be interesting to see that whether Jaggi’s business will gets successful or not.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

  22. Chithu

    I wish someone made Chanda and Gaura to slap each other for their cheap plans. Loved the scene when he explains that girls also learn wrestling now a days.

    1. hahaa !! chanda and guara slapping !! this will be treat for fans

  23. Hello everyone..hw r u all..bsy vit wrk al dese so didn’t cousin brother marriage is on 10th So am gng 2 Hyderabad vl NT available for few days..
    Am missing episodes frm lst few days if I vl have tme vl read updates..c u sn NYT..
    Hi rose am frm Kurnool..nenu bgunanu nuv ela unav..em chadutuna v..

  24. Isaaq

    Why can’t Gopi just slap that stupid Kokila? I just hate her so much???

  25. HI everynoe.
    I think gopi and kokila knows that jaggi is ahem.

  26. Average_girl

    I am getting tired of this Chanda track, like when will it end? I wish Dharam finds out soon or I will contact the writers and Ekta Kapoor to fix the show or else she will lose viewers. Like come on, add spice or whatever. I wish Chanda slapped herself, I would give her a knife and ask her you are fond of threatening the children, go ahead, kill them, if they die so do you. Like F**ck sakes end her track and get her arrested, where’s the old Meera gone who was able to speak back and says you understand, you better understand, like baqwaas now. Wish they get their happy ending soon when the kids arrive and Gaura leaves the house. She needs a therapist. Also Kokila needs to shut up, like Ahem died, not coming back is he? Gopi should move on and be happy not be a widow all her life. Deal with it. She ruined her life before by getting her married to Krishna, against her wishes but when Gopi marries Jaggie against Kokila’s will she gets angry. That’s messed up and not fair.

    1. Oh avarage girl I understand ur frustration. Don’t worry Meera will surely teach Chanda a lesson for harassing her. Chanda is an illiterate and senseless fool, she doesn’t understand that while hurting the children she is hurting herself more and can create serious complications. Meera should definitely put these things into Chanda’s mind. This show is not Ekta kapoor’s it’s Reshmi Sharma show

      1. Average_girl

        Hi Chithu, Oh right, thought it was Ekta’s show, but her shows are good and have a good story line, and you are right, this illiterate fools get mad over money, if they don’t get money they would be begging on the streets or do something crazy to get the money. Been watching Savdaan India also yeah a lot of true incidents happen, my mum gives me a lecture like be safe etc coz of that show. When Chanda gives birth to the twins, Dharam will overhear her blackmailing Meera, than when Meera and him are alone, he will make her confess the truth about Chanda, Chanda will get arrested for harming Meera’s children and Gaura will start crying since her plan has flopped and soon she will get kicked out the house. Just watch in a couple more episodes to come. 😛

    2. Chithu

      Cant wait to c Chanda behind the bars. No one trusts Gaura. Only Vidya n Shravan are showing sympathy. Definitely her plans will be exposed in front of suryavanshi family

  27. Ash Marld (UK)

    In my eyes girls boys are equal! There should never be or should have been difference in gender. If you note being a male I started saying girls first and not boys….anyhow riddles etc are not good for anyone…

  28. Y is kokila behaving like this with gopi n I hope meera figure out something with Chanda n tell dharam

    1. Chithu

      Yeah Isaaq he looks younger than Vidya. When is this track going to start. Waiting for it

  29. Isaaq

    I think Kokila will be a stupid annoying kagdi and she will say ” Gopi you gave Ahem right to someone else so you have no right over Ahem’s son.”
    I’m sure Kokila will say this and I wish Gopi just slaps that kagdi and make her cry- Kokila is the real vamp of SNS

  30. Siddarth what going happened after meeraand vidhya slap each other and I know gura slap to chanda and after that what going to happen,

  31. My questions to all my sunshine feriend “how many time gopi had arrested and why. in all episode in sns
    siddarth,sowmya shakaib,sabha, chithu,isaaq,rani,averagegirl and other feriend in sunshine answer to this question fastly and how as possible and think we’ll replay

    1. Average_girl

      I think Gopi got arrested one time when she killed her sister Radha. Not sure if she was arrested again, but that’s all I remember, and wow nice I am part of the Sunshine group. Hope you are all doing well, bet you guys are enjoying the sun. In the UK it is cold and raining. Bet it is going to snow. lol

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