Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells family that she will mortgage Modi bhavan to repay Belji’s loan. Gopi says she cannot mortgage this house as this is like a mother to them, it has seen all their emotions, etc..They have 3 days to repay Belji and god will help them.

Mansi enjoys pastry happily thinks she has accomplished her goal. Belji comes and says he did as she said, now Gopi Modi is completely destroyed. Gopi will die soon.

Shravan and Vidya worry about Priyal. Meera calls her aide and orders to find out Priyal soon.

Gopi reads morning news paper and is shocked to see her news on main page. It reads Ms. Gujrath competition’s organizer Gopi modi’s saris are of cheap quality. Urmila says no shop keeper wants to buy their saris. Kokila says even if they sell,

howmuch they will sell. Gopi say she has an idea.

Gopi with her team takes saris on pulling carts and sell saris on road. Urmila calls people to buy their saris. People start buying. Premila sees Gopi selling saris and scolds her to shut her shop and return home. Kokila requests Dr. Krishna to convince his mother. Krishna tells Premila that it is a question of Gopi’s family’s pride and Gopi will not accept defeat so easily, if she succeeds, it is prestige for Raheja family. One of buyers says she read in paper that saris are of low quality. Gopi says always news papers cannot be right, they can check the quality and if they find it inferior, they can return it and will get full refund. Ladies start buying saris.

Meera speaking over phone to her aide orders to find Priyal soon. Naiya asks her money. Meera gives her key bunch. Naiya’s eyes widen in greed. She goes to Meera’s room and opens locker and thinks this the key of her fate.

Gopi and team continue sell saris. Money box fills. Sona says where to keep money next. Gopi says there is a big box in Urmila’s room, she can go and empty money in that box and send this box via Tolu. Sona with Tolu goes to Modi bhavan and empties money box and returns it to Tolu. Tolu leaves. Sona sits watching TV. Someone throws stone on her. She goes out to check. Two sari draped ladies enter and kidnap her new born baby girls. Mansi’s goon seees Gopi and pulls gun to shoot her.

Precap: Mansi’s goon pulls gun to shoot Gopi. Krishna stands in front to protect Gopi. Goon pulls trigger. Urmila shouts.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. No. They point the gun at Krishna and Gopi comes in front to save him. The goon shoots and everyone get shocked.

    1. yes ,you are right ji…some writers write their own precap in many updates

  2. Every track and story line in this serial is amazing. Just amazing.

  3. Is high time you put an end to this serial. It is running for too long.

  4. I thought Dr krishna is mansi brother

  5. Miss lolly abhi toh asli sns shuru hua hai my dheera ki kahani abhi shuru hui hai and 2 month sns complete 2000 ep

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