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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera agrees to get her head tonsured. Vidya is shocked and says she should not. Pari says Sona is inauspicious. Once she entered home, Premlatha came into their home, Kokila was kidnapped, Gopi went to mental assylum, etc.. Sona stands in a shock. Hetal shouts Paridhii. and asks what if she had alleged that she is bigger inauspicious than Sona and starts her reasoning.

Gaura thinks Meera made Dharam go against her, so it is a punishment for Meera and asks pandit to get Meera’s head tonsured as per ritual. Gopi says this cannot be and walks towards Meera. Ladies stop her. Ahem and Jigar try next. Ladies stop even them and say when Meera is ready to get her head tonsured, what problem they have.

Hetal continues and asks Pari how will she feel if she says Rashi died because of her, it is very easy to allege someone, but very difficult to get alleged. She continues her moral gyaan and leaves. Pari says it is all because of Sona and says she does not whose dirty blood Sona is. Tolu says mom.. Pari continues that Sona must have many boyfriends. Tolu says it is enough and asks Pari to apologize Sona. Pari asks what did he say. Tolu says she heard him right, she should apologize Sona. Pari claps and says Sona separated her from whole family with blackmagic. Tolu says his mom cannot say this, he married Sona after seeing her goodness, so nobody has right to insult Sona.

Kokila says Meera she does not have to follow old rituals and asks Meera to get up. Meera pushes her hand and says she will follow rituals. She reminisces time spent with Dharm and their nok jhok. Gaura asks ladies to get both widows ready for tonsuring.

Precap: Gaura over phone asks someone to take care of her son and once he regains consiousness, to give him sleeping injection. She turns and is shocked to see Kokila standing.

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  1. Good she heard her i think dharam will regain consciousness he will try to go home

  2. Hetal has started to talk finally.. ?

  3. First they must kill kokila, ahem , gopi and her dauthers they are the biggest problem in modi family no one is happy in their family becoz of them …this gopi and kokila is so selfish and always trying to show they r very great ….i hate mira.. i don’t think so gaura is doing anything bad to kokilla becoz she deserves it but i m feeling bad for other modi family members.

    1. this film is talking how to take i right?

    2. Exactly.. Always problems becose of them..

  4. Hey its waste serial stop it
    meera relation is nt clear yet all. Stop it waste bakwas serial.
    If Dharam love is true towards meera he shuld cme 4 meera before she become an widow. Meera life she has so much of career it is not yet started how come she wil be widow.
    According to religion they wil nt acept meera has a widow.
    Directorji try to stop the serial how long u wil drag we are getting irritation by seeing this kind of serial. I mean too much over actions.

  5. Read in tellychakkar that Gia will once again enter as gopi and devoleena is quitting the show..Any idea

  6. I heard on souces that Gia Manek that is our Old gopi is going to replace Devoleena Bhattacharya as gia sorted all differences with the production team

    1. well this crap of a programme is going to drag on and on feel sorry for the viewers

  7. pls dont quit deevoleena

  8. Rashi left the show it went so boring. She would of solved all of thsee problems soon or later I just loved her character. Radha was a good villain too and I was excited for the leap although they ruined the leap by bringing mansi in I was hoping for a better storyline.
    Gaura… I can justify her desire for revenge… no sister can bare seeing her own brother burn in front of her. Kokila has always been idiotic and it’s about time somebody puts her in her place. Gaura should only focus on Kokila and get rid of her. Kokila is the source of problems in this show she’s the reason that gopi left the modis twice and Kokila never cared about Rashi whatsoever she was selfish and always cared about her gopi.
    Now I like yeh hai mohabbatein because I love the character of ishita she is much better than gopi.

    Niddhi is a good villain she’s better than radha or gaura- saath nibhana saathiya was actually starting to get good when vidya announced her pregnancy I actually thought Kokila and Gaura will join forces to save Naiya but unfortunately this did not happen.
    One thing I wish is that rashi comes back alive they never showed her funeral pyre or ashes what if she never died like dharam and is kidnapped by someone like an old enemy??? Can’t the writers do that???

  9. Imagine if rashi comes back to modi mansion sees pari with her husband and children. Rashi would feel sorry for sona and side with her and fight against pari. Sona, gopi and rashi teamup against pari and kick her out. Then rashi is back in the house!

  10. My track… Rashi is in coma. A villain during her funeral pyre swaps bodies of rashi the villain kidnaps and rashi and takes her abroad for 10 years- rashi had memory loss and then after a leap she meets gopi and ahem. From there… Rashi will have to return to the modi house and get her family back.

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