Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya tells Kokila that she wants to meet Meera. Kokila says she can go to Modi bhavan. Urmila comes and insists Urmila to prepare gulab jamoon. Ahem shouts at her and says Mrs. Modi is ill. Urmila says she is fine and should prepare gulab jamoon. Mansi also says same. Urmila slaps her and says she has intrigued her house and tried to even kill Kokila by giving salted soup. Kokila says Urmila is telling right. Ahem says if urmila was not mad, he would have taught her a lesson. Kokila takes urmila from there and tells she will prepare her jamoons. Urmila asks her to rest.

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Mansi packs her bags and tells Ahem that

she told him that she will not come with him, but he insisted and now nobody wants her to stay here. Earlier Rashi insulted her and now Urmila slapped her. Ahem asks her to calm down. She says she will not stay and picks her bags.

Rashi tells Kokila that Urmila taught Mansi a good lesson. Mansi comes out with bag. Kokila apologizes her. Mansi says she does not need her apology now. Meera comes and says she also will come with her. Tolu/molu come behind her.. Gopi asks what did they do. They say nothing. Meera says they troubled her a lot in Modi bhavan and Mansi was insulted here, so they will not stay here. She asks Vidya to keep dad/ahem away from Gopi at any cost. Kokila says if they go, her dream of uniting family will be shattered. She asks tolu/molu to apologize their elder sister and apologizes mansi on urmila’s behalf. Mansi asks if she wants to stop Meera instead. Kokila says truth is she is near Ahem and Meera/Vidya’s heart, so she wants her to go and stay with Ahem and meera/vidya in modi bhavan. Ahem says Mrs. Modi is telling right and says she does not have to be insulted there. Meera says she will take mansi mamma to modi bhavan and tells if anyone even touches mansi mamma, she will not keep quiet.

Urmila says the problem is gone now. Kokila asks her to go to her room and tells Gopi that she knows she did not like mansi staying at Modi bhavan. Gopi says she knows she wanted to stop Meera. Kokila says if meera had gone, her dream of uniting family would have been shattered. She says she wants her to not sit silently and continue her struggle of convincing Ahem. Gopi says she is telling right and goes to bring her medicine.

Pari scolds tolu/molu because of them Mansi is coming here to stay. They say they were just teaching Meera a lesson and asks Pari to calm down. She asks them to stop their childishness and asks not to forget that Meera is their elder sister. Hetal says Meera was away from family, so she is angry on them, soon she will love them. Meera comes and says she is thinking wrong, it will never happen. She further says that Mansi will stay with her until she is here.

Gopi prays god to reunite Gopi and Ahem in Mansi’s absence and protect her family.

Precap: Kokila asks Modi to behave well with Mansi and tells that as long as Masi is in Modi bhavan, Gopi and Ahem can spend time seeing each other.

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