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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem calls Vidya. Vidya picks call and asks what happened. Shravan takes phone and switches on speaker. Ahem says that video. She asks who told him. He says nobody told him, not even Kokila or Gopi. He asks how is Meera. She says didi is fine, not to worry. He asks when she promised that she will take care of her didi, then why did not she save her, she her promise. Meera passes by and stop. Ahem says it is Meera’s stupidity that she is still staying there. Meera snatches phone and shouts at Ahem that he is blaming her even after knowing about her insult. He says he cares for her. She says he is not and she does not need anyone. He says she is right nobody needs him, mother did not need son and now daughter does not lieke father. He explained her many times to

return home, but she did not listen to him as he is no one to her. He wants to tell her one thing though that her ego and arrogance has killed her father alive. Gaura continues watching drama hiding behind door.

Ahem reminisces childhood incident where Meera falls down and he gets worried. He says Meera that he cares for her since she is born, but she does not care if he is alive or dead, so she should think that she is orphan from today and disconnects call. Meera walks out angrily from there while Vidya tries to stop her.

Whole family stops Ahem and Gopi says Meera was saved on time. Ahem says he does not need any explanation and pushes her aside. Kokila asks if he thinks they are concerned about Meera and she does not know what she has planned. Gaura hiding behind door thinks she will know what is Kokila’s plan. Ahem claps and says she does not care about him at all and in this house, only Kokila and her bahu Gopi take decisions and for them, he is nonexistent. She sent Vidya to monster Gaura’s house. Gaura murmurs he is monster.

Kokila says she did what she felt right at that time. Ahem says he considered her god than mother and obeyed her always. She got him married to Gopi, then brought Pari here, then she made Gopi boss of this house, she did wrong. She brought Gaura here and he told her not to trust evil Gaura, but she was blind. She sent Vidya in that house for Meera and risked her house. She always takes imposes her wrong decisions on everyone. She became mother today and lost her godship. Gopi tries to speak. Ahem says wearing sindoor and mangalsutra does not mean she is suhagan, marriage is a friendship which she never followed. Gopi in hema malini’s style says Ahem ji… Ahem tells Kokila that she should be happy that she has Gopi who is equal to 10 Ahem.

Parag interferes and asks him to calm down. Ahem says he was silent always and says Kokila that from today he is not her son and she is not his mother. Kokila comes near him. He stops her and says he is not anyone’s son, husband, or brother and breaks relationships with everyone. Gopi again interferes. Ahem says he is not her husband from today. She says he promised to be with her always. He says she also promised to keep Meera and Vidya safe, but borke it. She shouts that she is his wife and not servant, he cannot break relationship like this. He asks what if he dies and walks towards his room while whole family pleads to stop. Gopi runs behind him. He enters room and locks it. She calls Kokila.

Gaura enters and says Kokila it is very bad and asks Kokila how will she revive her beta bahu’s relationship now. It is her family issue, so she will not interfere. She came invite them to Dharam’s birthday party. Jigar asks how dare she is to come here. Hetal asks her to get out. Gaura says she got afraid and says she will go now. She tells Kokila that tomorrow is Dharam’s birthday and Ahem’s death day. Kokila shouts to shut up.

Precap: Madhuben worriedly calls Kokila and says Ahem went somewhere.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. gopi is overacting too much. beginning of the Serial they portrayed her as innocent illiterate decent but now she operates mobile, follows fashion, speaks boldly! so confusing this mega serial is, rotate the screen always and things like that….

  2. Where is madhuben’s husband?.why she is not staying with her husband.

  3. Meera is stupid for never trying to understand her family, gopi and koki are too bossy, the rest of the family are mostly spectator to are the over acting of gopi and koki. Ahem has finally told them what the audience knew all along. And not sure what the show is trying to prove by having that old woman, gaura, so bent on having a senseless revenge. Where is the family unity in this show

  4. OMG! What will happen next?Why Ahem is so angry?Why does he always blame Gopi?

  5. Hello everyone I am a new reader here and wants to make a fan fiction on it….. As I am new I do not know how to do so can someone please help me??????

  6. Hey guys want to continue this story can someone pls help me as ibfo not know how to

  7. Hello everyone

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