Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hetal tells Kokila that she is happy that Meera will marry Gaura’s grandson, but they have to convince Meera first. Kokila says she will convince both Meera and Gaura.

Vidya tries to console Meera and says she does not have to marry forcefully. Meera asks her to inform daadi/Kokila that she is ready for marriage and even will meet Gaura. She says she is confused about relationships, the boy whom she loved so much betrayed her and is a loser, now she understood why Daadi and papa were against Sanskar. She will marry the boy her daadi and papa asks to.

Ahem reads Vidya’s SMS that Meera is ready to marry and informs his family ladies. Gaura comes beating thali like a drum and says she knew Meera would accept proposal and says Kokila they will be samdhi/relatives

now. She starts dancing and Kokila and others join her.

In the morning, Gaura and whole family get ready. Gaura asks Hetal if she is happy about this alliance. Hetal says she is very happy. Gaura says baa she will be daadi saas like her now. Baa says she will be great daadi saas. Gaur starts praising her grandson shravan and asks when is her bahu coming. Tolu/molu and Vidya enter an greet her. Gaura says Vidya that she is Gopi’s xerox and blesses Tolu/molu to bring bahu to trouble Gopi and Kokila. She asks where is Meera. Just then Meera enters on bike wearing complete biker’s attire and they all drop their tea cups in a worry. Meera then rounds on bike, then throws helmet, gets out of bike and asks Gaura if she is her daadi’s best friend and asks even now if she wants her grandson to marry her. Gaura is surprised. Meera asks if she is dumbstruck now. Kokila asks her to behave with elders. Meera says she is showing her true behavior and tells Gaura she is not a villager and is modern, even now she wants to make her bahu. Gaura says yes and smiles.

Meera is shocked to hear yes from Gaura and says either her family did not properly about her or has told lie, she is what she looks like. Kokila asks her to stop. Meera stops her and says Gaura she is not her type and neither she is. Gaura raises her hand and says she is exactly like her and only she can be her bahu. Meera asks if she is serious looking at her style. Gaura says she is and says she used to drive tractor when she was of her age and believes woman should be equal to men. She asks her to promise that she will teach her bike riding and she will teach her tractor in exchange.

Ahem tells Gaura that Meera is still not fit for marriage. Kokila says Ahem is right and asks Meera to go to her room. Meera says she is ready for marriage and tells Gaura that she wants to meet her grandson. Ahem interrupts. Meera says she did all this to test Gaura and liked her, she is the first human who liked her the way she is. Gaura hugs Meera and says she is not old like her daadi. Kokila asks Gaura to stop joking and even scolds Meera. Gaura says she did what people opposed and Meera is just like her. Ahem asks Meera to go to her room. Gaura says nobody should scold Meera from today as she is her bahu from today. She tells Kokila to smile as she is taking away her problems. Kokila says if she is happy to accept Meera, then she is also happy. Gaura asks Meera to become her bahu soon, she will give her so much love that she will forget her family. She hugs Meera and smirks thinking of her plan.

Precap: Gopi says Gaura that Meera said yes now but may say no after some time, so they have to wait for some time. Gaura asks if she is expressing her opinion.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. kiya purohit

    watt’s dis……y r gaura bhaving lyk dis

  2. Strange

  3. Totaly confused with gauras character

  4. Pawanjeet Jha

    what the hell is this?whats happening this?really ridiculous…

  5. Is gaura taking revenge? Does she have some plan to ruin modi family? Totally confused..


    jai shree krishna jaise ki aap sab ko pta h ki meera ki shadi hone wali h isliye aap sab modi house me amantrit h meera aur uske bhavi jiveensathi ko ashirwad dene k liye

  7. The grandson is probably the kid in the forest. He will like Vidya instead of Meera. This show is kinda weird now….why so mysterious about Gaura. I mean what could Kokila have done in the past that she hates her so much she came to take revenge. Maybe Koki married the guy that was suppose to be for her. Koki got the good life and she had to struggle…if that’s the case, hardly enough to to hate someone so much to take revenge, especially if she was your best friend. Anyways, the story will unravel soon enough but knowing these writers, it’s probably something stupid.

  8. Gaura and his grandson both r bad . They came to take revenge from koki .

  9. Saath Nibhana Saathiya..Wat the title means that life partner (Gopi Ahem)to support each oder…but here more then gopem they r shwing only kokila as a lead role…..nd This serial us full of revenge…consparies…etc..just concentrate on gopem..


      wats wrong with u story line is about our family

  10. Mira’s would be husband is none other than Amar Upadhyay

  11. Meera was looking very s*xy today. I jst <3 her round/circle/juicy boobs so muchhh… :*

    1. Hey you stupid ediot vulgar Johny how dare you talk such a stupid thing in this comment don’t you have sense to talk about a girl like this public ally don’t you have sisters at home so cheap person you are were are the editors what are they doing can’t this updates see this vulgar comment how they allowed to edit it what editing they are foing all rubbish this type of person s should be fired out from this site and not allow to comment

  12. hey. whats happened to review by tellyupdate before update of comments. some nonsense comments seem to be coming up. please TU try to be concerned about the dignity of the messages too.

  13. hey johhny stop these vulgar comments ur really sick

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